Finding Sanity within the Insane World - A Youth's Perspective

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Finding Sanity within the Insane World - A Youth's Perspective

Posted on my blog, feel free to share if you gain value from it:

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with problem solving and understanding the dynamics of risk. As a young child, I was a nuisance to my brother about not breaking the rules mom set for us... as I did not want to be punished. His troubles would be my troubles was my thinking (my brother was 4 years older and had different feelings). Later I developed an obsession with poker, had some very nice runs from "rags to riches", but only to let my emotions consistently overcome rational judgment giving it all back in a flash (repeated lesson in breakdown of risk-management). In college, I transferred initially from a concentration in mathematics into a degree in actuarial science, which can be described as financial risk management. And last August, I stumbled into gold and silver, the ultimate safe-haven against failing currency(s) (mislabeled as a risky asset).

I feel that most people I encounter understand that there is a problem in the world, but they can't quite put their finger on the causes nor the magnitude of our financial/societal woes. Surprisingly, even our very own Private Federeal Reserve Chairman (Ben Bernanke) admitted in his most recent television appearance that the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) is confused by the slow growth in the economy... Really? How comforting for the deciders of my/our economic future (they are private controllers of our currency), who completely missed the biggest economic meltdown in modern financial history, to now be admitting they are surprised by the lack of economic progress.

“We don't have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting. One way to think about it is that maybe some of the headwinds that have been concerning us, like, you know, weakness in the financial sector, problems in the housing sector, balance sheet and de-leveraging issues -- some of these headwinds may be stronger and more persistent than we thought.” -- Ben Bernanke (6/22/11)

If you are not familiar with the complete absurdity of the privately elected Ben Bernanke's knack for being dead wrong while being held in high esteem by both the Democrats and Republican presidents alike (Bush "appointed" him in 2006 and Obama re-confirmed his approval), then I present 5 minutes of Ben Bernanke failure. It seems that for the past 5 years Bernanke has been spewing the kool-aid and we as Americans (and the world) haven't stopped to notice the false-logic he presents as truth.

It is important to note that it is not Bernanke that is the problem, instead it is the position he holds outside the interests and loyalties of the American Public (you and me). While watching this video, remember this man holds the fate of everyone (including you and me) as he is in charge of keeping our medium of exchange (currency) of value. Now that we are on a completely fiat currency (paper backed by "trust" since abolishment of gold standard in 1971), the value of the dollar is derived from the trust that the currency exists in the future (Take a Peek at the Price of Gold since 1971 chart again with this in mind... and realize financial analysts consider gold risky with its 30 year track record of massive gains, being that of a weakening confidence in the US Dollar).

Ben Bernanke was Wrong

Let it be known that almost all problems we face today are symptoms of the core problem, a currency with no long-run sustainability (if not all problems). All of the problems that are debated today are rooted fundamentally through our illegitimate medium of exchange, the US Dollar (the Federal Reserve Note). Since our currency is corrupt/manipulated at origination, we see manipulation and corruption "trickling down" and manifesting everywhere around us in our society. If we were to not have a wealth-leeching currency, there would exist less opportunity for corruption within the system, that I am sure of. Below is one of the best visual explanations of how our currency is created. Mike Maloney is a fantastic resource on this behalf:

(Please Skip to 7:30 for his presentation on currency creation)

I have found it is irrelevant to solely focus on the symptoms of the problem (such as: GDP (Gross Domestic Product), unemployment, inflation, regulation, etc...), as they are all controlled/contrived by the same people who got us to where we are now. Instead, I choose to investigate how the illegitimate currency has seeded into our most valuable resources as a society.

The truth of the matter is that GDP (our primary indicator of growth) is an extremely poor indicator of a healthy economy, but through academic and media propaganda, this one statistic has consumed the consciousness of the economy. It is noteworthy to point out that GDP is only a measure of how much money changes hands (all transactions taxed), and our constant spending/consumption is the fuel needed to "stimulate" the economy. What happens when America hits its credit limit?

This misleading indicator has allowed the American economy to almost completely transform into a consumer, governmental, bureaucratic, banking, militaristic, and "social media" centered economy. Meanwhile, America's role in manufacturing and agriculture (creating real wealth) has been severely destroyed and/or intentionally humiliated.

American agriculture has become poisoned with genetically engineered crops, hormones, pesticides, regulations and other chemicals mainly produced/licensed by food and chemical tycoon Monsanto; Additionally, in our twilight reality, the FDA is run by Monsanto as seen by the recent "Food Czar" appointed by Obama (nice choice of words in "Czar" in a "free country").

In my mind, it is no coincidence that the amount of diseases (especially cancer) has increased as the transition into chemically altered foods has been introduced into our food supply. As far as I can tell, American food policy is one of profit and malnutrition, instead of one of health and balance. This is in complete opposition from what we would hope it would be... why are we not debating this on a national stage? Look at the food required to be eaten (no outside lunches allowed) in Chicago Public schools if there is any doubt in my claim (the education system is another bureaucratic tragedy).

American manufacturing has been exported to foreign countries in which our favorite brand corporations exploit cheap/slave labor and avoid high U.S. tax rates in the name of capitalism (profit). I know it isn't pleasant to think about, but I find it naive to not understand where our (for now) cheap goods originate from. These trapped human souls have a reality in which has been exploited and then justified by the outside world as: "that's just the way it is."

I don't believe it. Instead, I believe our lack of understanding for others has left us vulnerable to our own servitude not fully realized by the collective conscious yet.

As surreal and saddening the realizations about the misguided priorities of our economic system may be, these problems exist because they are symptoms of the core problem, the private for-profit fiat currencies (money backed by nothing). The Federal Reserve is using unprecedented financial policy in an unprecedented role as the World Reserve Currency. A quick history lesson of the history of reserve currencies shows the historic role the Federal Reserve Note took on in 1971. Does the fact that I keep mentioning paper currency strike you differently looking at the picture below? When the Federal Reserve Note inevitably fails (My previous post: The Federal Reserve Note, 1971-2012?), how am I as an individual not suppose to think that everything is about to change as a result.

While it is easier to point out the problems than create the solutions, I write in hope that others have another source of information to look towards in the coming days. If you are confused, scared, angry, depressed, happy, or sad about current conditions/the future... it is important to understand that we do not get to choose which era we live in, and that external macro circumstances are out of our individual control. If you were born in the early 1900s, you had to live/fight through World War I/II. If you were born in 450 A.D., you may have been apart of the fall of the Roman Empire. And, if you are reading these very words right now, I believe you and I are apart of what I see as the awakening of the human soul as a result of financial turmoil. Civilization has been around for more than 3000 years, and it has taken until now until the common man has had a chance to take the resources of the world and use them in collaboration with one another, instead of against one another.

I know enough to be sure that I can be wrong about certain perspectives, but I am certain that those who are not looking (intentionally or un-intentionally) at what is coming our way are more vulnerable to breaking down when there is little we can do about it. It is not your neighbor, your friend, your family member, or the person halfway across the world that is our enemy.... instead the enemy resides within our own minds, mentally enslaved to a system designed to degrade the human spirit for the benefit of few.

There must be a revolution of mindset or we are to be at the mercy of the power structure that has been in place in the world for thousands of years. This shift in mindset change cannot be forced, but only self-discovered. The catalyst for such a monumental belief change can be seen as a consequence to the falling of the worldwide financial system... a cleansing of corruption you could say (we must be careful as the perpetrators of the financial mess we are in will pose as the saviors with a "new solution"... this is where the course of history must be changed in order to ensure living in a free-world in the long run).

Agree with me or not, it does not matter. For, the words I speak will prove to be true or false through time, and time alone. What I ask is that we all start looking outside of the box and re-connecting with the inner-self. We can not fix anything until we allow our true self to exist. If we cannot admit our own faults to ourselves, why is it that we are so confident of the world presented to us at first sight.

The Ron Paul Revolution....

With Much Respect,

Scott J


(Lyrics Source: Found Here)

Rest your head now little girl
You’re on your way now
Open your mind up to the sky
And fly away now
You’ve got nothing to prove
No one to hurt you
You got no one to pull you down push you around
Make you frown and cry
You are alone now

Waking up every day with a beam of the moonlight in my eye
Stimulate my consciousness with the focus of my mind
I’ve got to take myself back to the feeling of eternally breaking free
Knowing that my body’s motionless and still asleep

So fly with me
There’s a whole sky to see
I’m taking your mind with me
Into lucidity
Flying in unity
Could be normality
What you perceive to be
Is your reality

Reality is the concrete of our minds
Our own cities where the conscious streets unwind
In the centre of your world you have your sense of gravity
Just lay your head and put your eyes at ease
Create your life and the world that you perceive
In the centre of this world you have your own imaginary planetary universe
Fly with me…

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Chairman Bernanke et al

This is a post with very valuable insights.

Thank you.

I am just wondering. If you were the Fed Chair when the SHTF, wouldn't you fear for your life?

I never have unique thoughts.

I am sure he has heard of the Nuremburg trials and the French Revolution to name just two.

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Quote:American manufacturing

American manufacturing has been exported to foreign countries in which our favorite brand corporations exploit cheap/slave labor

Where, exactly, is slave labor going on, that is due to American manufacturing being exported to foreign countries?

Sun, Jun 26, 2011 - 11:52pm Bugrino
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Bugrino wrote:Quote:American

Bugrino wrote:
American manufacturing has been exported to foreign countries in which our favorite brand corporations exploit cheap/slave labor

Where, exactly, is slave labor going on, that is due to American manufacturing being exported to foreign countries?

You can read about the cover-up of Chinese labor here, or just Google (and look past the first link if you search too generically).

But Harry Wu saw the Clinton/Beijing relationship from a deeply human perspective: the blue uniforms and shaved heads in Chinese prison camps.

For years, he had been one of the estimated 50 million blue uniformed “troublemakers” who had worked in the camps under totally inhumane conditions. Some of them literally worked themselves to death.

The forced labor had turned out for the American market such items as rubber-soled shoes, boots, kitchenware, toys, tools, men’s and women’s clothing, and sporting goods.

What really bothered Wu was that in 1992, candidate Bill Clinton had criticized the first President Bush for being too lenient in regard to China’s human-rights behavior. Yet in his first year, he renewed China’s trade benefits. True, he attached some strings to the deal, including insistence that China abide by a 1992 agreement banning the export of prison labor products to the United States.

But much of China’s forced labor is carefully hidden from the Western World. A 1992 “white paper” issued by the Chinese regime in defense of its labor camps raised more questions than it answered, as far as Wu was concerned.


And in regards of not wanting to be the chairman of the Federal Reserve as the Federal Reserve Note becomes a history lesson repeating itself again? Of course I would not want to be him...

I wonder what his consciousness is filled with, and I suspect that in the long run, history will be his/his companions harshest critic.

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Scott you are smart, good on

Scott you are smart, good on ya. Keep it up.

When thinking about how people can do the things they do (usually bad/evil), and their conscience...

We must remember socio/psychopaths do not have feelings like us. They do not feel the emotions we feel, emotions which stop us from doing harm/evil. Death/killing or whatever does not affect them. They do not feel remorse and they do not know what love is.

It is difficult for us to understand that they can do such evil, not have remorse and manipulate/lie. This is the greatest hurdle for those with a conscience. To let it sink in that they are cold/hollow and faking any emotions they may exhibit. That they are very different and really...not human.

This is how they are able to do what they do and have power over masses.

I urge all to research socio/psychopathy and understand what we are up against as well as learning how to recognize it.

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 - 12:09pm
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Many Warnings Ignored


Good post Thank you.

We have been warned in the past so many times, about the pitfalls that we have fallen into with eyes wide open.

Consider what Dwight D. Eisenhower said in his presidential farewell speech of January 17, 1961;

"Any failure traceable to arrogance, or our lack of comprehension, or our readiness to sacrifice, would inflict upon us grievous hurt, both at home and abroad.

As we peer into societies future, we, you and I, and our government, must avoid the impulse to live only for today. Plundering for our own needs and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage, the material assets of our grandchildren, without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come. Not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow."


We did not listen nor pay attention and the tomorrow is now here today. No longer a phantom, but an insolvent reality. This same Eisenhower speech also contains his "military-complex warning" which was also ignored.

Pres Eisenhower's Farewell Address In Which He Warns Americans About The Military Industrial Complex
Mon, Jun 27, 2011 - 5:35pm
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One universal law

All of this comes down to one very simple, universal truth:

You cannot consume more than you produce.

Whether you are speaking of welfare recipients at the bottom rung of society or the bankster elite at the top, too many parasites, producing nothing but living off of the sweat of those who do work hard, the result is the same. Eventually the system cannot sustain itself, nobody is willing to work since they cannot enjoy the fruits of their labors and crash, there goes the economy.

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ScottJ: The article talks

ScottJ: The article talks about forced labor but omits any explanation of how people are forced into labor. It leaves the reader to wonder if people are being dragged out of their homes to work for these companies. Are they? If they are, please show the proof. Otherwise, the logical explanation is that people are working for the company voluntarily.