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First Majestic - 24 hour sale -

Got the following email from First Majestic today:

For a limited time, First Majestic is offering a discount of $0.50 per ounce and lower shipping rates. During this sale we are also offering the opportunity to order up to 300 ounces. 


Hurry while quantities last as this offer is only good from JUNE 27th 12pm (PST) - JUNE 28th 12am (PST)

To purchase your First Majestic silver bullion today, please visit our e-store located at To receive this promotion, you must enter promo code sum2011 when placing your online order. Take advantage of our new lower shipping rates when ordering online.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or 1-866-529-2807

Disclaimer: This offer does not apply to any other promotions. Prices subject to change at the discretion of First Majestic Silver Corp. All orders submitted without promo codes will not receive price adjustment or credits. All new customer orders are required to supply confirmation of their name and addresses at the time orders are submitted to receive this promotion.

They've raised their prices significantly in the last 3 months - seems to me they used to track spot plus about $1.  The last little while their premiums have been closer to Eagles/Maples.   However the product is beautiful.    I can vouch for the craftsmanship on the 1 oz coin, 1 kilo, bar and 18 oz gift set.  They mention new lower shipping rates, however they seem about the same to me.  Anyways for what its worth  code sum2011 for .50 cents off per ounce.

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Cool thanks for the post

Here are a couple other online stores selling any quantity retail sizes.... for comparison.

The cheaper we can find it, the more oz we can buy, and the faster we can destroy the death star and return to honest money.

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Bought a 50 oz poured bar in April

As a gift.  Meaning don't come to my house looking for it!

Had a nice old-school look to it.    Shrinkwrapped to reduce tarnishing.

Took about 1 week for delivery.  Well packaged.

I used a set of hand punches and made a trophy out of it by stamping a message in it.

The sloping sides of the bar make a really nice desktop display.


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