Long Term Food Storage - Survival Food

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Long Term Food Storage - Survival Food

I briefly looked in this forum and could not immediately find any topics dealing with this so I figured I would start my own thread.

My wife and I have a Harvest Right Freeze Drier and we have screwed around freeze drying our own left overs and whatnot. We have a ton of freeze dried food safely (hopefully) sealed up never to be used, but I have this sinking feeling in my gut that the odds increase every day that we may need to dip into our supply.

Anyway, I am to the point that I think I might want to stack a food supply from someone who is actually in the business of selling long term survival food kits. All these pics of bare shelves in grocery stores, all the bullshit they pulled on us with the covid lockdowns and mandates, I just have an ever sinking feeling in my gut that the real thing is going to go down and the normies are going to absolutely lose their shit. It is going to be every man for himself, and I have four other people that I need to take care of.

Has anyone ever purchased any of these long term food bucket kits? Thumbs up, thumbs down? Any advice of what to do, or what to stay away from?

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