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#1 Thu, Aug 27, 2020 - 5:06am
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Portfolio Allocations

Is anyone willing to share their portfolio allocation to gold/silver physical, miners, etc. as a % of total equity?

I went looking through my holdings and list of potential miners and found that before entering, I already have 38% of my portfolio allocated to gold/silver shares (after taking profits a couple of weeks ago!) and figuring that I should probably have 33%. And here I was ready to buy more... maybe I'll just swap around companies.

Aside from this I am further speculating with some short term gambling in penny stocks, roughly 1% in crypto, but the rest is in cash, ready and waiting.

I am curious to hear your allocations and non-metals allocations. I've heard pockets of real estate are doing well, but bonds and regular equities are mostly sketchy, while straight cash could be one of the more risky assets.

Advice that I've heard is 1-5% crypto, 5-15% metals, so I'm curious of how these gold bugs in here are investing as I feel that it is much more.