Iraqi Dinar?

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Iraqi Dinar?

Hello all - long-time reader here, first-time poster.  Been following the Turd since day 1, and if Turd is reading this, great job on the new blog!!

My question is in regards to the Iraqi Dinar.  (please be gentle, currency trading is new to me!)  I had a 'government source' (yes im using that term loosely) tell me that in approx 1 week, the value of the dinar will go from roughly .12/cents to somewhere around $3. Not much more info than that as i received it 2nd-hand, but i did manage to get a web address.  In all honesty, it seems a little sketchy but i was hoping the great minds in this forum could provide some insight.

All feedback is appreciated!!  Gracias in advance

-The dude abides

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You need more info.  too

You need more info.  too sketchy.  is there a way to trade it.   Is it on the Forex FX list?

If you contacted a specialist firm they might be able to at least tell you if there are rumors.

If it is true it will move up before announcement so all the corrupt people can get in early.

It might be a new different dinar that requires people to turn in 20 old for one new.  or something along those line.

However,  the situation in Iraq is such that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Please get back here and let us know if there is anything to the info and also how to play the game.


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thanks for the reply

thanks for the reply Sockeye.  i know im shamefully uninformed on this, but here's what i have gathered from the site i linked above...

the dealer is from florida and registered with the dept. of treasury:

they accept credit & debit cards, altho there seems to be quite a few hoops to jump thru to use either method...  they will deliver the physical note once the purchase is completed.  currently you can get 25k dinars for $49.

the site also says it will buy dinars back.... some decent info in the FAQ...

ill try contacting them directly at some point today to get a feel for their legitimacy.  can anyone recommend a specialist firm or any other source that may be able to corroborate these claims?

i doubt ill be able to gather any more info from the 'source' but ill see what i can do; if anything comes up ill post it here.

again, thanks to all for helping out a n00b :)  

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Still waiting....

I purchased 200k Iraqi Dinar about 6 months on a hot tip from a family member. Value has not changed a bit since. I paid $207.00 at my bank for 200k as a currency exchange. I would look into that.

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