Junior Miners to pick up

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#1 Thu, Oct 15, 2020 - 4:03pm
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Junior Miners to pick up

I am still relatively new on this site so I apologize if this post is not in the right place or if this has been asked elsewhere and I am just being redundant. I recently opened up a TD Ameritrade account so that I could have access to the junior and small cap miners since I had only been using Robinhood before (yes, I know, but I was a novice investor at the time and didn't know what other platform to use at the time). What are some junior miners that you guys recommend to pick up? I am already considering getting shares in Aurcana, PureGold, and Bayhorse. Any others I should consider, and if so, why ? I'm still pretty young and in college so I don't have a ton of funds that I can spend right now but my risk tolerance is high so I don't mind speculative plays as long as the company has decent structure/cash flow/resources. Thanks in advance for any responses. Again apologies if this isn't the right place to ask.

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