(Criminal) Gold Price Manipulation

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(Criminal) Gold Price Manipulation

Hey Turdites!

I was looking through the gold forum for a subject on gold price manipulation and I didn't find any so I thought I would start one.

Anyway, I was checking out the silvergoldsilver blog site to see what SGS was up to and stumbled across this site in one of the comments:


Someone spent a lot time compiling four years worth of gold price movements in all the major trading markets. If this data is true, this shows clear evidence of gold price manipulation by the EE. Why isn't the SEC or the CFTC all over this? Oh, I forgot, because they are bought and paid for by the TPTB and in bed with the gubmint.

This can be looked at two ways: 1) this is absolutely criminal and the perpatraitors should be behind bars sharing a cell with Bubba, or 2) these present fantastic buying opportunities to keep "staqing the fizz."

With the AG/AU prices being manipulated downward, along with seasonal affects, the next few weeks will present a wonderful buying opportunity in gold and silver. Are you staqing the fizz?


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GATA has been trying since 1999

Interesting topic and good charts.

GATA Chairman (at the time) Bill Murphy testifimony before the CFTC, March, 2010, about PM-price manipulation:

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy reveals to CFTC info about whistle blower Andrew Maguire (PM trader working for JPM-Chase in London at the time):

(Andrew Maguire informed the CFTC, in detail, how JPMorgan-Chase conducts PM-price manipulation, even giving them the exact price moves days in advance);

A day or so after Murphy's testimony about Maguire, an assasination attempt was made on Maguire and his wife;  

http://www.dgcmagazine.com/blog/index.php/2010/05/24/metals-trader-andrew-maguire-now-believes-car-accident-was-attempt-to-kill-him/   )

GATA: http://www.gata.org/about

Here is testimony to CFTC by Jeff Christian (who worked for Goldman Sachs at one time) about how 100 paper ounces are deployed for every 1 ounce of physical gold (the story is, this info was revealed by accident)

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A couple of interesting links

A couple of interesting links for you all:

Andrew Maguire interviewed by Eric King: here

and the emails he exchanged with the CFTC here


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