VanGold Mining resume trading when? Fuuuug!

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#1 Fri, Feb 12, 2021 - 10:08am
Cape Coral, FL
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VanGold Mining resume trading when? Fuuuug!

Does anyone have an information on this situation. Our shares have been locked since mid December and there's nothing but cryptic information provided by the company. The little information I find is now aged and just says "soon". None of it makes much sense. I feel like it's bordering a scam at this point.

I have a pretty full portfolio of discovery and exploration miners and I'm just thinking of dumping them in mostly serious down positions and putting them into far better performing assets. It's always name changes and similar that lock shares up which generate more tax time explanation and stuff like this that plagues these micro/smallcap mining issues. Does anyone else here relate?

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