"Nobody Cares, Revisited" with Grant Williams

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Fund manager and analyst Grant Williams joins us for an update on his tremendous "Nobody Cares" presentation from late 2015. Additionally, Grant takes some time to discuss the USDJPY-gold link as well as the pending introduction of that yuan-denominated crude oil contract in Shanghai. Be sure to take some time to listen.

If you haven't seen "Nobody Cares", you should be sure to do so now. Though Grant first made this presentation back in December of 2015, the information is still highly relevant today and, with gold prices on the verge of an upside breakout, the implications of a large influx of new cash into the sector must be considered.

We also discuss the issue of "de-dollarization" and the impact the new, yuan-denominated crude oil contract may have on the process. Grant's follow-up presentation of December 2016 dealt with this topic and you can watch it here, too. If you've never seen this video, you simply MUST take time to watch it today. The part that deals with de-dollarization and the potential impact of this new contract begins at about the 19:00 mark.

Again, we are all grateful for Grant's efforts in educating the masses through his presentation, his public appearances and his work at RealVision. We are grateful, too, that he would spare a few minutes to visit with us again here at TFMR. Be sure to listen to this entire podcast. You'll be glad you did.



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Repost of a Macro Voices Series That's Worth a Listen

Hey Friends,

Back on the December 30, 2017 Ringing In 2018 With Jim Willie podcast our buddy Boomer Sooner contributed a comment providing a link to a lengthy 5 part series presented by www.Macrovoices.com, where host Erik Townsend discusses The Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game with guests Jeffrey Snider, Mark Yusko and Luke Gromen.

There is much to wade through, but it was great listening with exceptional production. They even included links to PDF slide decks being discussed and a transcript of the discussion. I LOVE TRANSCRIPTS!!!!

I finally get through the series today and Pappa Turd lands Grant! This is a perfect podcast day! Thanks Turd! This Macro Voices series ties perfectly into the conclusion of Grant and Craig, explaining that this is not a sprint, but a marathon, with the finish line in a world we haven't lived in before (at least this 45 year old) ... that is, a post Petrodollar world.  

Anyway, thank you Boomer Sooner! Thanks Craig and Grant and God bless the good people of Turdistan!



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I am SO sick of seeing this shit over and over and over


Makes me want to barf

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Perhaps there is cause for concern...

But the night is young and I have a good feeling about how we will end this week....

Let's just see how we open manana.

The USD is still in range to fall of a cliff and we have some releases.

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Army Finds $830 Million In "Missing" Helicopters

Army Finds $830 Million In "Missing" Helicopters As First Ever Audit Begins

An initial U.S. Army audit found that 39 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were not properly recorded in the property system: "The Air Force identified 478 structures and buildings at 12 installations that were not in its real property system."

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Ag has some life...

Really feeling like we will all check in tomorrow evening with a smile on our faces.

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@markedtofuture - Anaconda

Thanks M2F. I bought a chunk of shares last year @ $.08 and have enjoyed a 40% increase. Last Dec you said that Moriarty of 321gold was planning to write an article on Anaconda. Is this article still in the works?

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Nuclear missile attack! - Which missile to fire back?

Pentagon envisages a modified version of the Trident D5 submarine-launched missiles with only part of its normal warhead, with the intention of deterring Russia from using tactical warheads in a conflict in Eastern Europe.


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Fools rush in

Where gold bugs fear to tread

So I came to you,  I said

90%'s right over my head

Mercer, Sinatra, Nelson or Elvis, it all sounds good to this fool, in over his head. And heels.

Nothing like the oldies and blues to make me appreciate the yellow metal even more.

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Re: Anaconda @mike97

Last Dec you said that Moriarty of 321gold was planning to write an article on Anaconda. Is this article still in the works

As far as I know...

Bob Moriarty..."I have spent months talking to and researching the next company. Their name is Anaconda Mining (ANX-T). They are in gold production in Newfoundland and have about the lowest profile I have ever seen. For the last year the price range for the shares has been a low of $0.05 and a high of $0.08. They have way too many shares outstanding at 422 million and I hope down the road they do a roll back. It couldn't possibly hurt the share price. In my viewpoint this stock is one of the least understood gold companies I have ever seen. With a number of major announcements expected in early January I am hesitant to say too much for now. I love the company, management and projects. If I ranked gold projects, this would be #2 behind Novo. Do yourself a favor and go to their presentation and bone up on them. I will be doing a serious and major piece on them in early January. But I've been snapping up shares in the open market for months.


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Sara Carter: Investigator met with AP before joining Mueller

Jan. 11, 2018 - 6:57 - Sara Carter explains on 'Hannity' what she has learned from her sources; Gregg Jarrett and 'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer react.



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I believe that the word "treason" will be getting more and more usage in the coming months, and not in a dramatic way but in a factual way. I may be wrong, or mad, but I was talking to a friend about Bannons outburst last week and how it made no sense to me, and that the only thing that might make a little sense is that in accusing Trump Jnr, he introduced the word "treason" into the current dialog(ue). I now see that Trump Snr has suggested that the contact between FBI agents could be construed as treason, "realDonaldTrump says 2 #FBI employees' exchange of messages amounted to #treason". If Trump Snr is the real deal, we should start seeing some real action very soon, the remainder of his term will go very quickly and he needs to get things moving along.

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Gold is now through $1325/0z.......

....and it feels good!

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@ Squib

That was a very informational series by 4 men who try to think outside the box.  Erik is starting to come around to being a dollar bear, but Jeffrey cannot fathom a world without the dollar and banks being central to all finance.  Jeffrey kept coming back with "but the banks" in rebuttal.  Luke is definitely a gold bug, but more in depth.  Those are my takeaways.

The 10% metals investment talk is not to "get owners of gold to own 10%", but to sound like a rational person giving a reasonable argument for diversifying into some metals.  I have tried to get my dad to put "some" money into metals or miners.  Nope, noway.  I bought him $7k back when AU was $1600.  He has never said anything but I know what he thinks when we talk of metals and alternative investments.  He just got back in the stock market last month after being out for 4 years.  He's pissed he missed the gain and be damned if he will miss anymore upside.  At least he bought indexes and placed stops.  He said he will then buy some GLD when the broader market stalls, ugh.  At least he drags around the few coins I bought him (parents) in their RV travels.  My mom wanted to "deposit" the AU into the safe deposit box a thousand miles away, JD's house.

BTW SquibLoad, your handle?  Hope you caught it.

(Edit, term above, gotta luv spel chek)

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imdd re: Trump snr the real deal

Just in case you haven't read any news lately.  Am I first to mention this here?


His days are numbered, as is his mental health, probably a bad physical tomorrow will reveal a heath issue that could give him an excuse to resign (wishful thinking).

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now at $1,330, silver $17.12 and Pt threatening to break $1,000. Life is good, even though I sold my Jan 19 GLD calls today. I guess I took a hit for the group.

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Trumps days numbered? (replying to Libero)

he is about the only one in DC that speaks the truth, albeit rather rough (the proverbial whack to the side of the head with a 2 by 4, which I  do not think can be done now due to political correctness)

We cannot fix our problems if we hide them in various ways and thus do not confront them.

On the other hand, if we do not  fix these costly problems, precious metals will be going thru the roof.

I have said it before, perhaps here.

On one hand we are spending a shitload of money on immigrants, legal or illegal, designated DACA or otherwise. Our financial situation 60-120 years ago was much different than now (scary huh, my grandparents came over right around 1910, 108 years ago, and opened their own little shop, with living quarters in the back, and worked their buns off). And 60-120 years ago immigrants were on their own, no safety net. That's why they   assimilated so quickly.

On the other hand, we as a country, states, cities and most individuals are broke (banks too), and as of now, spending cuts are going to come from pensions at state, local and Federal levels and that includes Social Security and Medicare.

I want to see all these politicians in front of 75-100 million retirees to tell them we have to cut the benefits they paid in to, and were promised------because we have to take care of the poor immigrants.

That's one potential trigger for economic and social implosion.

Of course the Dollar crash could be another , or the banking system.

But when it comes time to tighten belts , who does the tightening.

I also figure jobs data is screwed up due to so any immigrants working and getting paid with perhaps borrowed soc sec numbers, and also the H1B workers. If the govt treats them all as working, but does not count them in the population or workforce, that by itself makes jobs data look pretty good.

Yeah,  so the upshot is this country needs the proverbial "Bull in a china shop" to get things fixed. Kind of like a "turn around artist" a business needs to mix things up, and with little time to do it so we get the shock treatment.

For crying out loud, how many debt ceilings do we have to extend before it all blows up?

Mickey's picture

Pensions and 401ks et al

The other thing is the govt can mandate that all tax deferred retirement plans have a certain percentage of Treasuries in the portfolio--for safety  and to be patriotic.

There is a precedent. Our Social Security and Medicare monies we and our employers paid in have been used for general spending since 1995 (thanks Bill C) and thus Soc Security and Medicare trust assets, so to speak, are invested in treasuries.

How did that work out for Enron employees. (wow, that was 16 years ago-ya have to be 35-40 to  be old enough  to  have a chance of remembering it-$39 one day, $1 the next.

But that was Enron where executives lied. We are lucky, our govt does not lie to us.

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DOJ and FBI along with Fusion GPS spying

on Everyone...shithole remark is to be used as the distraction...

the Storm is here...watch for the news...have no idea what it

will do to the dollar or bonds or equities..but it ain't good news!!

Sara Carter breaking the news.

mavens's picture

LMFAO @ FAKE "Shithole Countries" outrage

All I've ever heard for years and years and years RE: shipping illegals back home:

Liberals: "Why......?!?!?!?!?!  You can't send these people back to their own countries.  Those countries are filled with drugs, and gangs and corrupt governments.  There is no housing and no food available!!!  They don't have proper drinking water and 98% of the population lives in absolute filth and squalor!!! They will probably all die of cholera or dysentery within a month!!!  I guess that's a good thing since they don't have a decent education system and zero jobs to make money anyways, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc................................."

Then, today:

Trump: "...shithole countries"

liberals, "WOAH!!!! HEY!!!!!!!  YOU CAN'T SAY THAT SHIT!!!!!!!  WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!"

LMFAO, come on.

phoenixphoenix's picture


A bit like Sweden then, thats a Shithole country now.

Mickey's picture

Better to have said

Deplorable countries. Btw, this was in a private meeting. 

Anybody think other presidents did not use varying degrees of profanity? 

We are going downhill fast.

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Black Market Gold

Wall Street Journal graph shows 151,497 Venezuelan Bolivars to buy 1 US dollar on the Black Market.

Official Venezuelan exchange rate is 9 Bolivars to the Dollar. Good luck with that.

Wonder if that could ever happen here with Gold? Maybe official price of $2000 per ounce of Gold. Black Market price of $100,000 per ounce of Gold.

Naw. Everyone knows that Venezuela has gone out of control with it's money printing. Couldn't happen here.

canary's picture

Was I born in a shithole country?

I'd say 50/50.....It was run by military junta, what I consider to be a total shithole...The civilian part was poor, though quite civilized.

Lemming's picture

Total Shithole Country....

So you immigrate to the U.S. and then proceed to advocate for every socialist, communist program that the leftists come up with?

Is it any wonder that those of us who prefer individual freedom and responsibility are insisting on curtailing the number of leftists fleeing their shithole countries? They all vote to turn this country into a shithole once they have safely escaped.

The same thing is happening with Californians and Illinoisans fleeing the states they have destroyed and are now hellbent on destroying Colorado and Texas.

Build a wall around California and Illinois, we have enough communists already....

phoenixphoenix's picture


Has broken out again today.

phoenixphoenix's picture


Rising too

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What a fine number...

phoenixphoenix's picture

$Plat 995

Do we hit $1000

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Euro is driving the bus for Gold's climb

EUR/USD breaking out above 1.21 is on fire in last month. $DXY  is something like 58% Euros. Eurodollar futures are tanking too, check out price and volume in last few years ...

phoenixphoenix's picture


Still above 111,they wont let it go....under 111.

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