Wargaming The Coming Crisis

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Wargaming The Coming Crisis

It seems that many of us think a crisis is coming, but I've not seen any wargaming for the five possibilities:

  1. The crisis will take TPTB by surprise and they will stand aside and let it happen
  2. The crisis will take TPTB by surprise and they will try but fail to prevent it
  3. The crisis will take TPTB by surprise and they will try and succeed in preventing it
  4. TPTB have anticipated the crisis for years and have plans in place
  5. TPTB have manufactured the crisis for their own ends

Does anyone have an appetite for wargaming any of these scenarios, or feel that there might be others?

My starting position is that TPTB (and we might disagree about their identity, composition, and agendas) have manufactured this monetary crisis and plandemic in order to create, popularise and converge their own global cryptocurrency and digital IDs, which they call The Great Reset.

I'm happy to wargame any of the other scenarios, but would be really interested to know how best we can anticipate the moves of TPTB as they look to manage/direct the coming crisis.

For example, they might try to blame their enemies for it - demonise anti-vaxxers and contrarians and Christians etc. How will they do that?

If we start to see shortages of food, will they run adverts blaming "hoarders"?

If we see monetary crisis, will they blame "wealthy goldbugs" or "criminals using Bitcoin"?

If we see a new variant of COVID, will they blame "anti-vaxxers"?

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