GNG.V/ GGTHF Golden Golitah

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#1 Wed, Sep 9, 2020 - 12:18pm
Cardiff by the Sea, CA
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GNG.V/ GGTHF Golden Golitah

Bought a really sizable position in this company at 2-4 cents. Now at 22 cents.

They are 7km away from Great Bear Property GBR who has been getting consistently eye popping drill results.

Great Bear Drills 32.30 g/t gold Over 8.20 m Within 8.08 g/t Gold Over 37.70 m, and 68.36 g/t Gold Over 3.25 m Within 5.23 g/t Gold Over 78.75 m at LP Fault at Dixie; Identifies New Gold Targets at the Sobel Property.

The fall drill program is starting any day now. They are cashed up and very seasoned and experienced.

I have several articles on my website about Golden Goliath and CEO Paul Sorbara. just hit articles tab. Will lightning strike twice. I got my $$$ where my mouth is. #7 The Mick/KD