John and Steve Discuss The New Cold War

Batchelor and Cohen returned last evening to update the tenuous circumstances of The New Cold War.

The discussion last evening centered upon the very reasons why we began posting these podcasts over four years ago. Namely, that there is no other coverage or forum in western media where a fair, balanced and objective discussion on US-Russian affairs can be found.

To that end, last week Professor Cohen "debated" Michael McFaul, a Stanford professor who recently served as US ambassador to Russia from 2012-2014. The debate is thoroughly discussed in this episode so, as always, we encourage you to carve out some time in order to give this broadcast a thorough listen.



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the Cohen-McFaul debate


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Another sign of bondage!

We were just walking at the local mall.  An older man, coming toward us, had two, yes 2, smart phones, one in each hand.  Glued to both screens, walking, unaware of others, just waiting to run into someone. People will die of being lonely, but may want to be buried with a screen, at head level, in their six foot box. 

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Thanks Craig!

And an extra bonus video, too!


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Commentary from an American Ex-military

Prof. of the University of Cal., Irvine (Prof. Paul ?????) gives his views on the situation in Syria. For me it's sort of refreshing to hear a prominent (?) American talking good sense. Sorry, but I didn't catch his surname. 

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thought I'd put this link here


As we've documented since Ukraine Crisis began in 2014, it's all about is Syria now, too.

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