Cyber Monday, Part II

And this one really does deal with electronic retailing. We had hoped and tried to bring the "TurdMart" online today. Just didn't quite make it. Soon, it will be live, however, with an assortment of TFMR merchandise. In the meantime, I've decided to offer you a deal.

Over the past six months or so, I've gotten quite a few requests for "turd hats". Every time there's a contest, I get emails from folks wanting to know if they could simply buy one. Frankly, this cracks me up but...if there's actual demand...

So, here you go. The site could use some additional funding and it could also use some additional promotion. I'm uncomfortable simply coming to you with hat-in-hand again (no pun intended), so I'll make you a deal. From now until midnight EST on the 30th, I'll be accepting donations. Anyone who "feeds the turd" to the tune of $50 or more will receive their very own, 100% authentic, Turd-autographed, genuine, real deal, oversized yellow cowboy hat. Here's how it works:

1) Make a donation of at least $50 through DONATE button on the right side of the page. (Remember, The Turd is NOT a 501(c)3 so your donation is NOT tax-deductible.)

2) Enter your shipping address on the paypal form or email it to me.

3) Give me a couple of weeks to order the hats, sign them all, box them up and take them to a post office.

4) You receive an extremely valuable piece of yellow foam right before Christmas.

5) You become the envy of friends and family at all your holiday celebrations.

I honestly have no idea whether I'll be shipping 5 hats or 500. This could be fun or it might be the dumbest thing I've ever thought of. I might raise a little money but I also might get a little sick of running to the post office day and night. Oh well, the offer is out there. Do with it what you may. You have 41 hours.


p.s. But wait, there's more! If you order now, we'll throw in a set of Ginsu Knives and a free "Clapper". No, not really. I'm just joking about that part. No knives and no clapper. Just a hat...if you want one.


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Money Found in Britain May

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Gotta have a hat...

All the cool people are wearing them!

Great idea, TF!

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Was mentioned several times.

Was mentioned several times. Sell silver oz rounds...nuff said

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Iceland Mortgages

Dr J, 

Inflation tracking debt is not history. It's alive and kicking in Iceland for mortgagees.

In extremis, governments can and will do anything, as we are witnessing. Even if you own your own home, they can slap on an extra property tax. They are doing it in Greece and the French have proposed such a tax for foreign property owners.

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Graphene - a wondourous material

Saw this article on MailOnline and thought it would hold some interest for us Silver stackers.

Here's an excerpt: (note reference to conductivity which is one prime feature of Silver and it's use in electronics)

"Wonder material’ graphene is so tough a sheet as thin as cling film can support an elephant and there’s nothing that can match its conductivity – now scientists have found a way of printing it."

Read more:

Flexible circuits made from 'wonder material' graphene printed from ordinary ink-jet machine

By Ted Thornhill

Last updated at 10:32 AM on 29th November 2011

Amazing properties: Graphene is the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material


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Fifty bucks!?!

Why, you can get FREE cowboy hats in any bathroom at the DFW airport...

FREE Cowboy Hats!

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Here is a brief video explaining graphene and its uses.

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A new hat? But I will need a new bag and shoes ...

Putting a hat for sale in front of me, good grief, what is a girl to do.  But seriously, what shoes do you wear with that hat?  I am thinking prospector boots.

33 and a turd - first, I love your handle - makes me laugh every time I read it.  Secondly, I am afraid to actually make contact with Nigel.  I am a happily married woman, but even from across the Atlantic I can tell that he is a real peach.  And the picture of him grinning after catching those fish just about did me in!  (Just kidding, bun, I know you read this too.)

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Certainly looks like a very interesting technology, however it may take some time before it can replace silver in electronics. 

It wouldn’t be the first wonder material that failed to deliver. In 1985 another form of carbon, called fullerenes or buckyballs, was hailed as the revolutionary new material of the era. Despite the hype, there has yet to be a major practical application.

And there are already some problems with using graphene. It is so good at conducting electricity that turning it into devices like transistors — which control the flow of electrical currents, so need to be able to stop electricity flowing through them — has so far proved problematic.

Read more:

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UK Embassy in Tehran taken; 8 hostages

Still trying to figure out why this is not blaring all over MSM:

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Remarkable, isn't it?


We must truly be very, very close to war. Great efforts are being made to hush things down.

a) the military base bombings in Iran

2) the attack within Syria on the Syrian pilots

3) the missile attack today from Lebanon into Israel

4) the takeover of the British embassy in Iran

Got UCO???

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From Reuters

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Turd and other astute posters

Turd and other astute posters have nailed it, the war drums are loud, especially since acts of war are being committed almost near daily at this point.

The reuters link that Turd posted directly above is the front headline on Drudge right now, so that will get some views.

The UK will act shortly, I would think. I would also think that the act will involve force, but what do I know.

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It was all over the UK Press

It was all over the UK Press ages ago (relatively speaking)

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Turd and Xtasy !

Turd ! Cut a deal with Tootsie Roll and market some chewy, chocolaty "Turdy Rolls" !       Xtasy ! I'm shippin' Lupita home today ! I'll be coming after you, soon !      Yours Truly,  The Monedas 2011 Comedy Jihad Dry Powder Run devil

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When War is Announced...

What happens immediately to (1) Gold (2) Crude

My thoughts are both will shoot right up, but nothing seems straightforward right now.

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Let's see...

MODERATOR embassy is considered sovereign land of the country in question.

Again, I ask: Got UCO?

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Embassies are considered sovereign land by convention, not by law. That might just be semantics at this point though. Either way, nasty situation. If there are any, my prayers are with the hostages.

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Not being hushed down too much here ...

on front of Guardian e-paper with live updates

And Telegraph have dedicated Iran news feed page


Edited to add: On front of FT too:

Iranians storm UK embassy compounds

Attacks in response to Britain imposing banking sanctions

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(sarc on) Nothing to see

(sarc on)

Nothing to see here - they are just protesting a few trees being cut down.

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I checked the glossary...

Checked the Turd's Glossary, but I cain't find it.

What is a/the UCO?  

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UCO = ProShares Ultra DJ-AIG Crude Oi

UCO: Check it out on Yahoo finance

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New Thread

Just in case it's missed, Turd has started a new one:

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Hook, line, and sinker.

A student of mine (age 19) gave an interesting speech yesterday in class about the ability of the FBI. CIA, HS, etc to use your cell phone, sitting silently in your pocket, to eavesdrop on private conversations. His evidence was interesting--not compelling, but worth hearing..

But what absolutely shocked me was that he concluded by saying, "I'm OK with that. If this helps our government catch terrorists, I am willing to give up my privacy. I have nothing to hide."

I am continually flabbergasted by the mentality of some of our younger citizens. It is clear that many of them feel informed because they tune into the mainstream media (MSM) and compared to their friends who never do, they have a right to feel justified. 

What a shame that the first layer of news media available to people is completely manipulated and propagandized. Most citizens never go deeper and read anything of substance for themselves. And most of the journalists who work for the MSM don't even realize they are being played. Their access to good data is limited, and I know what kind of journalism profs teach them their trade and how they think (scary). Fortunately, a few of them escape, but their writing is confined to blogs and alternative news sites that are then portrayed as "radical."

Thank you for this site Turd, and thank you to all of you that summarize and link important stories for us.

Maybe I could wear the yellow hat at graduation instead of the tam with my professor's robes.

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Turd Hat Count

What is the turd hat count looking like? 5 or 500?

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I'll bite on the hat.  $50 USD FIAT 1's and 0's on it's way to you sir via the great mycelium of copper, coaxial, fiber optic and radio wave . . .

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How about throwing in a slap

How about throwing in a slap chop?

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Hat time

I want a hat but don't have a paypal account. Sorry I didnt see this till today I went to bed early last night with a pinched nerve in my back. Is the offer expired now? I'd mail in a check or money order if its acceptable! I would also have been interested in ginsu knives AND a clapper if they were autographed by the turd. Werd to the turd!

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