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Ruffian,Welcome Home

Glad you're back on the continent you were born on. I can speak for all of us and say "Welcome Home". I look forward to more stories of the adventure and I'll bet many here concur.

Your awareness of jewish cabals pulling strings from way behind is spot on and profound. You know my opinion about the israelis hasn't changed since their attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.  Actually my opinion of that government, aligned citizens and allies has changed. However  not for the best.

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In case you haven't heard.

In case you haven't heard........................4 min.

sierra skier
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Welcome home Ruffian, I'm

Welcome home Ruffian, I'm sure you will appreciate being back in the comfort of your own place and all of the associated issues involved. Hehehe

Ambitious mission for the solar probe abguy.

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Rothschilds got Trumps back.

Rothschilds got Trumps back.  But it's much bigger.  He has a full legion of secret support from cabals in Asia.  My mouth is wide open with saliva running down my chin.  It is a war against the global warming folks but it's more.  All the world banks.  Farrell nailed it months back.  The Grand Chessboard model is off.  

It's not clear to me at the moment exactly what Trump is trying to do.   He's trying to pull the country through an eye of a needle.

Now He's talking about  paying off US debt.  Paying of the US debt with levies is so insane that I'm going to say he really doesn't mean it.  Might be a game between him and those who are listening. It's gotta be the Art of Negotiation because 33% on all imports ain't gonna do shit.  

And now Trump wants to pay off all the International banking cartel that holds all countries hostage.  He's trying to pull out of the old model because it's dying.   

Anybody who tells you that we have to pay off the cartel is running a con.  This turned bad in history.   REal bad.  

Hold your cheers until the final act.  

But one of the best ways to write all that debt off is....

"Step Back From The Brink" UN Warns As Major War Looms After Overnight Gaza Airstrikes

There might be other options but this has proven effective. 

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I bet you we find out who

I bet you we find out who took down Malaysian Airlines and who killed those Jp Morgan bankers.   This war has been brewing with big players before Trump.  Meuller, Comey, Clinton all puppets to the bigger actors. 

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The real manipulation of

The real manipulation of markets.  Pump and dump of crypto's being tracked.

It's a scary world out there.  Don't walk out at night alone.  

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Welcome home Ruffian

And thank you for your splendid assessment of the war between the Jews.

As long as they keep attacking each other, I'm okay with that.

And thank you for confirming that Q & Alex are psy-ops...


I wonder if they'll ever acknowledge the electric universe model.

Electro magnetism at extreme voltages creates antigravity, which thoroughly explains the acceleration of the solar winds.

But acknowledging  that, might be revealing too many secrets they don't want revealed.

Mums the word...wink

Green Lantern,

Hope you're enjoying your summer, maybe we can do lunch next month, when I'm not quite so busy.

Here's how Trump pays off our debt:

Simply print money out of thin air, just like the Rothschilds have been doing all along.

Hand them 21 trillion of fresh & genuine US treasury issued  fiat currency, and call it even.

To save time, it can be done with a few mouse clicks. devil


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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I am declaring my candidacy

I am declaring my candidacy for President of the United States. 

Since I consider all political slogans to be bullshit and patronizing to intelligent American's, I'm going to stick with only truthful meme's.  Obviously, getting elected usually  requires lies, persuasion and hypnosis.   But I've decided to stick with the truth.  So my campaign slogan will be.....

We're Screwed.  We're really screwed.   I can't fix it.  And either can my opponents.  But what I can do is to tell you the truth, and we can collectively prepare for what's coming.   

My first libertarian executive order (contradiction) will be to declare a constitutionally allowed form of martial law.  It is justified under conditions of national emergency. 

Going through all the threats to our existence.  I'm putting food as the #1 priority.   

So I hereby declare the country will begin stockpiling food for the lean years ahead.   Cooling, warming, volcano's, Co2, So2, quakes, tsunami's, whatever..... If the trend is both disease and food shortages, I am forcing all farmers to donate 10% of their crops for stock piling.  No choice.  National emergency.  

Now, I understand from listening to Estulin that the unemployment numbers, THE REAL ONES, is off the map.  Real bad.   Nobody talks about that one because we're too busy dicking around with Antifa, and Mueller. 

So I am starting a draft.  Instead of a space force, I am drafting all unemployed members of the republic collecting welfare to get their asses to work on preparation for the coming storm.   Martial law bitches.  my inner circle will consist of wise shaman's of all sorts, and engineers, and the smartest men in economics and geopolitics who are more qualified that any economist that ever served in government. 

I want to know the greatest risks to coastal area's,and infrastructure.  Do our flood walls work or they going to collapse like they did in New Orleans.  We fix all that shit now.

For my protection, I will build an underground base in the interior of the country at least 1 mile under the surface.   My personal military will be screened carefully.  There will be constant communication with the country that I will do directly without any reports from the MSM.  But I might allow a few smart people to interview me.  But since I intend to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, really no need to ask me questions.  

All propaganda branches of the federal government will be closed.   There will be 24/7 coverage on a national network of what is going on.  I will have the best esoteric analysts explain concepts to the American public like limited growth curves, cycles, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and that it is best to self induce pain now, quickly and violently before mother nature does it. 

I WILL NOT PAY BACK Our DeBt to the international banking cartel.  Because screw you!   

The country goes into immediate austerity.  I will immediately bid out government functions to private bidders.  There will be no nepotism.  That includes the bankrupt US post office.   Parks, beaches, roads, infrastructure.   This can be done at a state level.  Welfare only to the disabled, the sickly.   

I left out a couple of small issues.  Foreign policy, and monetary policy moving forward.   

First and foremost is protection of infrastructure and life from the coming trends of the rebellion of mother nature.   

Oh I guess I'll eliminate capital gains.  But based on the publics investing record, it probably won't make a difference to the average person. 

Under my leadership, there is a likelihood there will be alot of industries that will go belly up.  Insurance industry, bank industry and alot of pissed of people.   

Our medical establishment, especially our psyciatric community, will be retrained.  Taken off the pharmaceutical model of treatment (except when absolutely necessary) and re-trained in the real stuff.   

There will always be a second government channel that will broadcast messages of good will, and uplfiting content.  This will stop all government monies going to google and facebook

Through the primaries and the election, I will be using subliminal messages on radio, supermarkets and elevators with the message, "VOTE FOR ME OR I'"" COME AFTER YOU.   effective immediately. 

Thanks in advance for supporting my candidacy for President.   

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GL for president

You have my vote.

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A new view ,,

Gl  Now that sounds interesting  Will it stop the' Fourth Turning" dead in its' tracks?

Cycles   ... 'Ya know...

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A couple of suggestions to help your presidency GL

Declare a 100% debt jubilee of all personal, corporate, state and local debt along with the national debt.  That should come to at least $75 trillion plus US debt.  So, a few banks go TU.  No loss there. They needed to go. 

I'll give you my working paper called  The Modest Proposal, a solution to eliminate the top four tiers of bankers in the US.   That could be used for crony capitalists and their ilk too.  All their wealth escheats back to the people from whom it was stolen

Release the control over monetary metals.  Period.

Allow interest rates to move to their mean for any future borrowings, all of which would be carefully monitored by the most responsible people.  Debasement of the currency would be a capital offense, the rule of law shortly after the founding of this country Fractional reserve banking will be a capital crime.

Conduct a full and unimpeachable audit of all extra-national corporations to discover any that have ties to the English crown. There are hundreds of major and minor corporations have special stock issued to the Queen of England. These need to be shut down immediately.  All assets are forfeit and used for your monetary Marshall plan. 

All major interlocking boards of directors of the handful of corporations that basically own the world are investigated under a new Sherman Anti Trust legislation.  

All people serving in government are paid minimum wage or work for food and shelter and $1 a year remuneration. 

The BIS, Bank of England and ECB are declared enemies of the US.  How you'll deal with those monsters is up to you. 

The City of London is quarantined and declared hostile territory.  Remember, you got enough WMDs to make that stick if need be.

Illegal aliens, all of them, are sent back to their country of origin.  Undesireables, those from other countries who are receiving government benefits are immediately deported.  All immigrants will be required to become citizens after 10 years in the queue

All educational content is turned back to originalist, with course contents that are based on the Constitution and American history

All troops will be brought home and any foreign wars will cease immediately  All military bases on foreign soil will be closed as quickly as possible and troops returned home to help with the rebuilding of our inner cities and failing infrastructure. 

All former politicians, lobbyists and former POTI will be audited as to their illegal and unjust enrichments during their time in power  Bush I, Bush II, Clinton (both) and Obama will be charged and prosecuted for war crimes.  All former secretaries of defense will be charged and prosecuted for war crimes

All asset divestitures, particularly the top element of the MIC and Deep State, not used for rebuilding the US will be returned to the countries that suffered at the hands of the Military Industrial Complex  All top members of the MIC will be charged with war crimes and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I'm not sure about Carter however.  If President Ford's administration was bookend by Nixon and Reagan, was Carter ibid?  Nah. Charge him too. 

That's all I can come up with on short notice

One more thing  Declare USALLC bankrupt, voiding all foreign control over the citizens through birth certificates, social security numbers and marriage licenses.  All funds stolen from the US treasury to pay the B of E, the queen and royals of Europe will be returned by direct transfer to the US treasury.  Funds will be used to replenish all failing pension plans including state, local and federal.  Social Security taxes stolen by these foreign interests will be returned to those who paid, and paid in full with interest over the period of years the people were taxed

A precious metals industrial revolution will be started in order to mine the enormous amounts of gold and silver that are under the earth in the US.  We have much of the richest deposits of gold in the world, second only to Australia.

New forms of energy formerly hidden will be brought forth to power the US using technology that's available today

Federal taxes are no more than 3%  

Set up that all-important Bureau of Sabotage, designed to infiltrate any agency or government power structure that poses a threat of acquiring too much power or going rogue.  BuSab will have the power to destroy any agency that becomes too powerful.

All contacts with aliens will be disclosed AND with their assistance and technology, we will be able to push back on the solar minimum that's coming our way, thus enabling the US to make the world a garden of Eden for all people of the world

Interplanetary travel, colonization of other planets and star systems will be given a top priority so that we can move out into the galaxy, making sure we are a multi star system species and reducing the chances of Earth being damaged by solar or geological extremes   Ice ages have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. 

I think Abguy4 could head up the interstellar divisions.



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Cascade subduction zone

The last earthquake (8.7+) and tsunami occurred on January 26, 1700 at around 21:00 i.e. over 318 years ago.


“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
― Albert Camus

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Thx everyone

forgive my rudeness ... I'll get back to everyone but I'm seriously suffering the worst case of jet lag in history. My body and mind wants to go but my mind is like shut down mode. This is awful. 

Which ine do i listen to? I'm all messed up twisted. 

Jays tackled me, the big cow and put me in a full Nelson. Which caused bee to jump on him. Now my ribs are aching. 500 lbs of human meat on me. We are never gonna grow up. When we were kids we used to pile on each other and make a human sandwich - I was never the damn bread until today. 

I need to try to sleep again. Get some schedule started. 

Thx again. Adios for now 

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I am elbowing myself to the front of the queue when you get back.

Dammit! You should never have left without a meetup.

Bloody stay with me even if jetlagged flying into AK. I take care of you fren.

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full n by wrote: Gl  Now that

full n by wrote:

Gl  Now that sounds interesting  Will it stop the' Fourth Turning" dead in its' tracks?

Cycles   ... 'Ya know...

Nope.  It acknowledges the harsh realities and proactively prepares for it. 


Enough of this political correctness.  Great Again?  Employment the best it's ever been?  

How about "JUST SURVIVE" 

I say let's level with the public.  Things are bad and gonna get worse. 


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Keep working on the slogan.

Keep working on the slogan.  I like the platform, dammit, about time.


Swing trade indexed ETFs. Long physical gold, silver, and 1 miner.

Green Lantern
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AGXIIK, You got more


You got more detailed than me on fiscal, structural matters.  

My first goal is preparation.  Truthfulness and curtail the polarization to avoid a civil war. 

Where is all this gold you speak about under the ground that the mining companies can't find?  

We can talk about gold as a monetary standard.  However, I'm first going back to Ben Franklin's idea that the most important currency is the effort and production of men.  This is how they financed and borrowed money during the revolutionary war.   But most of our industry has reached it's potential and in a decline.  We must redefine what it is that is most needed by man and what industry is only out for it's own selfish profit.   Banks no longer serve the public good.  Their growth curve flattened.  

The fundamental right of man is the right to work, and it is to secure this right that governments are instituted among men.   Not for fraud to steal from men.  

We must secure and restore healthy food production, supply of water and protection from the elements.    Industries that break the back of hard working people, and steal from the public good like banking are no longer needed.  Energy, human energy is the form of production.  

Men need to learn once again how to build with their hands, instead of pushing paper in an office for the benefit of a hidden class of men. 

Education restored.  REAL education.  Art must be restored and the value of appreciating beauty for it's own intrinsic sake.  

Yes, we need to do something about men sitting in their cars in gridlock for long hours.  Driving away from their families to go to their desperate officers to produce nothing, that doesn't serve the public good.  

This won't be an easy task.  We're gonna need alot of ELK pizza for those long hours of brain storming.  1/2 flat bread, and 1/2 vegetable based bread.  It is not as bad as you think.  

No flour necessary

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Dissappear the Banks

Honestly….no time to join the excellent discussions – thank You all.

But…AG and GL posed a thought almost in passing(~!) that – needs some elaboration – especially because I have scant experience in this area. Actually I posed this question on the main pages long ago. Absolutely NO response, so I will pose it again. If it garners no response  - so be it.

Here’s what I see. The Banks are simply institutions (behind which hide the most reptilian infested sociopathic monsters on Earth. No argument there, right?). All the debt is owed to the institutions they call Banks. As institutions or corporations or whatever status they have, they can be dissolved by the courts. That would be a Bankruptcy Court I think. IF they were dissolved, all the debt would also effectively disappear -- just as magically as the money they created to cause the debt ( my understanding is that as soon as they create the money – someone is indebted to them for a like amount + ‘interest’, whatta devious illogical mind-fker that is~!).

So, without elaborating further, what’s the problem with dissolving the Banks, as every evidence points to the fact that they are the Root Cause of all our Earthly 3D problems?

OK, I’ll stop there as you know I would (given my head) venture into the Root Cause of the bwankers consciousness, which is NOT Hu-man.

Oh, and btw, GL that yin-yang symbol you keep posting – it bugs the living shit out of me. It Always has. How far back is it recorded? I’ve never seen it in the ancient records on temples and such. I’m so very suspicious of it’s origins. You know, the whole necessity of evil, and the spot of dark inside the light analysis. The Natural existence of evil. Absolutely reeks of the catholic psychopathic meme of being born with Original sin. Very favorite tactic of the psychopath – blame the victim.

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I know how I get when I'm spitballing things

This was dumping a lot of the stuff that needs fixing.  Man's labor and the opportunity to do good work for honest money that actually supports a family on a single wage  earner, something lost 40 years ago when taxes became so burdensome, costs and inflation so egregious that both parents had to work one full time job (now two part time jobs for each parent) demands human labor to  that of  a serf struggling to stay alive under the master's lash in 1750

The gold I was speaking of is within fairly easy reach, within states like Nevada, CA and Alaska. The easy gold was scraped off in the last 200 years.  Most of the lands are controlled by the state and federal governments who are not inclined to allow mining on those lands.

The price of gold is far too low to make large scale mining economically feasible.  Gold mining would be a great industry for job creation, likewise for silver, if the price suppression was removed. 

The very important and vital matter of prepping by forward staging is going to become a national program. Starting sooner than later will prevent enormous losses of life.

Steve St Angelo hinted at the amount of gold that could be mined easily if the price was right.  I'd say 2,000 tons or more a year is within reach.

As for Elk Pizza, if I did some study of animal husbandry as it relates to elk, bison and deer, maybe your new administration would have room for some people interested in free range quadruped  farming.  Just leave the cauliflower farming to someone else. And don't tell me that the bread is half vegetable and half grain.  With all  new truths and the stripping away of delusions and propaganda, a man still needs a few of his own personal delusions.  Like this flat bread is still 100% grain.

Or not.  

Steve W.  You bring up one of the most important issues of our time. 

The Cascadia Subduction Zone quake around 1700 was only recently discovered  It was estimated as high as M9.  There are 4 sections of the CSZ that go from Vancouver island to Sou Cal.   The part called the C zone is the one most likely to rip once the Eddy minimum hits its low point, sometime around 2032-34.  The C zone is along the CA coast and extends, connecting with the San Andreas fault area.

The biggest earthquake recorded in the continental US was the New Madrid quake  That area is called the New Madrid Seismic Zone aka   NMSZ.  It hit in a series of quakes over a couple of years 1811-12 with the largest around M8 although some thought it might have been larger.   There were at least 4 quakes of 7.5 or greater.  Since the area was largely unpopulated, the damage to human populations was modest.  The best estimates of the earthquake intensity were evidential, not measured by instruments.

These quakes were right at the Dalton solar minimum low, adding evidence that solar minimums/hibernations cause large increases in seismic activities. The NMSZ has seen earthquakes many times in the past, going back thousands of years, all of which occurred during solar minimums.   Casey contends that the NMSZ is still ripe for a new set of major quakes. This area is in the middle of the US heartland. If an 8.5 to 9 occurred, it would rip pipelines, electric transmission lines, railroads and highways, largely cutting the country in half. It's never been fully quiescent as smaller quakes happen constantly in this 8 state area.

If there were two places where GL's preparedness efforts would be best focussed, it's CSZ and NMSZ.  Either would cause at least a trillion in damage,  set up for a crash of the supply chains leaving large areas of the US without supplies for several months and leave millions in the dark and cold for longer than anyone could plan for short of the most ardent prepper. 

The scenarios are ugly. Casey's book Upheaval goes some good work on disclosing dangers, most of which fell on deaf ears from 2010 to 2016.  The climate change global warming groupthink of the last administration did little to start the prepping process..  His warnings fell largely on deaf ears



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Book report


Nearly through Platos "The Republic", having pause to thank DOTS for impetus to do so. Looking forward to last words about  democracy specially and its characteristics in individuals, bet it's much like we see it today (meaning those who accept to see reality).

Book is timeless and i recommend it for all to read. There are couple things in it that some people i think will hang themselves, to discredit truth in it. That is bound to happen if you don't take it as mental play with open mind. Easy baits for those who are in to control games and lives in their opinions as long as it serves them.

It gives some sight why politicians do what they do, same what's done at time book was written. 

It's been like honey for larva in my brain and it has given depth to things which really needs sight from higher dimension than that we have been indoctrinated to.

For example, "the simile of the cave" and how it was taught in my day not so long ago. What we were told by teacher was only about the cave and its prisoners and illusions and shadows from which to make your worldview. Not a word about truer realities or any true meaning of that story. It was brought to us as a normal/fixed state just like our puppeteers wants it to be. Sure our teacher was as clueless about how the story really goes, tells all you need to know about that state our schooling is at. And that was high school. It is what it is and that really gives you more push to take responsibility for your own mind and all, for me it has done so.

Good read, thanks again

Have had that astrology basics book "Inner sky" as side reading and just looked up to make my birth chart. Next to familiarize with that, interesting stuff.

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