Royal Nickel Corp(RNX.TO) now Karora Resources(KRR.TO)

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Royal Nickel Corp(RNX.TO) now Karora Resources(KRR.TO)

Name changed from RNC to Karora since Nickel is not presently driving company revenues. New ticker symbol in US is "KRRGF".

I find the present market cap attractive based on:

  • 100k/annum Gold production;
  • lowering AISC, eliminating royalties, growing FCF
  • Agreement for acquisition of Spargos Reward High Grade Gold Project
    • Due diligence underway Potential to fast track new high-grade gold production into project pipeline. Both open pit and underground opportunities: High grade potential as shown by high grade drilling results including 14m @ 46.13 g/t gold in drillhole 19SPRRC0042

Considering the speculative interest in similar junior stage projects; and given their locale in highly productive region of Australia; this company can drive exploration from cash flow... A reverse split would tighten up the share structure; sure... but $2000 gold could drive this to $2-3 a share as well, even without a reverse split.

New website and presentation is at: Karora Resources

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