Silver Buy Day

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jesse the bod
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Silver Buy Day

Has anyone considered having a worldwide "buy silver" day to try and put an end to this manipulation once and for all by squashing the shorts?

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There have been attempts by

There have been attempts by some to end the B.S. in this country and there are ongoing attempts, but a worldwide "buy silver" day will not be coordinated.  And it doesn't have to be.  The manipulation and shorting metal nonsense will end soon.  Just be patient.  Everyday, more and more new individuals across the globe are trading paper money for real money.  People are waking up.  Also, individuals who saw this thing coming years ago and began hoarding do not reach a point where they say, "well, honey, I think we have enough silver."  That doesn't happen.  Those hoards only increase.  So, you have new hoards being created and existing multi-year hoards increasing in size as the days, weeks, and months tick by.  The silver supply is being drained rapidly, dangerously so.  "Dangerous" because the rocket launch in the price of physical silver coming soon is going to take people by surprise and sadly leave these people on the outside looking in.  Prices will be unaffordable for many for one, and two the supply will be lacking.  Game over.  So smile, and just be patient.  Take advantage of these prices and available silver while it's still there.  You will be a king on the other side of the coming collapse!!    

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Max Keiser talks about it on

Max Keiser talks about it on his show.  I've also heard the SLA talk about it.

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