Good read: The Freedom of Self-Sufficiency

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Good read: The Freedom of Self-Sufficiency

Found this gem in a blogpost by a friend of mine, Joel, and thought you folks might enjoy it.

(Joel and two other off-grid rugged individualists have just started a group blog. One of them, Ian, you might recognize...he was one of the recent winners in Get Rich Slowly's video contest for his entry about how he's built a mortgage-free house in his late 20s.)

Anyway, what I wanted to share here was this. I loved it especially because of the reference to one of the best scenes in all the Little House books.wink  And also because the blogger "gets" the meaning of that passage:

I was talking this over with Chris on our latest long drive, and suddenly it hit me. The good of self-sufficiency lies not in being free to say no on a whim, but in being free to say no when necessary. Self-sufficiency puts a man in a position where doing the right thing will not cost him his living.

Hope you find it a worthwhile read.

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