Credit Default Swaps

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#1 Wed, Apr 21, 2021 - 7:38am
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Credit Default Swaps

Seems to me that several years ago there were a lot of really smart people extreamly concerned about the dangers of Credit Defalut Swaps..... something at that time I had never heard of. I remember Jim Willie telling of how "Tethered" together all the Banks of the World were....and if one got in trouble and went down it'd pull along all of 'em...because they were tethered together.

Been waiting for a long time for the achilles tendon of the Banksters-- SILVER to have it's day!

Can some of you explain to me how if it's true that RBCanada is in deep deep yogurt....and that on the heals of Perth/Kitco/Mexican Mint Libratads issues... to this leading a substantial number of Hedge Fund bankruptcies here in 2021 that somehow got zero headlines -- some 'tethering' might be happening all 'round??