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just shillin'

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Mr. Fix
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An update...

Jeremiah Jr, thanks for weighing in on your interpretation of what lies ahead.

The idea that history has been foretold, rings true, particularly if you are familiar with agendas that exist over timescales that span thousands of years.

We don't even have to discuss the origins of these writings, because whether they were written down by an imaginary sky daddy, or a Satanic cult hellbent on Global domination, until something actually happens by an intervening force, the agenda will continue to move forward, as it is clearly the script being followed by the psychopaths who rule the world.

They themselves are working from the premise that their forefathers penned these verses, so that all they have to do is simply follow directions. I strongly suspect a surprise ending.

Fortunately, the current generation simply isn't all that bright. They're way behind schedule, as they have already failed at multiple attempts at a nuclear Armageddon, worldwide plagues, and general endgame mischief.

As long as they are in power, the old adage "Try, try again" is their only game plan.

Fortunately, a heck of a lot of people are onto them, and everyone of their false flags is being widely exposed.

Can you imagine just how difficult it must be to pull off a convincing false flag when everyone is expecting one?

Combined with the fact that these people actually lack imagination, since they themselves have very little conscious contact with the source of all things, they are now caught up in the insanity of repeating the same actions, expecting different results.

I think we are witnessing interventions all over the place, wars being fought above us, and behind the scenes in our reality, where the good guys are actually gaining ground.

Just the fact that so much of what we've discussed here about conspiracy theories over the past few years have become widely accepted in the public discourse, earth's leadership is now widely perceived as public enemy number one.

Guess what? I don't think that's part of the agenda.

Now just like it doesn't actually matter who wrote the Bible for such a discussion, it doesn't matter who is pulling Trumps strings.

With such widespread knowledge of corruption in high places, overt corruption being exposed to daily, either our next president runs a tidy ship, or his credibility falls off a cliff.

Maybe Scott Adams is rooting for Trump, but his game plan is having the fringe benefit of awakening the masses.

If we get the leaders we deserve, then there could be a time in our future where psychopaths addicted to their own power will be widely perceived as unelectable.

We're not there yet, but we are getting there.

Green Lantern,

You asked me the other day about Holloween, and if I let my daughter trick-or-treat.

Yeah, with interesting results.

Her first outing was at age 3, as soon as she found out she could knock on doors and get free candy, she literally tore through the neighborhood until she ran out of houses. She wanted to take a second lap.

The next morning, she got back in her costume, and wanted to do it again. She was bitterly disappointed that this only came once a year.

Later on by age 10, she had it down to an artform. She chose the neighborhood that I grew up in, because the houses were packed tightly together, and she knew she could spend much more time grabbing candy than running from house to house.

She got so good at it, she needed to empty her bag two or three times because it became too heavy to run with.

She actually pulled in about 30 pounds of candy one year, but she was fairly consistently over 20 pounds.

As a direct result, our house has always been filled all year round with candy from that one night.

I told her that if people are dopey enough to just give you free stuff, just smile, and take it.

Not only does she now have a full scholarship to the college of her choice, she's also got her own business, and a good paying job. And yes, she's also a stacker.

I'm not entirely sure if I handled that right, but she sure as heck knows how to go out and get what she wants these days.

A little while ago, I listened to a video that David Icke just released on the origins of Satanism, and Holloween.

Yes, Holloween is a Satanic high holy day, but then again, all the Christian holidays have a corresponding Satanic holiday. This clearly points to a common origin, and an ongoing agenda.


Spoiler alert, if you are emotionally invested in your imaginary sky daddy, you're not going to like this one.

David does go to great lengths to explain the evil running our planet, and the multiple tools they use in their malevolent agenda.

I bought a bag of candy today, my daughter hasn't been around for over a year now.

It's yummy.

Happy Halloween!

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Oct 29, 2016 - 8:22pm
Green Lantern
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Fix, I'm gonna say it was


I'm gonna say it was fine to let your daughter go trick or treating and I'm not going to fault you or her for following a satanic ritual or call her a satanist. While it may have that origins, I think most people of have other intentions and looks like your daughter mastered the art of maximizing returns.

Yep, Scott Adams sure did get is name around. Like everywhere. Guess his blog won't be just a small niche market anymore if he can keep him self safe and in good health. You wonder how he's gonna find a way to make a little money out of this skill. I think that's what they call Radical Marketing. And when you watch his video's, he looks pretty in balance, and not very emotional.

I'm thinking this is the kind of stuff the anti-Hillary crowd kinda of likes.

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Removed comment.

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Mr. Fix
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We have lots of common ground...

Can a Christian Be an Anarchist?

Larken Rose

Published on Aug 9, 2013

I rarely talk about religion, but I think this video, from an interview I did with Dann McCreary ages ago, should give people of all faiths (or lack of faith) something to think about, to see if they are actually being consistent with what they SAY they believe in.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Oct 29, 2016 - 10:38pm
Green Lantern
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I still support the

I still support the experiment to dethrone Hillary Clinton.

Privately, I still like to read about what others think about possible consequences of Trump's Trade Protectionism plan.

When Free Trade Fails, War Follows

Populist cries for trade protectionism are again ringing out, as politicians seek to blame China for bad US monetary and economic policy. But destroying trade will not only make us poorer, it is usually the harbinger of war.


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Ruffian wrote:you

Ruffian wrote:

you misunderstood, I'm not talking about the color spectrum of light. I'm talking about its existence and it's ability to penetrate or not certain barriers...

I understood your point. Imagine the opposite scenario that you proposed. Instead of a pitch black mine, you are walking on the surface of the sun. Your analogy was that things can get really bad just like a pitch black mine. I guess that things can really bad but eventually they HAVE TO Return to the opposite direction. A person who is overly optimistic could imagine themselves walking around the sun and saying I don't believe things go from dark to light because there is nothing but light.

I believe the lyrics of this song explain better.

Quincy Jones - Everything Must Change

I am not voting because none of the candidates represent me. I believe in free markets (which I admit is a pipe dream) I believe in adhering to Richard Maybury's two laws and he has shown from studying government from the beginning of written history that any government that breaks those two laws falls into what he calls Chaoston. Both have agreed to encroach on other governments. I believe that the only way to liberty, which I value even more than prosperity, is government not creating political law and recreating a system of common law based on natural law. Both candidates have promised to use political force in some way.

I believe HIllary Clinton might be the less moral of the two characters. But after we spend a 1000 hours looking at each ones crimes, each ones weakness's of character what is left is their policies, even if they never intend to implement them, and by looking at both candidates policies, independent of their past and their personalities, I've come to the conclusion that neither candidate is capable of making America Great again. Of course, great is a very geneal superlative and we can even debate whether or not America was ever great. It was powerful. It was rich and it did support a very high standard of living for it's citizens, but I'm not sure what great really means and I'm certain whatever it means, we won't be going back to it.

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 12:51am (Reply to #9568)

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Removed comment.

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 1:15am
Mr. Fix
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Was America great?

Green Lantern,

Sure, we could debate the greatness of America, but relative to today, it certainly once was.

As far as the guidelines that this country was based on, specifically, our founding documents such as the declaration of independence, which was truly great, by any objective measure I can find, and the Constitution, which came a close second. The United States was great, due to the unprecedented freedom that was offered to humanity.

The Constitution, and its amendments, largely derived from the natural laws that govern our reality, created a society unparalleled in written history, and I'm sure, if the psychopaths in charge get their way, will also be erased from humanities historical record. Freedom and prosperity are always proportional, and no one prospers without freedom.

The United States Constitution had one poison pill written into it, which was truly the seed that brought about America's destruction.

It granted Congress the "right" to tax. No such right exists.

By giving a small group of parasitical men permission to use force to steal the fruits of everyone else's labor, the American experiment was doomed from the get-go.

America was transformed from the land of the free, to the home of the largest terrorist organization planet earth has ever known. This terrorist organization is solely supported by an enslaved populace.

And you are quite correct, the policies of either candidate will not even come close to restoring our greatness.

In fact, they both have different twists on heading in exactly the wrong direction.

At best, the selection we have is of competing criminal cartels. And even that, might be wishful thinking.

But if even one criminal cartel is ever brought to justice, it would be a monumental success.

People might awaken to the idiocy of placing men in charge of other men, even if that's just my own wishful thinking.

If history is any guide, we will once again be taught all the wrong lessons.

This doesn't stop until people wake up.

I guess we will know soon if sleep and darkness is truly a cyclical phenomenon.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 1:24am

Removed comment

Removed comment.

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Removed comment.

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Mr. Fix
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I'm thrilled that you have been posting so much lately, our perspective on things are quite different.

And that's a good thing.

Relatively speaking, it doesn't get any better than right here, right now. It is simply the place to be.

I was following your logic on darkness and light, and even read Green Lantern's response, but I've got an entirely different take on it.

Here's a clue:

Light is what holds all colors, and if you waste a box of crayons in one spot, all you have is a lump of wax.

Light is energy, darkness is the absence of it.

Live in the light.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
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Green Lantern
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argentus maximus wrote:The

argentus maximus wrote:

So, standing in front of a force of humanity has the same real life consequences as standing in front of a force of nature, like a flooded river, or rolling rock, crushing wave, etc. That's because they are the same. The fact is, numbers of people, once they follow the cycle go mad, have become a force of nature. Implacable, unstoppable until spent or meets another force of equal strength or both. The madness of crowds is a natural force, a societal tidal wave, which certain aware groups try to surf and exploit for their gain.

A good movie has many moving parts. The main plot, often many sub-plots that are inter-woven within the larger theme and even one liners can shine through telling a story, teaching a moral. I once heard Donald Trumps former colleague, and master of persuasion, say that he only watches a movie once and why would you watch it again. He thought it represented some sort of stupidly because once you have the emotion, you log it in, and move on to get a different experience. But he never addressed deeper meanings. I can't find his actual quote.

So what is the theme of this election looking at the cycles? Is it the anti-establishment them Armstrong keeps talking about? Or is that just a sub-plot that when focused upon can obscure the larger picture? Is it the 18 year old political criminal cycle I posted? Or is that just another sub-plot in a larger story that can also obscure our view of a bigger picture? Maybe it’s as simple as the good vs evil narrative that we’ve run in DOT’s. We must take the evil criminal vote down and your vote is the only way that’s going to happen. It does look like forces of nature are tending to it but that part of the story has yet to be written.

I’m just going to deal with the picture of tank man, because that’s a real picture, that happened in real time, that does have some very real potent psychic energy attached to it. I'm not familiar with photo 2.

WAs it simply a guy caught up in the emotion of the moment standing up to the forces of government, maybe like the Bundys or the florist? Those had a few strings attached if you cared to look for them. Or was Tank Man a symbol for something much deeper? Somebody might ask, well did it work? Did he take down the big government, and an authoritarian, military government? Well, No. Well than he was simply a martyr going against a greater force, possibly with some political strings attached.

Tiananmen Square. It all began with a man named HU. Hu Yaobang, a democratic reformer/protestor. He decided that he was going to take on Big Government. Did he make a difference? A tangible change? or was his quest simply a futile form of martyrdom to go up against a military authoritative government. Well, he died. Not so good. But his death set a chain of events in motion.

Chinese students began memorial demonstration in Hu Yaobangs honor All of a sudden you have a pro democracy movement, meetings that swell into marches and demonstrations that are being seen around the world. Shanghai, Beijing and many other cities. The demonstrations begin on April 18th in Beijing centered in Tiananmen Square and was growing bigger by the day.

All of a sudden Big Government has a problem on it’s hands. It has a global public relations problem and a threat of insurrection by it’s citizens.

This is not a Bundy take over of a small building in an Oregon park. This is a crisis for China’s government.

The Chinese government now demands that the protestors disperse threatening police action. This is when the international media starts paying attention.

Maybe if we go back, we can find a GV inflection point or series of them during April. Like the Bundy’s taking on big daddy, it runs it’s course, and poof. Maybe there was an 18 year cycle turning and we see it in that light. Or maybe something else is going on that we don’t see that gives us a more precise definition that tells a bigger story?

If we look closely at 1989, Tiananmen Square was the first of many great rallying cries for freedom that would sweep the world. It was not the only one happening. No isolated incident here.

Did they have anything in common? Something tangible where we start to look and say ahhh, something is going on here. Let’s look.

Very swiftly the events in Tiananmen Square moved to the center of world attention. Maybe you can go back in your minds and recall that the cry for change and freedom aroused the global consciousness to hope and inspiration. it’s sort of hard to capture the euphoria and excitement that swept the world. Like those old black and white photo’s, it fades with time.

That brings us back to navels and the opthalmos. Did Magpie choose those words or did those words choose her? It is relevant. And why are we spending so much time and discussing a bunch of political theater?

Tiananmen Square is at the heart of Beijing, one of the oldest, continuous seats of power in the world. It’s located in the navel of China and that area of the world. So warning, it gets very woo woo from here on out.

If one looks at the location of seats of power, both religious and political, one finds that they are aligned with the earth grid and like Beijing are major etheric centers/vortex’s which has flows of potent spiritual and psychic currents. This is not new age theory. Go to Sedona and sit by a vortex. If your hair doesn't stand up, sensitivity and empathy aren't your thing.

Washington DC is, for now, the most potent seat of political power in the world. Yes, even during our great decline, it still represents the Seat of Power. When things look like they might not be a smooth transition over a seat of power, it has a way of captivating interest.

1989 saw a lot of changes of seats of power because there were unseen events going on that were part of this chain events and a major seat of power was coming online in a way that happens at regular periods in earths history that has an effect on world affairs. When a major new seat of power is established on the planet, it sends reverberations throughout the world. The new vibrations can break up the old established patterns, and instability ensues until a new and higher harmony can be established. I told you it was going to get woo woo.

So when an election stirs so many emotion, there also might be more to the story than the smaller cycles can tell. Not that they aren’t part of the story. But they are all sub-plots. The free Masons were just as aware of this concept of the "center of all things" the 'ting' as the ancient Greeks. It wasn't just some idle, new fangled, twisted new age philosophy. It had real implications.

So for our purposes, I”m taking time and price, and substituting it with time and location for we need both now to see what was really going on in China.

By June the tension built to a point that it was ready to explode. We were looking at the possibility of a brutal suppression by the government forces, or heck even a civil war like the Bundy watchers here were suggesting could happen in America. Of course if timing is important, than we were off. Timing was perfect in Beijing, but for what?

At this time, all the corresponding events, (many which I won't mention)was forcing energies into the the middle of Beijing.

On June 3rd, the climatic tension was finally broken when Chinese rulers ordered tanks into the square against the people, and a bloody massacre ensued that shocked the world.

No longer is this simply about some kids who want a voice, or even some hidden strings, it now has raise itself to a symbolic gesture for the entire wold with deep metaphorical meaning. And while I’ll look at the multiple syncronicities going in the world in a moment, there are others who saw the deep metaphorical expression that the events in China were telling:

Grasse writes:

“The recent massacre of students in China has already established itself as one of the most dramatic news events in recent times. Almost as extraordinary as the tragedy itself, however, was the uncanny series of historic events that constellated themselves around the same point in time. Within the same 24-hour period, newswatcher had witnessed not only the drama in Tiananmen Square, but the death of the Ayatollah Khomeini, a major train disaster in Russia killing hundreds of passengers, ethnic riots in Uzbekistan in the USSR, and the first free election in modern Polish history.

To the ancients, such clusters of historic evens were seen as powerful symbols, suggesting larger transformations in the collective destiny.

Grasse goes on to suggest that each of these events could be turning points in humanities spiritual unfoldment.

For example Ayatollah Khomeini represented an archetype of fanatical and intolerant religious zealot. He typified the old rigid, dogmatic religious consciousness of a passing age.

What looks like typical geopolitical violence on the surface is a deep clearing of such fanaticism coming from the inpouring spiritual currents just like we would be seen later that year in the US with the decline of the zealous Moral Majority and the scandals surrounding American evangelists, Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swagger.

The metaphorical interpretation, done correctly, can suggest a deeper story, as much as the timing. The river rising is related to the tides of the ocean, which is related to the phases of the moon. Does it end there or are there even greater influences beyond the moon? Of course, there is. Hierarchy of influences.

In Poland, the elections created a crack in the communist edifice that had an effect on the Soviet just as the pro-democracy movements had on China.

Grasse also saw the train disaster in Russia as being very symbolic. A gas pipeline exploded just as two Soviet trains, going in opposite directions killing 500 people and injuring many more. Grasse concludes that this was imminent clash of opposing political forces that would soon derail the entire Soviet Union.

Metaphors. Time can lead us there, but it is the human element, and consciousness that can only gain true insight. There are no easy to learn tools. It’s a process.

Coincidentally, the dam that had burst in China on June 3 temporarily eased the buildup of tension in the network of world seats of power. While Grasse and other other authors have their own interpretation of events, myself and others have seen other forces/conflicting forces working it's magic. But these forces aren't personified. Just the ole law of physics, every force has an equal and opposite action.

The same earth first event unfolded in the nation of Hu-ngary. Hungary by the way is the only nation in the world that begins with a HU, the name of the Chinese democracy leader. The seeds of what happened in Hungary were quite planted in May, when everyone was watching the mass uprising in Tiananmen Square. Hungary had started removing the barbed wire fence that had stretched between it and Austria since 1949.

At the sometime East Germany were looking to circumvent the closed border between East Germany and West. From May through August, a trickle and then a river of intrepid East Germans were slipping into the West over the Hungarian Austrian border. The east German rulers were irate and began to protest ito the Hungarians. By early September, thousands of East Germans were crowding into Hungary tin hopes of escaping to the West. On September 11, 9-11, Hungary began permitting East German refugees to cross over en masse into Austria and the world began to realize the Iron Curtain had parted.

At the sometime the shores of America was on guard as a tropical storm was forming off the coast of air. The weather officials named it Hugo. Once again, notice the word HU in Hugo?

The name Hugo comes from Hugh in the old German language. The meaning of the name Hugo is very telling. One translation is heart or mind. Another is soul. Yet another rendition is servant of the spirit. What does a Hurricane have to do with waves of liberation moving through the world? I did say a clearing was happening and that often outer events have a much deeper metaphorical expression that reverberate out of the past but those connections can be hard to make. And might be ridiculous to state. I'm already waaay far out of the box.

This wave flowing through the world culminates with a man sitting in front of Tanks in the oldest power seat in the world.

Did he walk away injured or dead like some of the Bundy’s? Nope. Did it take down the old regime in China? No. Is that even the story we should be focused on?

But if you look at all these events literally like people sometimes do with religious scripture than you miss the truth coming through in the moment, the living truth, for it doesn’t speak with literal preciseness rather artful metaphor. For that is the language of the higher powers in the world.

In the The Tables of Planetary Phenomena by Neil F. Michelsen you’ll find a chart that has three dates on it, 1632, 1811, 1989 where he explains that the linking of these dates is a rare event and has happened only seven times in the last 3400 years. Not so much a regular cycle This planetary event occurred from the time period April 28, 1989 to December 23, 1990, this cycle was playing out.

So if we now turn back to the election and the fact that the entire world is watching an election that is taking place over the most powerful seat of power in the world, and as much theater as it is and as sucked in as we all are, is the story simply about anti-establishment? or is that a sub plot? ,when an outer event captivates the attention of the world, in a similar way to Tiananmen square, that something much deeper is at work that escapes the purview of the average person.

The election just might be the river rising. The entire world, might just be the ocean rising. Jesus said he was the light of the world. But there is even a bigger world outside the world, universes and casualty can be traced past the river, past the ocean, past the politics to much larger forces. But such a task is outside the scope of DOTS because we are only looking at the TPTB. Which might be a smaller viewpoint than we need to solve some of these puzzles.

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 10:14am
sierra skier
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Ruff, #9613

You mention that fully 1/3 of your graduating class have passed due to drugs and suicide which is sad that these folks had no better life to live.

When growing through the teen years I recall loosing one neighbor before high school was over and know several others who left as well. This was back in the mid '60 so things have not really changed that much. During our formative years and even through our twenties many of us become lost and have no focus on the wonderful possibilities of the future. Today in my mid '60s I find life far too good to be interested in leaving anytime soon.

Our son who is close in age to you went through the late teen and early twenties 'lost' faze but he came out of it with help from us and our concern. At one point he went to the college doctors and was prescribed anti depressants and we got him off of them immediately because I already knew these pharmaceuticals were poison and that was nearly 10 years ago.

In fact I am sitting oin a draft that has plenty of information and personal experiences from folks who used these drugs and have never been the same since, and I am sitting on it because I want to speak with our son personally to see if it is something he wishes to handle. I do believe he would benefit from this read, but need to be sure his state of mind is ready to reference it.


Our drug industry produces some very wicked stuff that they ply upon us.

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 10:33am
Mr. Fix
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Green Lantern,

You said:

"There is even a bigger world outside the world, universes and casualty can be traced past the river, past the ocean, past the politics to much larger forces. But such a task is outside the scope of DOTS because we are only looking at the TPTB. Which might be a smaller viewpoint than we need to solve some of these puzzles."


I'm all for widening the scope. I'm really into solving these puzzles, and the answers can't be found by focusing on the powers that be.

From a broader perspective, where are the powers that be become insignificant in the scheme of things, the solutions are abundant.

The scope of DOTS doesn't have any boundaries.

We will never solve anything, until we think outside the box.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 10:55am (Reply to #9576)
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Mr Fix, GL bigger things out there

Here you go

Man in black - ending HD


Silver66 Rage against the dying of the light

Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 11:55am
Jeremiah Jr
Babylon USA
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No worries, I know our world views are different. In fact the majority of Christians are blind too much of what is discussed here in DOTS regarding the, military, economic, and political conspiracies, and what is right in front of us. If it’s any consolation, I often get more flak and funny looks from them than those that post here.

1/3 of the entire Bible is prophetic.

Thanks for reading it that is just my take on a few possible scenarios. I will be watching as well.

It’s going to be interesting if that is the appropriate word.


Good to see you, are those ads you posted for the DNC and HRC real???

If those are, that is incredibly chilling, made my blood run cold.

@ Fix

“Fortunately, a heck of a lot of people are onto them, and everyone of their false flags is being widely exposed.

Can you imagine just how difficult it must be to pull off a convincing false flag when everyone is expecting one?”

Fix, respectfully I think that number is a lot smaller than you think, but you are right, a lot have people have woken up to varying degrees. I agree, I think that has them worried, but they always have a plan ‘B’.


I dug up a few more old posts from the ‘old Zionism’ folder if anyone is interested in looking into a few more of Lucifer’s tracks, fingerprints and footsteps, described in scripture on the topic GL, Fix and I have been discussing if anyone is interested.

I’ll leave it at this

The flag of Lucifer and the United Nations - 8/6/2012


Bridges to Babylon - 8/6/2012


The symbol of the AC or "little horn" - 8/6/2012


Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 2:09pm
Mr. Fix
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Silver 66


That's pretty funny, but I don't think the opposing forces are quite on that scale.

But at least it does get you thinking about a bigger picture...


"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Oct 30, 2016 - 2:13pm
Mr. Fix
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Reply to Jeremiah Jr

When I said a lot of people have woken up, making false flags extremely difficult,

I'm not talking about the vast majority of the public, I'm talking about governmental agencies that haven't weeded out all the people who might not go along with a mass depopulation event, serial criminal behavior or the enslavement of themselves and mankind.

For example, the military has its own intelligence division, along with the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, ICE, and too many alphabet agencies to list.

Whistleblowing is becoming an epidemic.

When the entire United States government is nothing but a criminal organization,

unless every single person involved is a criminal, you wind up with a lot of loose lips, amongst a segment of a populace with far higher than average curiosity as to how things are working out. They can't all go public, but they are making a difference.

Now combine that with foreign intelligence agencies, and you quickly windup with millions of people that might not be interested in their own extinction.

Even news outside of our country is far more fact-based then anything offered by the mainstream here.

You've got riots across Europe standing up to the criminal governments there, but generally speaking, they are unarmed.

I still say this comes to a head by the end of the year, the transition of power in this country will be far from peaceful.

You want to know my take on Comey's letter to Congress? It's all about compartmentalization. If you can get the FBI focusing on Wieners dick, the fact that evidence has surfaced implicating Obama of treason, can be swept under the rug.

They don't give a crap about Hillary, she was toast before this started.

Trump is nothing but an opposition leader, somebody to rally around for a Civil War.

Comey isn't trying to save Hillary's ass, he's trying to save Obama's.

Once again,

This adds up to Obama not going anywhere, and he's armed his alphabet agencies to the teeth.

You know why I know he's going to try to stay?

It's written in that book. It's the agenda written down thousands of years ago. Maybe he thought he was going to be the head of the UN, but without Hillary to put him there, he's stuck being a warlord in the banana republic of United States.

Far too many people know that he's guilty of treason, and even if he stepped outside of this country, he's also quite guilty of crimes against humanity.

In other words, there's no where to run, and there's nowhere to hide.

Since a catastrophic war is clearly what's on the agenda, he has no choice but to go forward with those plans.

Look for patriotic Americans of the enlisted variety to be shipped to the opposite side of our planet with no return ticket.

Immediately afterwards, there's going to be a lot of people calling Obama the antichrist.

Right now, the powers that be fully intend to wage the war called Armageddon on American soil.

Their dream of a global conflict just isn't working out as intended.

That's not to say that he won't have foreign help, but I'm not expecting all that much of it.

The American government is widely regarded as the most dangerous and most lethal terrorist organization on the planet.

As they start losing control of the narrative, they start losing those willing to follow orders.

The percentage of those particular people who are somewhat "awake" is far higher than the general public.

That's where they are clearly off script.

We can win this.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."