Recommend a Financial Advisor with Precious Metals experience?

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Recommend a Financial Advisor with Precious Metals experience?

Hello everyone,

I haven't stacked in a few years, and getting back into it, some things have changed.

For one, apparently most online dealers charge tax on top of the premium over spot. I was told that went into effect late 2019 or early 2020. That turns a 20%+ premium into a 28%+ premium. I haven't seen a single youtube video interview or online expert mention that (the tax premium on top of the dealer premium) since I started following precious metals again more closely, since the 'silver squeeze' event early this year.

I have spent a lot of time trying to get up to speed, watching and reading the Morgan Report, Chris Marcus (Arcadia), lots of interviews with industry insiders (Rick Rule at Sprott, Keith Neumeyer at First Majestic, Andy Schectman at Miles Franklin, etc.)

The regular certified financial planners I have contacted don't recommend precious metals, and the online dealers are limited in what they can say. There is only so much one can learn from reading the Interwebs.

It would be very helpful to talk with a living, breathing human being, whose every other word was not "I can't give financial advice" or "I can't give tax advice" or "we don't recommend precious metals to our clients", or "talk to your financial planner" etc.

I would talk to my financial planner, but I haven't found one yet who understands the precious metals market or has anything to do with it.

I'm looking for someone who understands the subject matter, and doesn't consider an interest in precious metals to be in the same category as tin foil hat / conspiracy theory / alien abduction.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!

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