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#1 Thu, Aug 13, 2020 - 11:10pm
Bobby Plissken
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Blackrock Gold

I don't see a thread on Blackrock Gold so here it is. I would welcome anyone's input on this company if they are holding shares. I bought a very small amount of shares at $0.20 per and I already sold my initial investment amount and still up 435% currently. It's a beautiful thing.

I bought the shares because I watched a couple of videos earlier this year from the CEO. I really liked his enthusiasm and what I liked even MORE was the story of the properties history. I suppose I am a bull market virgin in gold/silver so I am unsure of how to proceed. I already cashed out on my initial investment and after that Sprott bought in. I felt like I did the smart thing by pulling out my original capital however I wish I wouldn't have now. cie la vie

the stock stayed strong on $100 gold pullback this week and I am thinking of adding shares, by cutting shares of others (I'm pretty much all in on phys, miners, and cryto) as I look at the daily chart today it looks like $2 a share is coming but I would sure appreciate some input.

btw I am a gold/silver bull run virgin lmao so chime in with your opinions if you have any