Buying Miners on the Canadian or US Exchanges?

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#1 Thu, Aug 13, 2020 - 2:26am
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Buying Miners on the Canadian or US Exchanges?

I am new to the TFMR website and just love it!

I have both Canadian and US trading accounts. I suspect as the Canadian currency is a commodity currency and has been slowly strengthening since mid July against the US dollar, the Canadian dollar will continue to strengthen against the US dollar as gold/silver rise in price.

Most of the miners can be bought on both Canadian and US exchanges. So my big question is, for someone holding long, if the above assumption is correct, is it better to purchase miners now in Canadian dollars on a Canadian exchange or the same miners in US dollars on a US exchange? My guess is to now convert US dollars to Canadian and buy miners on the Canadian exchange in those Canadian dollars

Comments please from the experts!!!