SLEEPING GIANT! The production game plan of Abcourt’s second gold mine.

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SLEEPING GIANT! The production game plan of Abcourt’s second gold mine.

The Sleeping Giant project is a gold mine that was acquired in 2016 by Abcourt.

Located in the historically prolific, stable, and mining-friendly Quebec region, in Abitibi approximately halfway between Amos and Matagami.

Since his acquisition from Aurbec Mines Inc they complete all work needed to launch production and we are now at the final step.

In fact, they want to use the exact same process as what they did at Elder Mine, to start operation and financing themselves or at low cost to grow production one step at the time. A technique than M. Renaud Hinse, president of Abcourt mine master completely for many years.

The mine is actually still in development but volume or rock taken out is rising month after month and it should be at 2000 t for this month. The ore obtained will be processed in the Sleeping Giant facilities on site so there are no transportation fees on large distance.

In order to get enough cash flow to complete all different steps, they got a financing from the Royal Bank of Canada. It will be use to accelerate the development of the Sleeping Giant mine for a total of $6.5 million, which includes a credit facility of $1.5 million for the purchase of mining equipment – 100% guaranteed by the purchased equipment.

They just release that they got an agreement with the unionized employees which have approved a renewal of the collective agreement by 80 % for the next 5 years.

With some restrained and indicated resources of 485 000 t at 11 g/t with the actual drills and lots of development potential, Sleeping Giant will be able to be ready for full production in 2022, only a few months from now.

The target of production for Sleeping Giant is between 18 000 and 22 000 Oz of gold per year and this will bring Abcourt at the level of emerging gold producer with 40 000 Oz of gold per year area.

With the actual share price, the valuation of the company is just under 30M$.

If you are searching for a good markup opportunity, but a junior producer at this low price could be a bargain.

And this doesn’t include the other assets of the company… There is WAY more value in this with other properties and the next Silver-Zinc project at Barvue.

This is really the project who bring the most values in this company but the actual market doesn’t seem to give to it any value at this time. There is a 43-101 resource of 22 million ounces of silver and 675 million pounds of zinc!

Do you realize what it is? It’s literally more than a billion dollars of rock in the ground and I think than it should be worth something.

That’s why I tell you than I think then this is a WONDERFUL investment or the one who are able to do their homework properly.

Check the data then you will understand my enthusiasm.