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Play the silver game

It is my contention that silver is being completely mispriced and there is going to be a incredible opportunity in silver. We are in a crisis and markets are swinging wildly. During the last crisis silver had a washout in October 2008(see chart) and now with hindsight it was an incredible bargain buying opportunity. IMO, we are going to get another opportunity to buy silver stupid cheap!!! Now going to your favorite coin deal you will mostly like find that as the price of silver is falling they are raising their premiums because they are in business to make profits. I have been a stacker for decades so I have a decent stack and I know all about “if you don’t hold it you don’t own it” mantra. As much as I am an honest money advocate the reality is we are stuck with the paper money scheme, but hey the coin dealers are happy to take it for silver and gold! So here is my game plan I will wait patiently for a spike down in silver. I will hold my nose and buy the SLV cost averaging down trying my best to catch the lows. Once I have my position I will then ride out SLV and wait for the smoke to clear which may take a couple years. I will be looking then to take profits selling into a rising silver market exuberance and with those fiat dollars go shopping at my favorite coin dealer.

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