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Newbie forum


#1 Thanks Tons! You're a national treasure! It's people like you that make America Great. I'd like to give you a great big smackaroo right on the cheek (cause I know your married and I'm probably old enough to be yo' mama). But I'll make a donation instead and suggest you buy a nice bottle of wine for you and the Mrs. for some night when the lil' Turds are farmed out to the neighbors. (wink, wink)

Now, having said that.....

#2 I was wondering if you'd consider adding a newbie forum? I have a million and one questions. Maybe a million and two.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only 'investment challenged' reader who is a little bit shy about  jumping into the deep end of the pool here. Not that we'd be swimming in the shark tank, quite to the contrary. I've noticed that your readers are very helpful, even eager, to answer questions.

It's just that nobody wants to look like a dweebe learning to 'swim' when everybody else is swimming laps like Mark Spitz. (Did I just date myself?)

In a nutshell, I may be ignorant, but I'd prefer to look ignorant as unobtrusively as possible. (ignorant ie. without knowledge).

I expect there are other folks just like me, who would like to start out in the splash pool. So to speak. And knowing your readers, I'm sure there'll be plenty of life guards who'll show up to coach us.

#3 So, to get things rolling, I'll jump right in with the first question... and hope this morphs into a forum of it's own.

Why does Jim Rogers say the bond market is finished? I understand his position on commodities and I understand exponential math, shrinking supply and growing demand. It's pretty straight forward.

But I don't have a clue about the bond markets why they are good or bad, under what conditions they're supposed to be a good bet and why he says they're not only not a good long term play, but finished for good.

How bout' it swim coaches?

Thanks again Turd, you have SOoo done a good thing here.

New contributor and ex-long time lurker.

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Just commented in another thread we really need a newbie forum, faq.  I'd be willing to contribute my meager knowledge. 


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat

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Sticky Topic

I think if there was any type of newbie information it would be better to have a sticky topic at the top of each forum with some basic introductory information to the topic of that forum. That way a person could run themselves through a quick crash course on the terminology and basics of just the topic they are interested in (Gold, Silver, futures, prepping, etc). 

Since the existing forums are very topical I think it could get messy really fast with a separate newbie forum covering all topics.

Even without a sticky intro post on each forum, I don't see any reason to be afraid of just going into the particular forum(s) of your interest and asking questions.

That's just my opinion though.

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I feel that most of the

Yes, most of the posters on this forum know more than the average "newbie" (newbies like myself), but the benefits of "newbie" forums would be limited imo.  And making a sticky newbie thread would just annoy the veterans - it may be easier to ask our fellow turdites on the relevant threads / forums instead, which seems to work well for me :)

Not to mention that most people come here quite often.  If you have the chance to check in frequently, I'm sure you will learn the basics pretty quick.  jmo anyways.

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Getting Started thread:

Getting Started

Here is a compiled list of frequently asked questions for new precious metal investors new to TFmetalsreports.

*To find out what your old coinage is worth

*How much is my gold/silver/diamond jewelry worth?

*Where can I find live gold and silver quotes? (requires java - realtime quotes for free)

*What should I do with my 401k retirement fund?

*Where do I get quotes for the dollar?$DXY
Usually the symbol is represented by DXY or USDX (in tfmetalsreport as POSX)

*Where can I get quotes for all commodities?

*Where are the best places to buy bullion online?
Popular places are,, for examples. There are also threads for non-US customers.

*Where can I find information on preparing (water, food, firearms, etc)?

*When do I sell my PMs?

Short answer: Don't. Long answer: When the silver/gold ratio drops between 10:1 and 35:1, start thinking about swapping silver for gold. If you need cash immediately, its best to sell your body before selling any metals. Another angle is when the gold/DOW ratio is 1:1, you might want to sell but that is subject to any myriad of economic indicators. PM's are a store of wealth, like a savings account.
Many people say if you can ride out an economic collapse without having to sell, you will be much better on the other side.

*I've heard about FOFOA. What is it?

Friend of a Friend of Another. Back in the day a poster named "Another" provided some startling (if not cryptic) ways of explaining economics tied with gold and commodities. Involves a concept called Free Gold. Best bet is to see this thread:

*What's the best scotch?
Glenlivet 25 year

*What's the best Trappist Ale?


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Here is one more live chart site I really like..

*Where can I find live gold and silver quotes?

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silverbleve wrote:Here is

silverbleve wrote:

Here is one more live chart site I really like..

*Where can I find live gold and silver quotes?

Great link, thanks! Except I can't edit my post since there is a time limit. I suppose if an admin or moderator could add that link to the post.

Any other links are welcomed, I sort of hashed it out real quick.

Edit: Just realized that option trading is popular (who'd a thunk?). I don't dabble in this so that might be another section that can be added by someone familiar with it.

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