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Genopolitics:  Illusion and

Genopolitics: Illusion and Free Will

If somebody said to you “Your free will is an illusion,” what would you response be?

After all we are a society that values the individual. But usually the response is disbelief or even scorn at such an absurdity. You might say to me. I’m in charge. I make my choices. Somebody here once said to me that he had been living his entire life free of the outside influence of government.

You choose your marriage partner, where you live, the music you like, the food and even your political choice. Well, the must current science is telling you that you are hard wired. Your political choices are less influenced by your environment, (mom and pop) than your genes. All your choices are constrained to a small space, with insivible walls, ceiling, and floor? Your “choice” then, would be an illusion.

In 1979, psychologists from the University of Minnesota begn a study that followed twins separated soon after birth. It ran into some suprising finds. You can read about it in “Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Will Tell us about Human Behavior (1989)

Identical twins separted at four week and reunited 39 years later” They smoked the same brand of cigatrettes, vacatione in the same town and both called their dog “Toy” And both were named Jim. 

Other findings of the researches showed the power of genes over paraneting. The scientific community could accept that such identifcal twins grew to about the same height as adults. And genes, not upbringing, had a large influence on “ambition, optimism, agression and traditionalim.

The study of how your genetics influences your political choices is known as genopolitics. And your likes and dislikes are shaped by genes (not by “free will” and choice)

This puts a new twist on the question of how one escapes the matrix when researcher shows that he cannot make free will choices outside of his hard wiring. 

I sit here drinking my tea which I am hard wired. Go ahead quit one thing you have made habit? Listening to music that I choose?? Beyond IQ, genes also contribute in a big way to ones musical tasts. The odds of getting a divorce, one’s level piety, and political affiliations. So nearly all of one’s imagined choices are pretty much cut and dried. 

So while science is busy proposing and deposing theories, what do we make of free will? Is it a theory too? An Illusion? A useless dream?

Science is like a hamster running on the wheel in it’s cage but going nowhere. The hamsters destiny is firmly set. A kind owner may let it out into the room on occaision. But it is still in a house. So researches, too, can only advance to a fixed point in their studies of what elements make a whole individual. 

There are tons of research and articles on genobehavior. Just give it a google. So what’s the implications for this election. I wondered myself. Because if choices are made by the collective hard wiring and the gene pool is determined by a higher source, that means, the choices put before us are a factor of the collective gene pool and the outcome more determined by cycles than by forums like this.

Because if you haven’t yet noticed, you cannot force people to comprehend a message they do not want to accept. No matter how well stated the argument. That’s consciousness in motion. 

So it begs the question if all of your minds are made up on the realities we face, and the best choices, then essentially we are doing nothing more than populating the forum with articles and information that fits into each of our cognitive dissonances. 

So if you have been following Armstrongs cycle predictions. We are at a 224 year turning. Am has said a 300 and 600 year turning. There is the fourth turning. The basic thrust, whatever cycle is up, that we are at a juncture where the political landscape changes, NO MATTER WHO IS ELECTED. There are tons of papers available on cycles of political change and it’s regularity. And Armstrong has the convergence of war, political change (interest in a non-establishment party) and loss of confidence of government and the eventual flight into private assets. It happens regardless if Trump is elected or Hillary is elected. He speculates it happens a little quicker if Hillary gets elected. But even the convergence and the ability to predict these type events in advance is yet another confirmation that YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE. The vast majority of people at all levels of power will make choices that will allow the cycle to have it’s completion. 

This brings us to Obama’s comments last night. “THE ELECTIONS ARE NOT RIGGED. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” This in reply to Trump’s comments that they are rigged. 

So who do you believe? More psychology at work? I find it interested that only three days ago AG posted Jon Rappaports article on the elections being rigged and only a few days later, Trump is talking about it although he uses the headline but changes the details. Anybody remember his comments a few days after VAXXED Came out? He immediately repeated the headline, but changed the details? How long after Putin made his 9-11 comments did Donald Trump come out and say that he would also spill the beans? Of course, the beans was a government document. Trump has a alternative media meme tracker. 

You see in the depths of my heart, I don’t give a shit who wins. Sorry to be the freak, exteme minority. For one, my destiny is largely a matter of my doing. Second, the genetic pool has given me almost zero latitude on choices. A career criminal and a man who also has some overt, significant pathology. And then we have the cycles. Is anybody here believe that Trump can start the journey of healing, going to sell their gold? That he has the power to create enough change that government will not need to steal your money. Or will he pull a George Bush, read my lips, I will not raise taxes, and then raise them. Well, how do you know? He has a track record of extreme honesty?

I’m really not picking on Trump. Just that he is the more interesting candidate at the moment. Especially since this forum has 2356 postings on Hillary’s corrupt nature in the last 3 years. Where is the revelation? 

I can’t help believe that it’s all theater, all rhetoric. If the election booths are rigged, why would the rhetoric be important? The science says most of you have made up your mind and won’t change. The science says the turning will happen regardless of Trump or Hillary. Armstrong agrees with the historian I posted that Bush was a puppet president led by Cheney. Obama was a puppet, Hillary is a puppet but he doesn’t seem to see that Trump is a puppet, only that he will either become one or get assassinated. 

So if Hillary can bring us to the inevitable quicker? Why forestall it? I’m quite satisfied allowing the public push the car over the cliff and me just watching. Afterall many of you think that there is a fighting chance despite the hard wiring, and the cycle. It's likely that your hard wiring will dismiss the science as we know it. I’m just offering you the freedom to have it your way. 

BTW, the science that shows the absence of free will in your life points to a deep esoteric point. It's up to you to connect the DOT of how you got hard wired the way you did and it's implications. 

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Removed comment

Removed comment.

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vibrational resonance and the foundation of reality

Consciousness could be the foundation of reality itself. While materialist science builds bigger and more powerful machines in the search for a unified field that governs matter, ancient traditions, largely lost to antiquity, are able to effect reality simply by using the power of the mind.

Modern science has lost touch the subtle energy formed by living organisms, but these fields can be measured using scientific instruments. The term aura is often used to describe one's energy body, the electromagnetic field driven by the heart and augmented by bio-electrical processes.

Take five tuning forks tuned to middle C and line them up on a table. Strike one tuning fork so that it vibrates, and shortly after, all the other tuning forks will begin to vibrate too, even though they were not struck. This is what entrainment or sympathetic synchronization is. Almost every interaction in the universe, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is guided by the mechanics of entrainment, also described in hermetic philosophy as Natural Law.

Briefly, here's how it works. 

The geometry (shape) and material composition of an object determine its resonant frequency. Using a tuning fork as an example, the length of the forks and the material it is made out of determine what the pitch will be when it is struck, what frequency it will vibrate with. When a fork is struck, the whole object vibrates, this sends energy through the object, through the material and its structure forming sound; a frequency we recognize as tone or pitch.

When two or more objects that have the same resonant frequency are suspended in a medium where their vibrations can be exchanged, then entrainment or synchronization takes place. Referring to the tuning fork example, the medium used to transmit the vibrational energy is the air, traveling as compression waves or sound to the other tuning forks.

Now as a final example, consider metronomes synchronizing. Here is a video demonstration:


32 Metronome Synchronization
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Excellent read Atarangi. 

Excellent read Atarangi. 

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Very Excellent Read Ata

There is a very important piece of the puzzle on entrainment that is missing. What if the frequency being pumped in is bad? Lind of like poison food, microwaves, radiation, heavy metal, cell phones, wi-fi, tv programming, etc.

GL and I have referenced the hundredth monkey often. Found in the link on hundredth monkey from your article:

In the above example, metronomes were only able to synchronize under certain conditions. A metronome placed on a table that is too rigid, won't allow for the unique frequency to be transmitted and harmonized with the group. This aspect represents free will, that a metronome can only be changed if it is open to the others. Finally the process took time, it wasn't until the resonant frequency of the metronome board system reached a strong enough intensity that the 'quantum leap' process started.

Understanding entrainment, I found it very interesting when the article said "Entrainment is Natural Law." That is a very interesting, yet highly plausible statement. Everything vibrates.

This is the method of control. The only unanswered question is, who is controlling it? You? Or Them? Change your frequency and you can change the world.

Hey GL and Fix, its all coming together now...

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Ag remember this video.  This

Ag remember this video. This exemplifies Atarangi's example. 

Contagious Subway Laughter

All the metronomes (people) begin to get entrained with the highest vibration in the room. The woman laughing and soon they are all laughing. Laughter is a very high vibration. It’s a cleansing. 

I guess you could say she is “controlling” it but it takes on a life of it’s own. A morphic field. 

I think I am seeing A LOT of people realizing something is wrong on both sides. I see quite a few people expressing it. But they decide that despite the wrongness that the only hope resides somewhere in the problem state and getting entrained in one of the two sides or against the otherside. The choice makes them entrained with all the metronomes that says "A" or "B" is our only hope. How can that be the solution under the larger problem, of the "system". ? 

So I guess, the 100th monkey is Armstrongs undefined point in time when one person starts a domino effect. It will be unseen and all of sudden there is a realization that government at all levels is a problem and people begin to pull their trust out w/the money. Government tries to control the pullout through various devices. 

Maybe, that’s when people see that the solution is not two sides of the same system but outside the system. Right now although there is an awareness that there is a problem, they keep putting their trust/hope back into the system . The polarity choices that the media ha given us. Theoretically, that doesn’t have to happen. People could raise their vision above the dual problem and make a protest vote. While it might not be available in the voting booth, I checked that people are able to make protest in other ways. But that’s not being broadcasted. We are just not ready for it.

So if there is no voluntary 100th monkey, the universe will provide the moment where total trust is lost. Government will do everything in their power to prevent people from pulling out of their matrix, just like an Italian or Jewish mother will do everything in their power to prevent their children from marrying outside the clan. We still are living in a tribal consciousness with the two party system. 


These include our family unit, religious background, country of origin, ethnicity, etc. The tribal mentality effectively indoctrinates an individual into the tribe's beliefs, ensuring that all believe the same. The structure of reality – what is and is not possible for the members of the group – is thus agreed upon and maintained by the tribe.

While the tribal mentality has definite benefits in terms of establishing common ground and ensuring group survival, it is not a conscious agreement. We are born into it. Yet at a certain stage, both personally and collectively, the tribal mentality must be challenged. People can then begin to recognize the need for a personal honor code independent of the tribe. If humanity is to progress, we need to learn how to treat everyone – regardless of tribal affiliation – with honor and respect.

Every one of us is plugged into the tribal mind. We support tribal belief patterns by directing a percentage of our life force into maintaining our affiliation with the tribe. This involves an implicit agreement to think like the tribe thinks, to evaluate situations and people the way the tribe does, and to believe in right and wrong according to tribal values and ambitions. As long as the tribal mentality within us remains unexamined, we unwittingly subject others to our tribal laws.

When we are plugged into tribal thought forms, we can easily believe in nonsensical prejudices held by the tribe. Tribal mentality allows us to hold harsh, judgmental positions or attitudes about an entire group of people: "All fat people are lazy," or "all Irish are drunks," or "all Muslims are terrorists" for example.


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the aetheric field

The aetheric field as perceived in the minds eye is the medium through which creation is enabled. When people talk about God they often have no idea what God looks like.

I propose that God is a sea of standing geometric waves and energy fields that form a medium conducive to complex yet simple harmonic resonance that is able to create matter and life itself. This system of order has an inherent evolutionary component that over time has driven the simplest of life forms into the complex diversity we see around us.

The concept of God and evolution being largely one and the same has been hijacked by religion for reasons of division and control. The fractal nature of the aether is a beautiful template for both creation and evolution.


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aetheric symbolism

aetheric field symbolism from different cultures

Image result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious artImage result for the aetheric field in religious artImage result for the aetheric field in religious artImage result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious art

Image result for the aetheric field in religious artImage result for the aetheric field in religious art Image result for the aetheric field in religious art

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the concept of bliss

The synchronicity that occurs with harmonic resonance is pretty much the definition of bliss. When everything is in harmony the negative vibrations and insecurity that can envelope the single cell are swept away by collective harmonic resonance.

This is a big the incentive that drives single cells into co - operative entities.

Without resonance life is unable to form complex systems.

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A very establishment Vice

A very establishment Vice President. And now Trump embraces the SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. A figure head for the establishment.

This Trump guy is not such a bad guy after all. He seems to know how to make friends even with evil and still remain good!

It's really not that difficult. Never was. Only one solution left. 

He ain't building a wall and forcing a sovereign nation to pay for it.

He ain't going to have a militia collect all illegal immigrants.

And if he doesn't raise taxes, Congress will be forced to find a way to steal your pension through law.

I know the polls mean shit, but they are fun anyway.

Here is what one pole shows.

Old people will vote for trump. The Millennial generation, voters under 30, are less apt to be fooled.


Poll shows Trump in fourth among voters under 30 with Libertarian Gary Johnson now leading Trump by Millennial Voters.

What is interesting is that in all the years that TFmetalsreport has been opened, dedicated to helping individuals navigate the fall of the great Keynesian experiment, with all the yelling and screaming about the establishment, the FED, the dirt, the theft, criminality in this country, the alternate party candidate has been named once, ONLY ONCE. And that was in 2012.

Einstein said you can't solve the problem at the level in which is created. I have even a better one. You can't solve the problem, if you never mention the solution. 


I know his message is freaky and off the wall with things like get government off your backs, stop taxes (hidden and overt) stop destablizing countries with unconstitutional wars which will help prevent illegal immigration, Yet the will of the American people can only get so far that the entire conversation has been coopted by the Mainstream Media, you know the guys you hate.

Gov. Johnson on Shovel-Ready Jobs

​​​​​​​What's even more interesting is the video posted by SushiSioux in 2012 was telling the American people that there are plenty jobs that could be created. But American's are not willing to do it. Shovel Ready Jobs.

What's even more interesting, one of the blogs I follow, is Mike Rowe.

That's right an advocate for the hard working blue collar worker. Besides being humorous, he is Smhat.

He knows both candidates are full of shiiit. SMAHT. And he knows how to put one's creativity to work to make money and where the jobs are in the country that people are unwilling to do.

Off The Wall

Kyle Graham to Mike Rowe

Hello Mr. Rowe. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this but I just wanted to share my own "dirty job" with you. Last year when I was 12, I started my own pooper scooper business called Call of Doodie. Your show was a big inspiration for my idea. I've earned enough money already to buy my own fishing boat.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the inspiration to get out there and get my hands dirty! It would mean the world to me to know you read this, so please, please say hello! 

Here's a link to my company's website in case you were feeling really generous and wanted to pose for a picture with my website in the background:


Kyle - You sir, are inspiration, and proof-positive that when it comes to #2, somebody's gotta be #1.

Carry on,

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 10:21am
Mr. Fix
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Q & A With The Jackass

Jim Willie - Full Interview - Aug 3, 2016

- Switzerland exported a record amount of gold to the US in May ►1:16 Source: https://goo.gl/SsdMvS
- A clarification of Sharia law could mean that the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world would be able to purchase gold ►5:37 Source: https://goo.gl/WQBzqa
- Tokyo Commodities Exchange, along with the Shanghai Gold Exchange, is now trading physical gold. How will this impact the ability of the powers that be to manipulate the price of gold with paper gold contracts? ►7:19 Source: https://goo.gl/lMIQvO

Viewer Questions:
- How much gold does China have? ►13:04
- Why will people not fall for another fiat currency? ►20:37
- What is the minimum amount of silver I should own in order to weather the coming economic storm? ►23:46
- Should I take physical possession of of precious metal mining shares? ►26:10
- What are the odds of any western country to either ban the sale of gold or silver, attempt to confiscate gold or silver, or apply an onerous tax to the sale of one or both of the metals? ►30:08
- Platinum and palladium vs. gold and silver ►33:03
- What will be the future purchasing power of silver and gold? ►39:22
- What percent of my silver investments should be in junk silver? ►42:08
- Where is the best place to live when the collapse occurs? ►43:27
- When the imports fail over the dollar collapse, how bad will the oil/gas crisis be? ►52:18
- Will the power grids fail? ►55:51
- If NIRP comes to America, will it trigger bank runs? ►57:33
- How will the Chinese banks be affected by the reset? ►1:00:01
- Will Canada be in the same devaluation boat as the USA? ►1:03:20
- Will there be a market after this crash? ►1:09:58
- Will it be possible to use gold/silver to escape the country after the dollar collapse?
- The Turkish economy ►1:13:42
- Will the US Dollar lose its world reserve currency status after the Chinese Yuan becomes part of the SDR currency basket? ►1:17:33
- Will the US ruling elite maintain their power? ►1:22:57
- Will Germany ever be allowed to become a member of a Eurasian trade zone? ►1:29:14
- How are the political betrayal and the attacks on civil liberty going to play out in Germany within the next months? ► 1:38:49
- When the mega, corrupt banks get those billion dollar fines, where does that money really go? Who is the beneficiary? ►1:40:09
- Is there any protection in a credit union? ►1:41:39
- Could you explain what Commitment of Traders and Open Interest are? ►1:46:40

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
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"In Venezuela, History Told You So"


Starvation during Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’; gulags where Stalin’s enemies went and vanished; Cuba’s ‘Periodo Especial’ when the Castros starved their own people, diseases like rickets and nutritional blindness becoming common; Enver Hoxha’s creepy ‘pure socialism’ in Albania; Pol Pot’s killing fields in Cambodia. I can go on, if you want. You can email me, and I would gladly send you a book list. You can even read for free (you who like free things so much – capitalism did that!); all you have to do is visit a library or go online.


This weekend hungry mobs broke into Venezuela’s zoo, butchering a prize Black Stallion – leaving only its ribs and head for the zookeepers who arrived in the morning. At least he died quickly; you can eat horse, the lion has been starving for months. Where are my detractors who taunted me, saying that Bolivarian Socialism was environmental? Who blamed capitalism for their petty angry jealousies? Who sought revenge? Who ranted about how finally the tides would recede? My guess is they’re enjoying a Black Stallion sandwich, without ketchup – there is none – and on day-old bread, if they can find any.

ancaro imparo.
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Silver66 Rage against the dying of the light

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 5:52pm (Reply to #8213)
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silver66 wrote:


nice concepts GL


I used to know my number but have forgotten. I wonder if there is a syncronicity at hand, and I'm a 7? It was meant to be a Bostonian accent and maybe it wasn't an accident?

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Ruffian wrote:Just as in

Ruffian wrote:

Just as in Europe these incident are being denied and covered up by goverment officials and the victims are being attacks. 


although this article doesn't state it. These people have been attacked/intimidated by refugee families and told to shut up by the mayor. 

Sorry but this is exactly what the Muslim mindset is. This is socially acceptable within Muslim families and communities. It's taught to them from birth. The biggest danger to any Muslim girl is from her own family. Your daughters are even less safe. 

And lord Obama is on target to resettle 100k more. 

Look closely at Europe America because this is your future paid for by you. It happening all over the USA and being buried. Big clue when college of obs n gyns proposed partial clitorectomis. 

They are here folks! 

Adios - I'm off to the spa ! 

I like 7's even if I am not one. If I were a 7, this would be my comments on the above post? 

When you are people going to start showing some pride in your work? Like a number 7. 

When are you people going to start vetting the news that you publish here and spend two or three minutes of your precious time and be thoughtful, not just for yourself, but for others who are interested in truth? 

When you are going to start vetting the sources and take a few minutes to see who is behind these reports?

Do you know who the founder of this paper is? Under what circumstances he died? The accusations of it’s employees against it’s current editor of being a source of disinformation?

When are you as a collective going to stop passing off fake news as real news? 

Do you think that anybody with any reasonable intelligence would ever consider you for a job that requires some degree of impeccability and fact checking on your work?

It was recently published here that there was a massive turnout for a Trump rally and nobody showed up to the Clinton Rally?

Remember this picture? It was a picture of an Breitbart.com attempting to pass off a picture of Cleveland Cavaliers fans as an image of a Trump rally. The retraction is right on it’s website.

Breitbart's deceptive use of an image displaying celebratory NBA fans is consistent with their non-existent editorial practices, as previously seen when they attempted to attack Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and instead devoted an article to attacking a woman of an entirely different race. Breitbart later admitted this error, writing ‘[t]he Loretta Lynch identified earlier as the Whitewater attorney was, in fact, a different attorney.”

Look at where they stole the picture from. 


Cleveland turns out to celebrate NBA champions

You are knowingly and willingly being manipulated because you don't really care to know the TRUTH.

And I actually watched the speech as well as Hillary's that claimed nobody showed up. There is actually acknowledgement of the space limitations in the speech and the video shows it was a packed house. PACKED. They just screwed up by booking a high school gym instead of a large auditorium. 

Does anybody really care about the truth? Or do you just care about having your cognitive dissonance validated by lies of disinformation outlets?

Instead of being so offended by my continuous practice of taking the minority view (often the lone view) which contradicts the majority view on this forum, why don’t you spend the time to make lucid, well supported arguments that shows that you know how to analyze events and not just repeat what somebody else in a disinformation site repeats? 

When you are going to realize of course I can be wrong? Of course, I don’t know everything BUT it doesn't take a genius to check facts? t

When you are going to wake up to the fact that publishing news articles is not a form of understanding what is occurring in the world? That is merely repeating what other people want you to think?

When are you going to stop complaining about the authority of government, the authority of the Federal reserved, the authority of the media, when you’ve handed it to them?

When am I going to stop being the only person who is a dick because I care to know what the truth is as pertains to simple factual errors?

Why am I the only person to even have the impulse to check the facts? On the turnout of these events? On the rape that threatens our freedom?

If it is abhorrent to you and you really believe the penis’s of Muslims is our largest problem, why wouldn’t you take the time to at least check the facts?

I'm a total pie hole because it's me that takes umbrage to lies that at the heart of it come from intolerant people with an agenda? You have no problem analyzing Black Lives Matter but a really difficult time looking at the truth of the other side of the coin. 

Entrainment, resonance, quantum physics, the psychology of the crowds, clearing unuseful programs, MEANS absolutely nothing when it doesn’t register in the next breath you are breaking the principles others take the time to show you. But most of you don't really take these posts to heart if understand their implications to events at all? I'm a dick for saying it? 

This rape is a fake story. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. They took an unfortunate incident and turned into an anti-Muslim propaganda piece. The news outlet is being accused by it’s employee’s of being a pro-Trump partisan disinformation outlet. 

The case details were aired out a city council meeting. Why wasn’t that published? The alleged perputrators were not Syrian. According to town officials, the town has accepted no Syrian refugees but does have a Muslim population.

Loebs, the prosecutor, told the Idaho Statesman that the disinformation campaign wasn’t limited to the blogosphere; it also stemmed from “a small group” in the county whose goal, he said, is to eliminate refugees.

Zeze Rwasama, director of the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Programs, said in a phone interview that “the whole story was wrong,” at least as it was spreading on social media.

“I know that that wasn’t the truth,” he said. “But also I thought that some other people that have a different agenda are just pushing wrong information to members of this community, which is unfair.”

‘Rumors can present real problems’

The greatest political sattirist in American history knew this would happen. A repeat performance....

“In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.”

Do you realize he is talking to you?? In this case, some of you should take Twain's words very very personally.

Either way this mug is going off the cliff!!

If anybody can either validate the original story of the polls or the rape, I will apologize and issue a retraction.

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 7:27pm
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Fake? So since it was JUST sexual assault and not rape and the perps were not Syrian but Iraqi and Sudanese refugees the story is Fake? "unfortunate incident" Are you for real? I seriously hope no one in your family has an unfortunate incident because your level of empathy for this little girl is stunning. They are not reporting all the details of the sexual assault to protect the victim. The DETAILS have not been published but it's pretty obvious that she was sexually assaulted by these refugee boys? 

I do appreciate your level of empathy for these displaced refugees. They would probably appreciate you volunteering to bring a few into your home no?

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 8:09pm
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What is your major

What is your major malfunction NASTY??

Ohhh simple errors HUH? Even I point them out and you still over look them. And I bet you didn’t take time to vet the newspaper yet or vet the editors, or comment on any of the other major stories this outlet fucked up. Right?

I guess Cleveland Cavaliers and Trump rally are the samething to you? Not sure. You didn't' mention the other 1/2 of my post. 

Only one outlet covered this as a political rape. You wonder why? Can I offer you a life subscription.

But I’m glad you took your precious time out of the Zionist and Faith forum to appear here today. I’m glad somebody finally took the time to look up the story. Why did you feel compelled now to look up the details?

Sexual assault is me touching somebodies ass. Maybe lifting up her shirt. Or rubbing up against somebody. A rape is penetration. BIG F’ing difference. So if you can’t see the difference I can understand why to you even after reading the story , it’s not much of a lie. 

The article and the implication is compared to what we know is HUGE. I guess you don’t go in much for impeccability and accuracy. Let’s be loose. Creating an hysterical atmosphere with a political agenda and commentary when you’ve misidentified the origin of the boys, and lied about the crime does not tell us anything about what happened (as you acknowledge). 

We don’t even know if the boys are Muslim? Do you know? Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. But it’s still a garden variety crime that you are unable to demonstrate the point that we are under invasion. You do know there is a difference between Arab and Muslim. And not ALL refugees are Muslim some of them although a minority are Christian. Does your good book tell us anything about how to identify the religion of suspected criminals when it has been released? 

This is a crime. A crime occurred with three Arab boys.

So to publish an article that misstates origin, doesn’t reveal the nature of the crime and than to become hysterical and shout that the invasion is underwear, IS DISHONEST!!! COMPLETELY< UTTERLY DISHONEST. What don’t you NOT understand about that?

Interesting you believed the official story that the assault occurred but are in denial that everything else said about it in the blogisphere, including here is a lie.

Second, I voiced no empathy for the refugee’s . I have NO idea the crime so I labelled it as misfortunate. Why don’t you label the crime for which you have no details big shot. Just make it up. You could use a lesson or to in honesty and unfairly casting judgment my man.

I’ll house whoever I please in my house when I deem there is a need. And I will not be letting you or the US government do the vetting for me. And I can tell ya if ANYBODY in my family, under my house, or even on the street touched, bullied assaulted another child, and I don’t care where they are from, I’d stick my foot down their mouths. So F off with the judgment and report back on the other questions.

Thanks for outing yourself NASTY. Althouth, I would have guessed you were one of the sponges that took the bait. 

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 8:26pm
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To be honest I trusted your assessment on the Tump/Cav story. Media outlets misguide and Lie daily all day it's what they do. I reacted to the other story for 2 reasons one I have followed it some and secondly you calling it FAKE FAKE fAKE is patently ridiculous. It seemed to me that you were minimizing sexual assault. If they were from Sudan or Iraq they most likely have a muslim worldview, is that crazy or bigoted?

Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 9:23pm
Mr. Fix
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The Art of fact checking...

Hey Green Lantern,

I just wanted to voice my appreciation for the extraordinary effort you put into your posts.

Even though we have occasional disagreements, when I ask specific questions on specific issues, I wind up learning far more than I ever imagined by reading your responses.

Even on this website, that is a rarity.

In a world where we Live with what is essentially two competing and contradictory narratives, that are both misinformation, and patently false, it does indeed take a remarkable amount of discipline and effort to ascertain the truth.

I will say upfront, you put in far more effort than I do, as I still run into confirmation bias a lot. For example… I've been posting stories and articles that work from the general premise that Obama has no plans on leaving office.

Years ago when I first started making that assertion, it was based on nothing but intuition, and a wild guess.

Now that such stories are popping up everywhere, I'm finding others that are starting to think the way I've been thinking all along, but have a fact checked any of them? Nope!

Besides, even if that's Obama's plan, there certainly seems to be at least a few opposing forces that will be working diligently to change those plans.

So, it's a crapshoot.

Although I've become reasonably competent at evaluating competing narratives, and competing believe systems,

Sometimes fact checking some of my assertions regarding religious origins is problematic, since there has been such a overwhelmingly successful squelching of anything that resembles the truth.

So, I'm often left to picking the most reasonable explanation of the events, sometimes in extreme antiquity.

In other words, connecting the dots, and forming my own narrative.

There's been many occasions where my conclusions have been contradicted by evidence that you have presented here.

You've changed my mind in many ways.

I know that you're man enough not to particularly care if no one agrees with you, if you are well centered in your beliefs.

I admire that.

So since I know you've become somewhat accustomed you having arrows fired in your direction, as a result of your assertions,

I thought it would be nice if I threw a little bit of support your way.

You do mighty fine work here,

And I appreciate it.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sat, Aug 6, 2016 - 9:59pm (Reply to #8218)
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BIGNASTY wrote:To be honest


To be honest I trusted your assessment on the Tump/Cav story. Media outlets misguide and Lie daily all day it's what they do. I reacted to the other story for 2 reasons one I have followed it some and secondly you calling it FAKE FAKE fAKE is patently ridiculous. It seemed to me that you were minimizing sexual assault. If they were from Sudan or Iraq they most likely have a muslim worldview, is that crazy or bigoted?

Rape having occurred. Patently a lie.  Fake: A forgery or a scam.

Syrian origin: Fake: a scam Not an editorial error. Used to mislead

Political ramifications of post, We've been invaded.-Totally fake. My guess. City officials are telling the truth.

I am not minimizing sexual assault. I've never even cat called a woman in my life. And I feel like punching a construction worker or two especially when they are wearing wedding rings and showing pictures of their daughters to the other workers. I see things! 

1.4 million Christians in Iraq. It's an old number. Various other assertions. Greater chance they are Muslim. But anybody calls themself a Christian or Muslim and doesn't follow the golden rule and doesn't sing the 99 names is a liar. You can't be something if you don't practice it. 

As far as your assumption

 Cognitive Dissonance. Not necessarily racist. 

When somebody says Mexican are a problem. What do they mean? They are referring to a nationality? Or a race? Of course, Trump knows what you think when he says Mexican and Muslim.

Mexicans are mostly mix of Spanish and Indigenous. Mestizo's. 9-10% European Origin.

These are Mexican's too.

Arab is not, never has been a religion. It's a group of semitics from the middle east. That's race.

If you think I'd be happy living in a neighborhood with a swarm of refugee's who have not been vetted, who are not decent people, you'd be wrong. 

Another assumption: Green Lantern likes having illegal immigrants who carry out crimes including sexual. Patently false.

Green Lantern thinks there is no problem in Europe. False.

Saying Muslim is the same as saying Christian. What does it mean? Did you mean Catholics, protestants, Episcopalians, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, and dozens more?

I'll forgo at making the distinctions between various Muslim sects. But I can tell you waht I see with my eyes everyday.

Jews and Muslims having BBQ's every week without problems. 


Like, at least once a week. Hasidic Jews and Palestinians protesting together EN MASSE against the Rothschild zionist state. Hugging, sharing the platform. Do you see that in the media?

Fact: I am not ant-Christian. I am not Anti- Muslim. I have spent a good deal of time in Christian bookstores, read Christian literature. And yes, I've read Muslim. Orthodox Muslim literature. It's terrible to my eyes. Maybe the religious teaching I least resonant with. But I have daily interactions with Muslims in New York. Mostly in their stores. In their restaurants, on the streets, on public transportation. I've never encountered anything like what gets posted here. I ain't saying there are some bad practices. There are. But I've yet to see one informed description of the differences in the Muslim world. I read books too. 

I even see all the cab drivers at the airport with their carpets under the bridge. Pull in the same time, to do their prayers. It's NOT for me!!! But it DOESN"T Bother me in the least because they are hurting nobody.

I see young Islamic girls having picnics with their families at the beach. They are the same as anybody else. Enjoying the sun, their families and bothering nobody.

Closing borders and revamping the entire immigration system. OK. Going back to some form of original intentions of Immigration. OK

Using it as propaganda NOT OK. VERY NOT OK

Good Christians who walk the talk. BEAUTIFUL> Dogma and propoganda in the Christian blogisphere? Like blantantly lying. As a fathiful Christian. Do you like this? Is this how the Christian Media should dealing with elections? IF at all? 

People pretending to be religious overtly lying.

Again Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe Unleashes HELL On Hillary After She Completely Disrespects Him And God…

Mike Rowe is one of those celebrities that everyone loves. He is a kind hearted man who wants to spread awareness of all of the hard working Americans that do not get represented. He is truly a man of the people. Another amazing thing about him is that as he is traveling for his hit TV show he stops at churches and helps them. Regardless of what they need done he goes out of his way to help. He is a man of the lord and continues to be so despite his busy schedule. That is more than anything Hillary has done, and is actually the exact opposite of what she has done. 

Mike Rowe decided to ask both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton to both donate a piece of clothing, a signed notebook, or any swag that Rowe could then sell to help raise money for a charity. The charity was for a scholarship that awards students with amazing work ethic. Of the two presidential candidates, only Trump sent in a bathrobe. The bathrobe then sold for 11,000 dollars! That is an amazing number. Not only did Trump send in a bathrobe, he sent in a bible verse in the pocket.

Hillary refused to send anything and then gave Rowe a call. She had a conversation with him about the charity and determined she would not donate. Mike Rowe then asked her if she had any Christian values. She refused to answer. That is horrifying to think that a presidential candidate refuses to have Christian values! I am scared for our country. I am scared for our children. We need to fix this! Can you believe what she did?

Off The Wall

Barbara Pearlman Wells writes…

Hello, Mike Rowe! Whether or not you support her candidacy, I wonder if you were pleased that Hillary Clinton specifically mentioned in her acceptance speech that we need training for skills and trades in addition to traditional college. Thought of you and your foundation immediately. Thanks for all you do. Barbara


Hi Barbara

I’ve always tried to to give credit where I think it’s due, and what Hillary said last week regarding the trap of a four-year degree certainly deserves credit. As I’ve been saying for years, an education is critical, but a 4-year degree is NOT the best path for the most people. Though I disagree with her push for “free” college, (and a few other things,) I’m flattered and pleased to hear the mikeroweWORKS gospel shared with a national audience. (Naturally, my attorney’s will be suing her for plagiarism, but that’s another matter.)

Speaking of Hillary, many of you have asked me to comment on an article that recently appeared on a website called “God Today.” https://godtoday.com/mike-rowe-unleashes-hell-on-hillary-af…/

It’s fair to say the author of this piece - a guy called Hunter - writes with a level of imagination best described as “active.” Alas, his commitment to anything resembling journalism is best described as “non-existent.” Consider the headline. “Mike Rowe Unleashes HELL On Hillary After She Completely Disrespects Him And God!”

First of all, the only “hell” I’m capable of “unleashing” comes in the form of a 14 pound terrier named Freddy. For liability reasons, I’ve been advised not to turn him loose on anyone - even a politician. Secondly, Hillary Clinton did NOT call to tell me that she refused to support mikeroweWORKS, as Hunter so vividly hallucinated. Nor have I ever challenged Hillary Clinton to reveal her “Christian values.” That conversation never took place, nor did any of the alleged dialogue therein.

Along with many other flights of fancy in this article, is the fascinating claim that Donald Trump included a printed “bible verse” in the pocket of the bathrobe he sent me. This is not true. Believe me, I checked the pockets, twice. There was no trace of anything biblical. Just some luxurious lint from The Trump Tower, and an empty tube of bronzing cream.

Here’s the thing. If my fulltime job was to correct all the inaccuracies written about me, I’d be working round the clock. That’s why I usually turn the other cheek. However, when the ninth commandmant goes this far out the window - especially at a website called “God Today,” - and false prophets use my name to bear false witness to the masses, I have to wonder if the editorial staff is up to speed on that whole “love thy neighbor” memo that went out a few thousand years ago. 

Point is Hunter, if you're determined to cast the first stone, you don’t need to pull it from your butt. There’s enough unflattering truth on both sides to draw blood without resorting to pure fiction. And who knows? Maybe the truth will set you free? At the very least, maybe it’ll inspire you to include your last name in a future byline.

Finally, with respect to the truth, you’re correct about one thing - Donald Trump was the only candidate to contribute something to auction. However, his bathrobe did not sell for $11,000, as you incorrectly claimed. It went for $15,750.00, all of which goes to charity. Which if I recall, begins at home…