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#1 Tue, Sep 27, 2022 - 6:48pm
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Maybe this has been discussed already but I'm new here: Is this 2013 all over again?

I know TF has asked this rhetorical question, in passing. But weeks have blown by and so many levels (and dreams) have been smashed. Just lately some of the technical guys I follow (Vermeulen, Aaron, ..) are starting to actually make a case for this seemingly increasingly likely nightmare. It's looking pretty darn compelling from a technical point of view. As in: adjust for scale, hold the two charts up to a light bulb and present without comment! Yet, so much is different now in terms of what's actually going on. We have inflation and so many people hanging on waiting for this theoretical pivot.. but is this desperate hope all that's between us and the BIG $300 drop? It could be days away even.

I already grudginly unloaded a bunch of shares in May and I'm happy I did. IF it's true (or highly likely) maybe it's time to take another loss for the greater good.

I'm a die-hard believer but for the fist time I'm a bit freaked out. I subscribed in search of answers and moral support. Mostly moral support!! :)