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Lion One Minerals

I am going to start a thread for my Lion One Minerals (LOMLF) Chart here so everyone can follow the pitchfork system I use to show and predict direction. I first alerted my subscribers on Dec 27th that LOMLF was starting to advance as it was bouncing off the bottom of the pitchfork formation. I sent updated charts to keep them apprised of the continued advance.

I then went public on Twitter @Compwiz4u & on Turd's blog on Jan 19th when I posted hourly & weekly charts. (Any charts I make public are delayed as I must provide them to my paying subscribers first.)

Anyway, as shown here on this hourly chart, Lion One Metals was starting a major move higher as it was breaking out over an important trend line & the indicators were bullish.

I also stated Lion One Metals was taking off from the bottom of a multiyear pitchfork and that the blue Parabolic SAR dots were expanding indicating acceleration.

Then today I sent this out showing the nice pop higher, noting that LOMLF was continuing its break out and that the Gaussian Channel was green and turning up as well.

That's it for now. I will be posting updates over the coming weeks as I believe LOMLF will be a big winner.

FWIW, Lion One Minerals is Bob Moriarity’s, 321Gold, biggest holding. As many of you know he’s a grizzled old ornery dude who actually visits the mines. And he likes being right. His overall calls have been very good over the years but a lot of people don’t like his personality.

Let's see what happens as the big bull market in the PM sector progresses.

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