Bulk wheat in Southern California that's not Honeyville?

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Bulk wheat in Southern California that's not Honeyville?

Does anyone know a source for bulk whole kernel wheat purchases that's reasonable & drive-up? I need a grain silo or something similar I can just pull-up my rig to with a shovel!

Honeyvillegrain (.com) out in Rancho Cucamonga is expensive as they price-in their flat shipping costs all over the nation.

Walton Feed(.com) is much much cheaper (.30 lb) but shipping boosts actual cost by 3x to .90 lb. (And their minimum order for <2week delivery is >1200 lbs otherwise 6-7 weeks by commercial carrier).

On the commercial side Cargill is a main area wholesaler but their order quantities are like 50,000 lbs if I'm not mistaken.

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Mon, Jun 27, 2011 - 8:18am
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Wheat sourcing...

Have you tried talking to your local Mormon Bishop's Storehouse?

I have a friend who is Mormon and I asked if we could use the storehouse. He checked and said yes, anyone may use it.

You purchase as much wheat as you want, all natural, at cost. You can also pay for #10 (1 gallon) cans and put the wheat in the can with an oxygen absorber and seal it in their free to use canning machines, and you now have a can of wheat good for thirty years.

You can also buy prepackaged cases of wheat in six number #10 cans per case, (about 36 lbs) for about $18 per case.

Most prices have gone up recently, but not too bad. I put away a years supply of the basics out of a Mormon Storehouse for a family of six, and then for my extended family, for about $2700.00. That left me lots of money to use for a greenhouse, chicken coop, solar, clothing, batteries, medical supplies, hygiene and some more expensive food sources for variety. And precious metals...naturally.

Also, I have been down to the storehouse 7 times, and not once has anyone tried to convert me. Everyone has been helpful and gracious, but no pressure to become a Mormon in any way. Call your local group and see when the Storehouse is open.

Best Wishes,