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Triplehelix, Edge of Reality, NWO,

I have to refine what I'm trying to write. In it's absence:

What if those being depicted in Egypt, Sumeria, Mesopotamia existed, and may exist again? Did the Head of a bird on the body of a man, holding a 'pine-cone' exist? Did they have a 3rd strand of DNA?

In our world we're witnessing a huge amount of resources being put into the advertising and development of transhumanism. The blending of body and machine.

We have a current populace wide effort to change the development of DNA to a patentable form through experiment. Genesis implies that this was somehow done in the ancient world. Lamia, Satyrs, and human/animal mixes through history and across continents are evident. The Greek word Chimera is a huge mix of many things.

Those elites who retained the knowledge and then covered it up interbred to keep bloodlines intact. Think Hapsburgs, and Gotha who hid knowledge, and adopted occult knowledge. 'They' still don't show up in our news.

Crap, another run of language.