2011 Silver investing Guide

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2011 Silver investing Guide

This report sums up the state of the silver market and has a short interview with an insider, who despite his obvious bias still has a few interesting things to say.

What I found interesting was the chart on Page 7, comparing the level of silver investment now to back in 1980. It does mention that the world's population is over 50% larger now, though it doesn't mention something more important; I bet the bulk of that demand was from the US, and maybe a bit from Western Europe. I believe precious metals/bullion trading/ownership was prohibited in many countries back in 1980, like all of Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam - who are all big buyers now - and many countries that were much poorer back then and didn't participate in the 1980 silver run who are participating now such as most of the countries in the Mid-East, Turkey, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, and many more.


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