Metals manipulation

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Metals manipulation

Since Craig knows many people in the precious metal industry, why couldn't we set up a GoFundMe account and have all interested parties donate to this so that we could hire lawyers to sue JPMorgan Chase and other banks that are manipulating precious metals. They basically have been proven to be guilty by the Department of Justice and have been fined for their illegal activity. We should sue them as holders of physical gold and silver as well as stocks related to Precious Metals to make us whole. We need to set up a class action lawsuit against the banks so they cannot continue to get away with destroying people's finances that own anything to do with precious metals. Why Can't This be done? Maybe I'm missing something? If someone was manipulating the price of Apple stock you think this stuff would continue? People would be outraged! Whoever attempted to manipulate Apple stock would be going to jail. What is it with people in precious metals that let these idiots get away with this over and over again?. Since you are one of the investment leaders in the gold industry I thought maybe you could start working on something like a GoFundMe account where we could raise millions of millions of dollars for a legal team to sue for damages! Maybe you can explain why this can't be done if it is not feasible.
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