Wallbridge and Seabridge a cautionary tale

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#1 Sat, Aug 8, 2020 - 9:57am
Steve S
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Wallbridge and Seabridge a cautionary tale

Seabridge Gold if you count everything including inferred resources has more than

160 million oz gold

950 million oz silver

50 billion pounds copper

Value of in ground resources is currently over $485 billion. Seabridge's market cap is only $1.3 billion! They are fully permitted. In the last gold bull market in 2011 Seabridge stock market high was double their current price. They haven't even broken ground on construction of a mine. Money invested in Seabridge during last bull market has been disaster. I wouldn't invest in Seabridge now even though its resources are worth 300 times the companies market price. Until you can extract the resources from the ground what are they worth? It will be many years and significant dilution before Seabridge produces their first ounce.

Wallbridge doesn't even have a 43-101. Its current market cap is nearly 40% Seabridge's. It will be many years before they can complete a mine. Financing a mine will require significant dilution. Will Wallbridge stock price rise with gold? Yes but nothing compared to the leverage you get from a producing mine. This isn't a criticism of Wallbridge its just the sad tale of a former Seabridge investor!