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New Zealand
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Don't worry Ruffian Mr. Hollande has just popped out to get his hair done and then he is going to bomb more Muzzies.

We''ll show em.

By the way Ruffian, forget about becoming 'normal' - it's overrated.

In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb
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Spartacus Rex
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@ s s - Really?

sierra skier wrote:

I was surprised by Rex's response to my post...

Like maybe you were expecting applause, praise and a participation trophy for walking that SH*T in here on a platter?

That's right SH*T, COCKROACH SH*T,


Nevertheless for some strange reason, you stated:

"...I found these two posts that I feel explained a lot to me and filled in a bunch of understanding in connecting the dots.",

yet amazingly passed up the opportunity to articulate & share with anyone herein just exactly what any of that SH*T could have possibly "explained" to you. 'cause that would have been really interesting to read, since the shared posts & links are 100% SH*T & LIES.

What part of SCAM/s (ie FRAUD) escapes you?



Here's an OLD link from 13 YEARS Ago:


Perhaps you & your "new ski buddy" who helped you get clipped on that "long(when hell freezes over) shot

can put your heads together and figure out how to put "Dinar Revaluation SCAM" into your browser and learn about that FRAUD which has been going on for years as well,


keep letting the Scam artists blow smoke up your six, and tell you over and over and over: "Any day now",

Whatever, just don't walk SH*T in here and expect 'Ol Rex to sweet talk w/ you, 'cause you're not a Child.


& btw, sorry to hear that you got clipped by that "long shot", however you could have asked herein first before taking that plunge if you weren't aware of how to use your computer to research / do due diligence.

S. Rex

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ag1969 wrote: Your response

ag1969 wrote:

Your response to our first exchange is so ridiculous I don't even know where to begin.

I always find quoting the following a useful place to start in some circumstances.

I Fart In Your General Direction!
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foggyroad wrote: "History may

foggyroad wrote:

"History may not repeat but it Rhymes"

quote unknown.

Quote Known. The most renowned, celebrated political satirist in American History. The likes of which MIGHT be seen every two hundred years.

Here some others by the same author.

I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man's reasoning powers are not above the monkey's.

(my favorite below. might be because of the reference to farting again)

In religion and politics people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.

So much blood has been shed by the Church because of an omission from the Gospel: "Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbor's religion is." Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it. Divinity is claimed for many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code.

Monarchies, aristocracies, and religions....there was never a country where the majority of the people were in their secret hearts loyal to any of these institutions.

Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.

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9 US Air Force Commanders replaced last month in Incirlik

How fing convenient is this? And, FWIW, I think obama was helping Erdogan with a fake coup.


We have verified that last month 9 US Air Force Commanders were replaced with new leadership at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey which stores US Nuclear weaponry. When you add this with the fact there were numerous reports our tankers were refueling the F-16’s engaged in the coup it makes you wonder if the USA was attempting to aid the coup.


ancaro imparo.
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Even worse, the French government refused to release the bodies because they didn't want the victims' families to see what had happened to their loved ones. How sick is that? I think the balls got cut off the wrong damn people.

ancaro imparo.
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Gl, you probably won't believe this, but

last night I was listening to a playlist of his music , and it occurred to me you might enjoy this:

Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon
ancaro imparo.
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Jeremiah Jr
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That was a serious question I was posed Fix.

Where does evil come from?

The worldview that everything is a half-truth, a continuum, personally subjective, good and evil are the same essence, just differing degrees in a spectrum, does not hold water. Sorry if that offends some or seems 'ridiculous'.

The question remains………. If mankind is basically ‘Good’, how does one explain Evil?

So.... again.....Where does Evil come from?

@ GL, love Monty, point taken.

“Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.”

BTW - Is that you and your worldview behind the counter?

Video unavailable
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Since the truth won't change, the reason I find your response so utterly and completely ridiculous, is because you dismiss thousands of years of history with nothing to support it other than because you say so. The attitude I get from your response is , "Hey AG, I don't know who you are, maybe I read some of your comments or something," even though you and I have conversed all the way back to your original Zionism thread. It is dismissive and arrogant." How is it you can recall every word of the Bible yet you don't really know who I am?

Anyway, all that aside, you also dismiss Hermetic and natural law with your interpretation of how it might go for me in an admiralty court here in America, like that, and you, are the only two sources of what could might maybe hold water here in DOTS. Your arrogance is stunning, yet you pass it off as a holy do gooder who is so much better than I am, that you dimiss natural law because of your implication that I am rookie at all of this so piss off.

What I see is someone so blinded by dogma and ignorance, that you can't fathom all of the stuff that came before your bible, even though you probably profess "God" always was and always will be.

Was God on vacation until Nicea? He had nothing to do with the written word and Universal Law until the Bible? Wake Up! Look around you.

Divine vision in that Bible to "Prophecy" all this evil? My, only an all loving God could foretell all this evil, right? If you gave any thought whatsoever to how the written word manifests your reality, you wouldn't act like a God here, judging what is right and what is wrong because you say so.

Go sell crazy somewhere else.

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Magpie wrote: last night I

Magpie wrote:

last night I was listening to a playlist of his music , and it occurred to me you might enjoy this:

Estas Tonne - The Song of the Golden Dragon

I've seen it before and I agree he is quite good. I happen to like that flamingo guitar style and I am told by females it doesn't hurt that he has that Adonis look. And I estimate that guy makes enough in a day to buy at least one ounce gold coin. In NYC, and most cities what he is doing, busking, is illegal with any amplification unless you go to your local precinct and get a permit and that's only for one day. And then you are still subject to harrassment or arrest by officers who are unfamiliar with the law.

After he arrested and thrown to the ground, he took the city to court and won!! I forget how much the court awarded him for his 1st amendment rights being violated. Supreme court has decided that busking is a 1st amendment right with some restrictions.

Vague Offense: NYC musician arrested during performance in subway
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You said "The question remains………. If mankind is basically ‘Good’, how does one explain Evil?"

Maybe mankind isn't basically good. Maybe mankind is intrinsically selfish. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe we're hard-wired to be selfish. Maybe none of us would be here if our ancestors hadn't been selfish enough to decide to survive instead of die. Maybe "selfish" is tempered (or encouraged) by cultural norms.

There are things that I do that most would label "charitable". It's done anonymously, so it's not for the recognition. I'm not a Christian, so it's not done to guarantee my way into heaven. I do it because it's fun and takes care of the whole "idle hands" thingy. I do it because I'm selfish. Maybe Hitler and Charlie Manson were just another kind of selfish.

ancaro imparo.
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I spent all of last night watching flamenco guitar players, and flamenco dancing. Then on to Andean folk music. Best reason ever to NOT give up an internet connection! Radio stations where I live are a musical wasteland.

With all the crap in the world today you'd think the lawmakers would let the music exist without permits, harassment, fines or brutal arrests. Some things are just soooo wrong.

ancaro imparo.
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Mr. Fix
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My reply to Jeremiah Junior. Yes, it took a while.

Saturday evening;

Hi Jeremiah Jr,

Well, I'm glad you think that was a "great rant”, and although it made sense to me, and most definitely a few others, I can tell that I completely missed the mark with you.

After studying the answer that ag 1969 gave to your query, I realized that any attempt to backtrack to biblical dogma in an attempt to explain such a seemingly simple answer, has some interesting hurtles to overcome.

Let's start with the first sentence of your last reply…

"Great rant Fix, and predictably you used the question to rail against God and the Bible.”

Well Jeremiah, I'm going to give you 50% on your comprehension skills.

Do you really think I'm an atheist? Do you really think I have no higher power? Do you really think that I believe we are all just one cosmic accident?

I've gone to great lengths over the last couple of years to not only comprehend the nature of our creator, but to even endeavor to be able to explain it.

It could simply be a matter of our points of references being so incredibly different, that finding a common ground may be an insurmountable task.

I was having a personal conversation with a another member before, and I actually referred to our conversations as being analogous to "an irresistible force meeting and immovable object”.

Being raised 18 years with 12 years of daily religious indoctrination, I at least have a fairly good concept of what I regularly now refer to as a "mythical and malevolent sky daddy”. Okay, I've used a lot pronouns in the description over the years, but you get the gist of my point of view.

I do believe in a creator, and I was not railing against the universe, which many refer to as God..

I was railing against the Bible, which I do not believe is the word of God, and I've gone to great lengths over the past couple of years to explain with quite specific examples as to why.

First and foremost, I don't pretend to know exactly where evil originates, but remarkably, AG 1969s answer is dead on, and one that I need to apply more accurately to my own thinking. I realized that my thinking is often too black-and-white, when it comes to "good versus bad”. As AM and GL have accurately pointed out, I often miss a much bigger picture. I have often missed the shades of gray, that bring the larger picture into focus.

I have personally experienced considerable motivation to expand my knowledge in situations where I have been confronted with evil.

I need to acknowledge that it has actually served a beneficial purpose in my life.

Jeremiah Jr,

My personal journey has involved a lot of steps, such as comprehending the science of vibration, comprehending the meaning of multidimensional,

comprehending the meaning of holographic, the nature of spirit, the nature of consciousness, and the nature of this conscious field that permeates all of existence.

(I'll stop using the the term ”Force", to spare us all the Star Wars jokes”.)

Since many teachers and researchers use entirely different vocabularies to explain exactly the same concepts, it is abundantly clear that many of the words that I choose mean one thing to me, and something entirely different to you.

I only bring up these challenges, because in answering a simple question like "where does evil come from”, I realized after reading AG's answer, that my perspective on things could easily be perceived as a tad idealistic.

There has always been good and evil, and there always will be.

As compared to humanity's current predicament, where evil appears to have free reign, I was attempting to address a series of individual beliefs that perpetuate it.

As you have correctly pointed out, I did not address its origins.

At least in the context of our universe, and in the context of ”Eternity", the creator of all things who used his own essence to create all things, and is a part of all things, also created both good, and evil. As AG pointed out, it's all the same thing.

Generally speaking, consciousness of a low vibrational variety tends to be self-centered, selfish, separated from the whole, seeks power over others, has a moral code that rationalizes anything as good, as long as it serves its self. In my world, I would refer to that as evil.

In the same context, generally speaking, consciousness of a higher vibrational variety tends to see the unity of everything, helps others to overcome their challenges, thereby, improving the lives of everyone, has a moral code that includes all of humanity, as well as all sentient life, recognizes that all individuals have equal rights, and thereby does not think in terms of how to use violence or coercion to get someone else to do what he wants them to do.


Would you like a story about the tree of knowledge? Fallen Angels? Evil aliens? Reptilian’s? Or any of the other explanations for evil in our world?

You want a specific answer as to who or what came to our planet, and turned morality on its head?

Do you want the origins of Satan? Or any of the other fairy tales that I could tell you?

Since we are both quite familiar with many of these stories, I'm not inclined to waste everyone's time by picking one, and repeating it.

In my previous reply, I focused on beliefs. I guess, that's where my focus has been lately.

Now Jeremiah,

There was a time when I thought that people were "inherently good”, but I have since studied the predictable outcomes of certain belief systems, and have since admitted that's such a belief is seriously flawed. Although people will generally try to do the right thing, with the exception of a few malevolent psychopaths, clearly defined as the type of characters who run our planet, I think they basically amount to about 1% of humanity.

Completely void of all emotion, and void of all empathy, they do not have an emotional response that is inherent in most people, and fail to comprehend the carnage that they leave in their wake, and are only motivated by the acquisition of more power. They experience no emotional repercussions for the carnage that the cause. Like I said, about 1%.

A true psychopath also takes great pleasure in the misery that they have caused others. As I have previously mentioned, my mother was a true psychopath,

And the only time she would smile from ear to ear, or laugh her head off, was when she was directly responsible for inflicting misery upon others.

Whether she was born that way, or learned to be like that, is irrelevant. Shit happens.

Now I'm going to give you a series of what if’s…

Your imagination will be required.

What if the children were taught to "do no harm to others”?

What if children were taught to "live and let live”?

What if children were taught to "chase their own dreams”?

What if children were taught that "everyone has a right to be different”?

What if children were taught "there's no such thing as authority “? To always question it?

What if children were taught it's always okay to "Speak your own truth”?

What if children were taught "respect should never be granted, and must be earned”? (my father whipped the shit out of me, while my mother looked on with glee when I used that one as a child).

What if children were taught that the state mandated indoctrination centers are only designed to make you stupid, and that any true learning must come from outside of the system?

What if children were taught that knowledge is power, and that you can learn anything you want to nowadays?

What if children were taught that anything the mind can conceive of, and believe, it can achieve?

It's a short list, and I'm not going to pretend to give them all to you, but I can say that without any shadow of a doubt, when I instilled such beliefs in my own daughter, the results have been truly spectacular. Even though she is now an adult, (18) and extraordinarily knowledgeable in a broad array of disciplines, she still views life as a series of lessons that need to be learned. She's well aware of the principles on which the universe runs, and chooses to abide by them.

She gets along quite well with her creator. She also gets along quite well with everyone she meets along the way. To her, it is genuinely all the same.

Now compare this to what Muslim children are taught.

Compare this to what Jewish children are taught.

And compare this to what Christian children are taught.

They were all born the same, quite capable of both good, and evil. but they have been programed quite differently. Haven't they?

The Muslim children have been taught their god wants them to kill people that do not believe the same things that they do. They have been taught that they are doing gods will.

They've even been taught that their reward will come to them in heaven. They make great weapons of war.

The Jewish children are taught that they are the chosen ones. They are taught that those that do not believe as they do, are unworthy, but it's quite alright to use them to achieve their goals. I must say, they do make good tyrants. Such beliefs tend to create great personal wealth, but almost always at the expense of others. In other words, they are bred to be parasites.

What about the Christian children? They were born in sin? They are promised eternal damnation in the fiery pits of hell if they do not believe what they are taught. They have been taught to be subservient to authority, that following orders is a virtue, that even though life sucks, if they are good slaves to the system, they will be richly rewarded in heaven. Many of them just become suicidal.

These children grow up to be excellent slaves, and cannon fodder when the psychopathic ruling class declares a war.

I picked out these three religions specifically because they were all invented by the same evil power-hungry entities wishing to create and maintain slavery over humanity. I refer to them as the dark occult priestcraft, of ancient origins. They are directly responsible for most of the worlds belief systems, and most specifically yours.

If you wish, we could even discuss Satanism, which was specifically designed for the minions enforcing human slavery.

A study their tenants, reveals another belief system whereby the believer can justify incredibly aberrant behavior.

Like I've always said, to get good men to perform extreme acts of evil, requires religion.

Sure, we can talk about where evil came from, or we can accept that it has always been here, and discuss how it is perpetuated throughout the generations.


Sunday afternoon:

Well Jeremiah,

after reviewing the pages of posts since your initial query, I see you have got quite the conversation going now.

You are also beginning to sound like an angry child who is dug in on his position, hurling insults to those who are giving you genuine answers, without actually examining the evidence presented.

You've been doing that to me for a couple of years now, and I'm used to it.

You see Jeremiah,

When you call me "stuck in a box", I can assure you that it is a figment of your imagination. I recognized a couple of years ago the box that I had been shoehorned into, and started kicking down the walls with a vengeance.

Ironically, it's the same box that you are still stuck in.

I don't claim to be completely free of the chains that bind my mind, soul and spirit, in fact I still see some challenges ahead, but I am working to resolve them to the best of my ability, with a lot of help from my friends here.

The contributors on this particular thread have been a gold mine of thought provoking information, that you still choose to belittle.

When's the last time I posted on "The Thread of Faith”?

It's been a couple of years since I've even read it. I have very good reason to avoid it. There is absolutely nothing there that I need to know.

I personally have learned a lot by reading some of the replies to your question to me, but apparently you have not.

Your characterizations of AG 1969's videos was myopic, uninformed, and insulting to those of us who are looking at you hurling insults from inside the box you are stuck in.

As I am sure you are well aware by now, I tend to receive an entirely different message, from movies that you have picked for me to view.

They have revealed to me the carnage that your beliefs have inflicted upon humanity. I have certainly shared where the origins of such beliefs have come from,

And you certainly have by now a real good perspective on the origins of evil, which is as old and as timeless as the universe itself.

If your question was sincere, I would highly suggest that you take a good long look at the answers that have been presented to you in this conversation.

But much more likely, you will reinforce the walls of the box that you are stuck in.

Your carefully constructed belief system leaves you no other option.

My heartfelt thanks to all those who participated, and you too Jeremiah, because I have certainly learned quite a bit.

Have a nice day.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Sun, Jul 17, 2016 - 1:56pm
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Remember the Berenstein Bears thing?

The Mandela Effect & the Merging of Two Parallel Realities

-by Carlos Tavares

Some people have noticed that things as they are now are not how they remember them as being before. This concept is called the “Mandela Effect”, because some people remember Mr Mandela dying in prison, but in “this” our current reality/version he became president and only died in 2013.

There are many such examples and many more to be revealed as people become aware of this concept and actually start to check up on things. Most commonly people remember the name of certain books or titles of movies being called something just “slightly” different but NOT what it is now, or the words in phrases in old books being different now. In some cases both realities are present with one ‘version’ being more dominant than the other!

I have had several personal experiences with the Mandela Effect, and after some time you yourself even begin to doubt and wonder if you are imagining the difference between the ‘now’ version and the ‘then’ version, because this reality is now the dominant “material external collective”, and is constantly re-enforcing (forcing) its “proof/reality”!

I have a friend who remembers an entire building on the corner of a street in JHB, which simply is not there in this reality. As the cosmic law and ritual states that The Powers That Be have to tell you what is happening somehow, those that have seen the “Fringe” TV series will have had a clue and be able to grasp this quicker.

The big thing for me was watching a recent clip where he was talking about the positions and shapes of entire landmasses and continents. I was good at Geography at school, so when I heard him saying certain things I actually stopped the video to see for myself on my own Globe, because I did not believe what he was saying. After confirming that my globe too was NOT what I remembered I continued to watch, but regularly stopped the video as he mentioned other places. Watch here.

The Mandela Effect On World Geography!


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Magpie wrote:I spent all of

Magpie wrote:

I spent all of last night watching flamenco guitar players, and flamenco dancing. Then on to Andean folk music. Best reason ever to NOT give up an internet connection! Radio stations where I live are a musical wasteland.

With all the crap in the world today you'd think the lawmakers would let the music exist without permits, harassment, fines or brutal arrests. Some things are just soooo wrong.

What are you doing listening to Andean Music?? Most American's don't know where the Andean Mountains are located.

It took me three years before the Andean Musicians in NY would take me seriously or believe I was interested in learning how to play their music. I couldn't penetrate their culture. The only culture that might be harder is Indian because of their caste system. I asked them to help me get their instruments, just tell me which songs to practice, and they are so used to American's having disinterest in their culture that they ignored me.

So I ended up just writing the artists in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina using translator and having them send me their instruments. Some would send me music through facebook and tell me what to practice. Other folk musics are easy to access, like Irish Traditional Music. Because there is no language barrier and the music takes place in pubs all week. So you just go. Always somebody happy to explain something to an outsider. But the funny thing is the Irish and Andean music has similar elements. I think they call it Spain and AFrica. That's not a coincidence.

I finally had to go to a spanish part of town and went to some Ecuador cultural center so I could play with a group. They spoke all Spanish and I was the only gringo that ever walked in asking if they would let me join the class. Yeah awkward but I didn't care. The teacher was a lifetime performer from Chile and played in one of the best Andean bands in the USA with a legend who was from Peru but died in NYC in a tragic accident. He heard me play and asked me to play with the band. I told him two years ago you wouldn't give me the time of day. he said tons of American's ask about their instruments and music as a passing curiosity. American's have lost all intellectual curiosity and connection to culture. Their words, not mine.

They all busk when they are not traveling to other countries or doing performances at venue's. For the summer some are in Russia, some are in Japan, and Italy has alot of such musicians. They said if you want to learn this music, you have to go into the street. I said I don't care. There is no university to learn it, so this was the only choice. So after work, I packed my bags and met them. It was them who taught me how to deal with the police, how to confront them and not to confront them, the codes, the laws. Together, they pissed off alot of cops by reporting them to their supervisors and then they would get reassigned. They are used to facist dictators, military police, including the guy from Chile that tells me stories about Pinochet all the time. Pinochet did what Mao did and made them burn all the western instruments so they started to play Bach and Mozart on indigenous instruments.

What's funny is that most of these guys, especially the Argentine's know what's coming. They don't read the American media. They've seen it. You don't have to do tell them about alternate history that's been suppressed because it's still active in their culture's teachings. I once asked a Peruvian guy where his instruments came from and he knew the answer before I even opened my mouth. They remember ancient cultures.

The only thing I refused to do is learn how to sing a song in an quechua. I learned enough languages, and I'm not singing in some language I can't pronounce. Find one of your people. And I"m not wearing indigenous clothing and pretending to be something I'm not. People get offended and I'm American. We play jazz, andean, Irish, western pop music, classical, Chinese all fused together. So called World Music.

Video unavailable