Big time bear raid by hedge fund algos today

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#1 Thu, Jun 11, 2020 - 4:33pm
Edward Blake
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Big time bear raid by hedge fund algos today

Coeur Silver got creamed. It's interesting to watch the way this closes. You've got an algorythmic trading box spoofing orders. Right up until the bell you had a huge bid of 2000 lots at $4.94 and a huge ask of 1000 lots bid at $4.95. Right at the bell these orders disappeared and we are left with a small bid at 4.90 and an ask of 5.08. These trading algorythms are destroying normal price discovery. Via naked shorting they gunned the stop losses and collapsed the shareprice by 15% in one day on no news. Sure silver was down today, but the shareprice doesn't respond this way to the upside when silver goes up 0.50.

Nearly identical action in Pan American Silver too.

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