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Digital Currency

I'm new here so go easy on me. I subscribed because I like the information. Based on all of the books I've read and all of the videos that I have watched, I believe we are heading into Digital Currency. It's already here; it just would have to replace those Federal Reserve Notes to get everyone's hair up. Look at Bitcoin for a second with me; some reclusive Japanese guy had millions of dollars to build all of those servers and redundant T1 backbones? Really? Something else is going on there. It's like when you go to Walmart for Coke. On the end cab is those mini cans of Coke. We've all seen them, right? They're conditioning us for what's coming. Problem, Crises, Reaction, Solution. It's all baked into the cake.

So, we know of several countries like Sweden who are using digital currency. Our "Owners" already know that there will be huge defaults all over the place; perhaps they can mitigate their losses by switching all of us into a Fed Coin or something. They'll need twenty of your old Notes for one of their digital dollars. Then I would expect to see a Carry Tax on cash. If I were as devious as they are, I might want Congress to ban individuals from owning Gold and Silver. It's been done before; FDR 1933.

We might have a few years left, maybe. Gold and Silver will have buying power in a barter economy. The Rural areas where I could get fresh eggs for some Silver. I did an abrupt about face on Stacking Silver. Instead, and especially in light of the Covid thing, the true Store of Value is what I put in my building. Toilet paper, soap, tobacco, first aid, dog food...all of the stuff we take for granted everyday. Maybe a little Silver is okay. Let me know your thoughts. We're all trying to figure out what is coming and when. You can never have too many opinions.