nervous but going to post anyway

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#1 Tue, Jun 28, 2011 - 11:02pm

nervous but going to post anyway

I kinda need some help and/or recommendations from some people please.

i really do not know anything about this stuff on here and Zero Hedge but I read it anyway. I have to look up all the terms like margins, calls etc It is very laborious so I wondering if any of you might know of a book or site that is just basics for people like me.

I'm just somebody who is trying to self learn because I barely got through high school. I want to learn enough so that I don't get chumped and so I too can tell trolls from legitimate alternative opinions and ideas. Right now they all kinda make sense to me.

Right now I can only tell by the tone that some people use that try to mock TF. On ZH it is impossible for me tell.

I'm basically looking for a starting place...

Anyway if you have any idea and would pass them along, I'd be most grateful.

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