Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt

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Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt

Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt.

By: Nu Yu, Ph. D.

A close look at where silver is currently positioned at this stage of its developing long-term bubble, and what can be expected short-term in its price using Bump-and-Run and Dead-cat Bounce pattern analyses, suggests that silver is on its way to returning to its long-term mean.

Where is Silver Positioned in This Bubble?

As shown below, it might be interesting to compare the silver chart with this graph of “Main Stages in a Bubble” by Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue. It shows that, after a brief “return to normal”, silver is now moving into the “fear” area of the Blow off Phase as it “returns to the mean.”

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Good luck buying it when it

Good luck buying it when it does...is all I'm sayin.

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