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Wed, Mar 14, 2018 - 3:48pm
Mr. Fix
Joined: Jun 8, 2012

Unbelievable Cosmic Coincidences


You would think that would give "coincidence theorists" a run for their money! wink

Yes, we have intelligent design.

And no, it's not an imaginary jealous, vengeful, megalomaniacal, psychopathic genocidal sky daddy either. 

 It's about time humanity was offered more choices. angel


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Wed, Mar 14, 2018 - 7:58pm (Reply to #20502)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Wed, Mar 14, 2018 - 8:20pm
I Run Bartertown
Joined: Oct 11, 2011

reboot my sides

Stephen Hawking's last words (MEME ALERT)
Wed, Mar 14, 2018 - 9:11pm (Reply to #20504)
Mr. Fix
Joined: Jun 8, 2012

Not wrong.


Maybe we just have a difference of opinion… wink

The world we live in is so fucked up, that the solutions are often counterintuitive.

This is where principles come in handy, you know, those little things you can use to determine right from wrong? Just because another country has ridiculously high tariffs, doesn't mean we need to impose our own. 

This is an argument where two wrongs make a right, which is never true in reality, two wrongs, are just two wrongs.

Stating that you could live without any imports whatsoever, is great, but as an amateur scientist, I can't say the same.

I myself was shocked to find out how many things I need for experiments, that can only be sourced from China.

We don't even have American suppliers for a lot of these things anymore. Forget about production.

The destruction of American industry is directly attributable to politicians raping them for profits, until they eventually got smart, and left.

America imports about $1 trillion dollars more than it exports now, every year, and we don't even have the manufacturing capacity, or a population capable of manning such factories anymore.

In this case, things need to be rebuilt from the ground up, and the powers that be are betting that this can't happen here.

Like it or not, this includes Donald Trump.

I know you probably didn't watch the video that I posted this morning regarding what the founding fathers believed to be true,

But in a nutshell, they believed that a person's actions were important, as opposed to a church that taught that saying the right thing is important. From a religious perspective, it doesn't matter how good you are, if you don't believe what they teach you, you are a Satanic piece of shit, destined to burn in hell for all of eternity with no recourse.

The huge disagreement the church had with the founding fathers, is that the church believes that actions don't matter, what you believe in does. The founding fathers were right, the church is compiled by a bunch of Satanic scumbags hellbent on destroying humanity.

This isn't just sour grapes from a rotten childhood experience, I have participated in many, many lengthy discussions both here and elsewhere that can substantiate such claims. I have littered this forum with many such conversations.

Donald Trump says all the right things, but what he actually does, isn't in our country's best interest, not at all.

When the United States government originally imposed tariffs on imports, back in 1776 or thereabouts, imports truly were a luxury. Taxing luxury items is still theft, but luxury items are at least avoidable.

The overwhelming majority of Americans were self-sufficient, and if this couldn't be said on an individual basis, it could certainly be said on a community basis.

Globalization is just the ultimate outcome of centralization. The powers that be have been centralizing everything not just for control, but to literally make everybody so dependent on the control systems they created, that most living people cannot survive without it. Decentralization is the only way to fix this.

 Donald Trump is still centralizing everything he can, creating a monopoly on theft, fraud, and violence.

He is not actually fixing anything.

What has been happening in the United States for all of my lifetime, is an act of war against its own populace.

Newsflash, we lost.

Now, back to principals.

When are you going to acknowledge that tariffs are taxes, and taxes are theft? Sure, Chinese steel sucks, I know that. Americans can't build tanks with Chinese steel. Too bad.

We already officially spend more on our military then nearly the rest of planet earth combined, and at least 10 times more than Russia.

Vladimir Putin has consistently demonstrated that our weapons are useless against him, and China has done the same. In other words,

Our own government doesn't give a flying fuck about our own military. Calling this a national security issue is blatantly disingenuous.

Instead of actually attempting to cooperate with other countries, we are told that we need to spend much, much more on a military, so that it eventually, we can be as good as other countries who already have superior technology, at a fraction of the price.

Militarily speaking, we're fucked.

Our military industrial complex is run for the profit of a few, with blatant disregard as to whether anything we build actually works.

Other countries, actually have a military for the purpose of defending their country. 

Our military is essentially a welfare program for either the hopelessly stupid, or the deviously unscrupulous.

As for Alex Jones, I don't give a crap what he says, that wasn't the point of that post. I'd be the first to call him a disinformation agent, and as a side note, I don't hold anyone up as a guru. I do make a distinction as to ones who try to tell the truth, and those who do not.

I have for the past few years exposed myself to an incredibly large cross-section of researchers, and have taken the time to investigate many of their assertions. Some are better than others, some have blind spots that they are unaware of, and quite frankly some, like Alex Jones, are less than worthless.

Now back to tariffs.

Arguing for more taxes to prop up an evil empire is insane.

And yet, that is exactly what you're doing by advocating for tariffs.

The fact of the matter is, the United States doesn't make anything, so it needs to import practically everything.

At this point, tariffs are just a way for Uncle Sam to steal more money from people they have already pillaged and plundered nearly to death, and this will only accelerate the process. 

The United States mainly exports cash printed out of thin air, in exchange for real goods, and terror if that doesn't work.

Placing tariffs on imports is just a substitute for teaching people how to make their own stuff. Teaching people how to make their own stuff is never going to happen in our current system, but it is the solution.

Our politicians would prefer to tax the shit out of a bunch of ignoramuses.

I guess it works if people stay stupid enough, but not for long.

When people stop giving us real shit, for fake money, this will not end well for America.

By then, it's going to be far, far too late to do anything about it.

I agree with you that the tariffs don't come close to equaling the tax imposed on us by printing money. 

In principle, both are criminal acts. But hey, that's what you get when you vote to be ruled by criminals.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 8:32am
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

Sergei Skripal Russian Spy

Sergei Skripal Russian Spy poisoned


UK throwing out all Russian Diplomats. Russia throwing out UK British



New York City Could be the site of a chemical weapon assassination if leaders fail to take action against Russia


Good thing Trump is retooling his war leadership at this TIME to adapt to rapidly changing geopolitical challenges.

Now here is intelligent design, you might not understand it but it is intellegent 

 Sergei Skripal, ex-spy poisoned with a nerve agent, born on 6/23/51 in Kaliningrad, Russia. He has Mercury, Mars and Pluto all Out of Bounds in declination and parallel his Sun and Uranus. Transiting Saturn will station exactly opposite his Uranus next month.


Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 8:50am
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

Ruffian,  Your views on fair


Your views on fair trade are the same views the MSM and Trump have been pumping into your head. Not based on economic theory. Fair trade-just don't buy their stuff if you don't like it. This is the result of political postulates which is what they all do. As somebody in the vault said, it's all political bullshit, Make America Great Again, Evil China etc, etc, etc, ad nausem. It's why I am such a dick because I keep trying to stress to ignore the words, the promises.

Larry Kudlow's track record is abysml. He wants a war on China and he is telling you to SELL YOUR GOLD. Of course, he'll never discuss the true economic realities of either.

Maybe arguing economic policy is a fools' errand with me being the fool. So I present you with an emotional arguement not based on any good logic because it's more persuasive. 

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 8:59am (Reply to #20507)
Leaf Nation
Joined: Oct 8, 2012

Larry Kudlow thoughts

I have told my kids for years that if the media says look over here then your should look 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

I think this is time for the George Costanza strategy of investing 


Silver66 Rage against the dying of the light

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 9:12am
Mr. Fix
Joined: Jun 8, 2012

A gift for Ruffian

Did you know that I follow many narratives that I don't believe in?


There's a whole bunch of bullshit flying around, for example,"Ex-" CIA officers disseminating information to the alternative press like a tidal wave, all supporting the notion that Trump is going to save the planet earth from the evil cabal.

For every action, which seems to be quite vague, such as executive orders seizing the assets of anyone Trump declares a criminal, makes people invision dopey notions like Hillary hogtied and purp-walked. 

In this completely imaginary scenario,

it's still pure theft, as one set of criminals robs another set of criminals, but people cheer at the notion.

You picked out Alex Jones as an idiot, and correctly so.

I've got a two hour interview where Dave Hodges of the Commonsense Show interviews ex-CIA operative Robert David Steel,

Who lays out the case for Saint Donald Trump.

I considered Dave an honest seeker of the truth, but hopelessly bamboozled by the bull shit.

He's going to make a lot of things sound like great ideas, when in reality, it is just a restructure of earths enslavement matrix.

I just didn't want you to think that I'm one-sided on all issues,

I understand what's going on, a few, (very few) people have a grasp on what's happening, and then you've got the tidal wave of bullshit from the CIA, a narrative all of us patriots are supposed to be rooting for.

When the smoke clears after the patriots declare victory, it will be far, far too late to assert any freedom, or any human rights.

Keep in mind, this is a battle for your mind, and your soul, if you believe in such things.

Click on this link, and scroll down to the videos. It's decent entertainment at best.

But millions, upon millions of people believe this shit, and that's what makes it dangerous.


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 10:00am
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

Yesterday, a bunch of us New

Yesterday, a bunch of us New Yorkers were talking about the old New York. There old New YOrk is older than my older New York, but my old New York was still pretty good. 

Conversation goes something like this....

Remember when the Grand Concourse in the Bronx was like 5th Avenue? The men and women all wore hats, suits and dresses? 

Women didn't go shopping with pants so tight where you could see all their parts?

Remember, the old Jewish Butchers? If Mrs. Goldstein was short, the butcher would give her the chicken and say don't worry about it. Just pay me when your social security check comes in?

Peoplle dressed better, people were more courteous, the food was better, the stores were better, it was cheaper to live.

Then in the late 80's something happened? It started to change? All the Jews, the Irish, the Italians, they started moving out of the bronx into Queens. More blacks, Puerto Ricans started to move into the Grand Concourse (Welfare state started building)

Neighbrhoods in Queens that were all Jewish suddenly had Russian Jews who dressed poorly, spoke poorly.

The Italian Neighborhood is all Mexican.

When Sears was in business, if you had a problem, they'd take it back, no problem. No questions asked. Then they began charging for repairs. OUT OF BUSINESS. 

The subways were a nickel. (That's long before my time)

And so on and so on until your nostalgia is suddenly interrupted by reality. A mexican guy looking for a quarter in his pocket, and dumps all the shit in his pocket on the table including dust, pennies, and two joints. 

I WANT THE OLD WORLD BACK TOO. I want the old days when live was simplier, easier, people were courteous, well groomed, and educated either through schooling or good upbringing.



America can never be that way again.

We have advanced too far, over the edge. 150 years of political promises. IT NEVER WORKS.

I'm not even saying everything was better back than. We are more aware now. We talk about things that people never imagined. More advanced technology even in health care.

Was it a better time? It depeneds how you quantify better.

Clean beaches, clean streets, clean highways, clean parks. No more!!! Gone. You can't legislate changes in human nature.

We have to come to grips with reality. How did things get this way? WE FORGOT. WE WERE BRAINWASHED. WE HAD AMNESIA. Because we keep looking to the same promises, the same people, to make it better. It's a dysfunctional system replete with corruption. The corruption, special interests, lack of principle, philosophical rigors and intellectual prowess of it's electorate ensures it keeps getting worse.

They will always trick the unassuming public until it gets so bad that everybody heads for the streets. 

How long can we hold onto this illusion that it's going to get better and that we can vote our way, legislate our way back to the good ole days?

There is something within us that refuses to let go of the past.

Until we go back to principle, and oh yeah, that old tiresome, burdonsome conversation of natural law AKA DO WHAT's Right.

We ain't going nowhere fast.

I'll put my whole stack, my house, my wife on that bet.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 10:20am
Joined: Jan 20, 2013

Last month :

A Vox Day blog from a day last month 02.02.2018 seems appropriate for the conversation this morning:


argentus maximus Rhythm and Price http://www.greenhobbymodel.com/rhythmnprice.html This analysis - global markets
Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 11:54am (Reply to #20511)
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

argentus maximus wrote:A Vox

argentus maximus wrote:

A Vox Day blog from a day last month 02.02.2018 seems appropriate for the conversation this morning:


Interesting guy and interesting blog. Listening and going back through his posts. 

Check out his post on Tillerson. It's interesting he only notes why he fired Tillerson, but not why he brought two pretty corrupt CIA people in his position and the comments hint at something but don't address it. As a matter of fact, it's relatively quiet in terms of explanation by his supporters why he did this. The persuasion narrators have ignored it so far. It was my first question what is shifting? And why? We only address the who and what they did....

Is this an Art of War move? Keep your enemies close? 

Bring them in the fold, like he did Guiliani and Chris Christie, and then spit them out?

Bring Tillerson in the fold, spit him out.

Disconnect head of CIA from his entrenched position, bring him into the White House and spit him out. You can't fight him from his entrenched position. Put Ms. Dark Evil torture into the limelight out of the swamp. Let Rand Paul and congress pick her apart. Get rid of her?

There is alot of 4D manuevers going on and it's easy to get sucked into the 3d narrative.

Trump supporters-You're welcome.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 1:10pm (Reply to #20512)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 1:21pm (Reply to #20513)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 1:28pm (Reply to #20514)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 1:36pm (Reply to #20515)

Removed comment

Removed comment.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 4:55pm
Madison, WI
Joined: Jun 19, 2012

Neocons lusting for war...

They are really rattling the sabers, and stirring up the war-like rhetoric now.

They so desperately want war with Russia. Now Nicki Haley has set up NYC (or some other city) for another CIA-FBI inspired false flag attack.

And all of this just since Trump kicked HRC's ass in November of 2016.

Well, actually before then...the ball really got rolling when the CIA helped overthrow Ukraine's government, and blamed the mess on Russia "stealing" Crimea.

I hope GL is right, and Trump is trying to move the biggest swamp-dwellers to a spot he can slay them...

Right now, he is agreeing with May and Haley on the BS Russia poison story. But, he has a regular habit of changing his mind. Guess we'll see soon enough.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 7:04pm (Reply to #20517)
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

ancientmoney wrote: I hope GL

ancientmoney wrote:

I hope GL is right, and Trump is trying to move the biggest swamp-dwellers to a spot he can slay them...

My best guess. Putting two as Fix would say "demonic" people in those positions is one of two things. The Art of War (and they would be smart enough to know it (maybe?) or total take over by the deep state.

Either way, as that guy Vox said that AM posted this morning, it doesn't end well.


On another note, Ya can tell this guy is smart. Reading his blogs and watching some of his past video's. Good thinker, good analysis. Never a bad thing to check out what other people are saying on different things who have a world model and good thought process.

Like me and Fix he has ventured into some of the "philosophic" debates on government. I think it's important. I guess so does he, and so does Mr. Fix. Everybody needs a "working" model of the world. I use it as a measurement of how far we have strayed from the original principles.

He is a reformed libertarian. Reformed that he doesn't think it's feasible, workable in a complicated world. 

Our libertarian, free market vs anarchy are largely philosophic. My trying to use all sorts of esoteric models to understand what's going on and what will happen. That's realist.

He's basically using my argument that I used on Fix about anarchy on libertarianism. It won't work. It hasn't been tested and doesn't consider the "group" dynamic. All those principles I took out of the IChing philosophy. 

Vox Day Darkstream 05.06.2017 Why Libertarianism is Dead

I don't totally disagree with him.

Libertarianism is dead like jazz is dead. Jazz is no longer a commerically viable or succesful music except for those who are commercially succesful and make lots of money and alot of people go pay to see. Dead to me is non-existent. So jazz is not dead or libertarian thought.

Maybury makes the opposite arguement, has anybody ever done a study that shows that government works? No. Do you need to? It runs it's cycle and declines.

It's not a perfect world, and humans' aren't perfect. And there really is a negative force in the world to ensure that earth never becomes a perfect world.

So maybe all arguements are useless because the cycle is the cycle? If I thought so, than I wouldn't continue reading books on theories of government.

There will never be peace on earth, wars never go away, poverty never goes away, and good ole days never come back. No system of government, currently, can override the basic human instinct.

Sure, I think it is "possible" given ideal conditions, but two of us can never agree on basic elements of the nature of reality. What are the best remedies for the disease, what caused the disease and how to prevent the disease?

These are "brain" exercises. The only real solution I can see is get the hell out of the way of a moving train, put your money house in order, know how to heal your shit, and find peace with the universe, higher power in whatever way works for you.

Thu, Mar 15, 2018 - 7:11pm (Reply to #20518)
Joined: Jun 15, 2011

oops Dup

doobie doobie doo

Video unavailable
Fri, Mar 16, 2018 - 12:35am (Reply to #20519)
Mr. Fix
Joined: Jun 8, 2012

Crap, crap, crap.

I just wrote a great reply to that Vox Day video, it took me over an hour to do what was essentially a point by point analysis, and my Safari crashed in the editing process, and I lost it.

Seeing as I'm already exhausted from a long, long day at work, with another one scheduled to begin first thing in the morning,

It's not likely I'm going to be taking the time to rewrite it.

Take my word for it guys, it was epic.

I must say, it's difficult to walk away from a topic I feel so passionate about, but I've already said what needed to be said, even if I'm the only one who ever heard it.

Hope is a Scam, Like Authority

Sweet dreams.cheeky

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Fri, Mar 16, 2018 - 4:48am
Joined: Sep 14, 2011

cycles are boring spirals are fun. - Saiko-Pod

You can not go spiral if not relaxed. that's what all fear and manmade troubles are for, to own you. 

Game is leveled with short lifespan and evil plans going for aeons, it is a beautiful thing.

good wknd for u all.


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