What do you think about food confiscation?

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Sat, Jul 9, 2011 - 9:28pm codeblue
Jasper Puddlemaker
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codeblue wrote: Believe me,

codeblue wrote:

Believe me, food confiscation is a foregone conclusion, not even debated, if the circumstances warrant. The idea is to centralize food and medical supplies to ensure that everyone gets a fair share.

My wife is involved in emergency services on a management level, and has been to out of state FEMA training on more than one occasion. When the subject of food supplies is brought up it is ALWAYS in the context of encouraging individuals to keep a good stock of emergency food and supplies on hand at home so they can make it through a disaster. Mention of door to door confiscation has never been brought up.

Seems to me door to door confiscation would be LAST on the list due to the manpower needed to pull something like that off in a situation that stresses human resources to the absolute maximum. Grocery stores and warehouses would be accessed first, which would/should be a wake-up call to even the village idiot to secure his personal supplies in a way that prevents confiscation.

In the unlikely event forced confiscation of ANYTHING is tried, people have two choices:

1) Lube up, bend over, and become a pathetic serf for the rest of your life.


2) Don't put up with it.

Sun, Jul 10, 2011 - 10:42pm Dyhalto
Dr Durden
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Dyhalto wrote: McDonald's

Dyhalto wrote:

McDonald's being nationalized would be a good thing.

Knowing the government's ability to run a business, after a few years we won't see McDonald's in America ever again.

A most excellent point.

Since this thread was created, I've wondered: just who will be more hungry, the government "official" sent to my residence to take all my food or me? Hmmm, maybe they'll send strippers oiled from head to toe as to distract me from my precious stack of instant noodles and Spam.

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