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#1 Thu, May 4, 2023 - 7:13pm
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J P Morgan?

Let me see if I'm adding this up right. So, JPMorgan gets to take over Lehman for penny's on the dollar back in 2008 or so and inherited all their Silver.... goes out under CFTC protection buys up a zillion ounces of Silver, opens a ji-normous vault to run SLV out of, shorts delivery month contracts for a decade and a half, making $$$ hand over fist..... fast forward to 2023....where JPMorgan is again picking up failing banks for penny's on the dollar and before this year is over will control a ton more of the banking industry....still have a mondo Physical Silver stash and then, because THERE IS NO SILVER, --they take their thumb off the scale & watch Silver goes up to $230 an ounce...laughing all the way to themselves.... cuz they, lol, own EVERYTHING?? Am I missing something??