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Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would start a discussion about the aussie versus usd.  I don't know anything about the technical analysis of this, but it seems the aussie is quite the currency.  From what I understand it is a commodity based currency as lot of the resources in Australia are sold off to china.  I talked to a few entrepreneurs in Australia who say that among Australians it is believed that the USD dollar will be worth 70% less than the AUD by the end of the year. 

So, leave your thoughts, opinions, and if you do technical analysis or know of any trading robots for AUD/USD please share...

Happy trading :-)

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AUD risky

When you look at it, it's been really amazing to see the valuation of the AUD against all major currencies such as EUR and POSX, even to CAD. From 2 AUD for 1 EUR to 1.35 AUD now, for the same 1 EUR, it is a massive increase; however, as you said the AUD is very very dependent on foreign economy, especially china. Contrarily to the Swiss franc,  it is called a risky currency because every time a major event happens in the world, for instance 2008 financial crisis and also Japanese earthquake/tsunami, investors sell their AUD and you can see that very clearly on the currency exchange charts.

The AUD will continue to rise maybe to 1.17 USD by the end of the year. In my opinion, it is a lot overvalued and I don't think Australia can sustain such a high exchange rate without its economy being severely affected. But if any significant event happen, be sure that it will be the first currency to be crushed

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EUR/AUD expiry today if

EUR/AUD expiry today if anyone is in this pair

Traders note the expiry of plain-vanilla EUR/AUD strikes at 1.3530 this morning.


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Aud should follow copper


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