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@ WSL...

Wy So Lo wrote:

you insomniac ?

Gee brother, angel

Thanks for pointing out that particular souvenir I picked up from the 60's crying

No flies on you, right Aussie? cool

Cheers, S. Rex

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Our 6000 mile road trip!

There were two things that I really missed from decades ago. One was the fresh orange juice stands, along the highways, before Interstate 5 was built in California. The second one was the many series of Burma Shave signs along the highways. 

I did not see one single series of signs over the entire 6000 mile drive to Georgia and back by a different route. I did get excited near one small town as I saw a series of five signs in a row. Then it happened! Nope, not Burma Shave but five differing steeple houses in the town, advertising their divisions for the travelers to witness. Jim

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Time to witness!

We arrived at a motel in this southwest state and found that the place was sold out for days and finally found a remaining room in another motel. I thought that the motels would be empty at this time of the year. 

We were ready for breakfast in the morning and the breakfast room was also packed with people. We sat at a table for four and offered the two empty seats to a middle aged couple. They told us that they all were in the city for a convention and the motels were full. Somewhere 'church' came into the conversation and I just could not hold back about my faith in Christ and He being our only Hope. (When I get on a roll, it is difficult to stop and I related the many stories of sinners coming to repentance and being added to the Church).

I did notice that they were twitching and uncomfortable but thought they must just be in some dead system. They finally stood and moved onward. Well, you know how wives are at times? Linda said "Jim, did you not hear that we are in the middle of a JW convention?" I said,"I did not hear that but they needed to hear what was said". amen

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Re: Time to Witness

Jim, that's awesome! Don't you just love it when that fire gets kindled inside you and the excitement builds up so much that it effects your whole countenance? I always find it a blessing when that excitement is contagious and you see the face of who you are talking to also light up. I also find it very saddening when that listener's face doesn't light up but looks at you with discomfort or complete bewilderment. But kudos to you and praise to our Lord for your opportunity to exhibit that excitement. May it be a salty testimony to those folks that they thirst to find the same excitement. And that God will use it for His purpose. Thanks for sharing that while on your travels.

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Re: Time to Witness

Fat thumb + phone induced duplicate

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James 5:14

“Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:”

King James Version (KJV)


Why do we not see more healings via the Church? Who are the "true elders" in our local Church? Does the local Flock of God call for the elders to bring their oil and pray the prayer of Faith that will heal the sick? Where are the ones like John Lake and John A. Dowie today?

Our days currently are filled with calling and visiting these three grandma's. When one receives the sentence of death from their doctors, gloom and depression soon set in. It is a powerful event when the elders of the Church pray for the sick and believe.

When we come along side one of these in need and make them understand that we will stand with them in Faith, through the good and bad, through the pain and look for the Pathway from death to Life, we have done some of the Father's Work. 


These old eyes of mine have seen many miracles over the decades. Story time again:

I was speaking in RSA about 25 years ago and asked by the local men to pray with one of their friends who was in the last stage of cancer. We arrived at his home and he was bed ridden, laying on a sofa in the living room. He had a wife and two children in the kitchen. One could feel the death within the room and looking at the man, laying on the sofa, unable to even stand, was quite gripping. 

He rolled his eyes at me and said, "who are you? You are a nobody. I have had the most famous people in RSA come and pray for me and I am still almost dead. I have had the mega church preachers pray for me and nothing happened. Who are you, you are a nobody."

Boy, I really wanted to just turn around and get in the car, go to the morning breakfast venue and speak. This man could rob the faith of a person very quickly. I knew I was a 'nobody" even as it is today, and the enemy wanted me stopped in my tracks.

I said, "well sir, you are correct, I am a nobody. However, I have this little bottle of oil that I carry in my bible pack and I want to pray for you." So I laid hands on him, anointed him with oil and stood up. We left the house quickly before that he might throw something at us. 

We just getting in our car when we heard screaming coming out of his home. The door of the house flew open, the man came running to us, hugging us and crying, "I am healed". Oh what a event to be a witness of for the Church.

It is the nobodys of this era that still need to pray the prayer of Faith, just as it is written. GOT OIL? Jim

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Reaching Out

If I may suggest when the JW's come to your door or you have an encounter with them ask them a few questions and point out a few scriptures. The first being: Ask them to read from their NW translation John 1:1, they will read to you: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god. notice the "a god", "a" meaning polytheistic and notice the small g in god. Then read the same verse to them from the KJV Then ask them do they believe in more than 1 God, they tend to get tongue tied or tell you they will have to get back to you on that after instructions from an "elder" in most cases. Then take them to Isiah 9:6 from the KJV and read it to them, ask them who that is speaking of and then explain it to them, that verse exposes the Watch Towers lies to them and plants questions in their minds. Then ask them where they believe they will spend eternity, that opens all sorts of avenues to share the real gospel with them. 1 John 5:7-For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. One other thing, I do not let the JW's into my house but sit on the porch to speak with the JW's that come to my door. They usually leave totally exacerbated but the gospel has been shared with them, seeds planted and question left in their heads.

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Be Well Brothers and Sisters

Jacob Prasch is a wonderful teacher, scholar, speaks the original biblical languages.

He is Jewish, gruff, very intelligent and altogether completely lovable.

Jacob is very ill, a Brother in need of our prayers of healing.

Please join me in praying for his speedy recovery, may God Bless.


Strangely, Pastor Paul Begley is also very ill, one of my daily spots is Pastor Paul web site.

Please let us lift Paul's name as well, up to our Eternal Father in Heaven, for his speedy recovery also, a precious and gifted Brother and Pastor.


Both these "Soldiers of Christ" have been afflicted of the enemy, due to their mighty efforts on our Father's behalf, and for their obedience and love of the Lord, and His Body.

Blessed Father, I pray for Healing and Restoration of our beloved brothers, Paul and Jacob.

Please Father hear our prayers.

Strengthen and refresh Them, purge any ungodly illness, stand these Brothers back up, stronger and sharper.

Renew Paul and Jacob with double portion anointing, give comfort and sustenance.

Please Father give them your Blessing and Unction.

Holy Spirit place Your mighty hand upon their shoulders, lift them up stronger, steadier than ever.

Increase their effective reach twofold, put spring in their step, good health in their bosom, place your Word on their lips, give your Blessing upon their hands as they toil in your Vineyard.

May the wind be ever at their Back, the Sun's warmth shine upon their Face, the roads straighten, the ground rise up to meet their Feet always,

in Jesus name.

Increase the Ministries of each Jacob and Paul, fill the coffers abundantly, let more Orphans be Loved, more Destitute Housed, more Sick Heal, more Lost be Found, rescued unto Lord Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

To your Great Glory, through your limitless Power, Mercy and Grace.

In Jesus name I pray.


To You,

Friends please I pray give yourself to Jesus, ask Him into your Life to cleanse You.

To Save You,

from this increasingly turbulent World, do you not see the changes happening all around you?

Mass animal deaths,





Rumours of wars.

Extreme Weather,





Witch Craft,

Satanic themes in Movies, Music, Television,

Cursing as opposed to "F bombs"etc. in all the above.


Amoral behaviour, greed, cold hearted brutality, selfish self-centered I got mine thinking.

Sexual deviance, promiscuity, pornography, sexual content pushed in entertainment, schools, animated cartoons, commercials, sports everywhere.

Corruption in business, government, courts, law enforcement, educators, universities, sports, medicine.

Family values, family units, children are growing up in a very different World than the one we did.

And I would argue it is not a better one.

If you cannot see these things, you simply are not looking, or choose not to imho.

Maybe your too busy,

everyone is working much harder, for much less these days, as my experience tells me.

Food prices have gone up dramatically, and packages have been shrunk.

Fuel, Utilities, Services, Fines, Taxes, all go up regular as clock work, wages not so much.

It is just getting a lot harder to make ends meet, stress and tension in Society is on a continual rise.

The pursuit of Happiness, is getting more pursuit, less happiness, again imho.


The Bible foretold of all these events occurring over two thousand years ago, those people who take the time to read the Bible can see the present times unfolding as predicted, just as predicted many many years ago.

It is very unsettling to witness, yet it is a time of hope.

Hope for a much better World, we are told the end from the beginning in the Bible and the End is Heaven.

Believe and ask Jesus into your Life and this same Hope and Promise is Yours.

Try Him, ask Him, If you are sincere He will not let you down.

No matter how you have lived your past Life, all will be forgiven, Jesus loves You.

God Loves You,

He always was with you, and will always come to you if you ask.

Humble your Heart,

Today is the Day of Salvation.

You are not reading this by mistake, the Lord led you here.


Praise Jesus,

Praise the Lord.


Praise and loving worship to you Holy Father,

Blessings and Thanksgivings fly as Doves uncaged, winging upward from your Children's hearts.

Blessed Thoughts.

Deep loving Wishes, spiral upswept, as Fall's wind borne leaves,

upward to the Throne's Mercy seat, to Glory,

to Golden Boulevards, Emerald Skies

to Him, the blessed Lamb of God.

Joyful tear stained Lips whisper Praise,

tearful eyes well up,

not from Sorrow,

but from Love and Joy.

Peace blankets about You,

Heavenly Father's hand touches you,

His Love settles around You,

His Brightness His Warmth

A Holy Spirit shaped void, no longer yearns in a listless Soul,

an unrecognized absence completes your Spirit,

a lost connection from before Birth,

You remember or do You?

Regeneration begins,

You decrease, your will

God's Spirit, His will increase,

In Your weakness,

He is made Strong.

Jesus' Blood washing,

Scarlet to Snow.


Lonely forsaken,

frigid forlorn blackness,



His Gift,


love and peace,

joy's brightness,

tears moisten fine linen,

at His Loves overflow.

Thank You,


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Jeremiah Jr
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Why we are all here.

Field of Souls
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Thoughts for Sunday!

Isaiah 27:11New International Version (NIV)

11 When its twigs are dry, they are broken off
and women come and make fires with them.
For this is a people without understanding;
so their Maker has no compassion on them,
and their Creator shows them no favor.


This verse is difficult to consider. There are times in life when we see the afflictions of family and friends as we hope for a divine touch from the Lord. It may be their only Hope and yet, the prayers just seem to bounce off the ceilings. There are also times when that inner voice says "the twigs are dry, broken off and their Maker has no compassion."

A lifetime of detours may lead us into a lost wilderness with flat tires and dryness without Living Water, right when we need it the most. Seek Him while He can be found. Jim

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A post from NW VIEW Jr. to dad (me)!


I was thinking today of the scripture that says “Ye shall know them by their fruit”, and specifically how others see us, both unbelievers and believers alike. Do they see Christ in us? Do they see a difference? Do they see the love and joy of Christ coming forth, or do they see no difference at all? Does our testimony reflect who we are in Him, or do our words and actions show something different? Am I playing church or am I doing the will of my Heavenly Father? We are naturally inclined to speak out of the abundance of what is in our heart. Luke 6:45 says: A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.
What do our words say about us? What do my words say about me? What does the abundance of our heart say? I once heard a brother say to guard your testimony with your life, and it has been an important lesson for me. Only he that does the will of the Father will enter the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

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A strong witness on Sunday morning!

The world wants to see something different within those who say "we are Christians". However, most divided systems and the people within them, are a demonstration of seekers of power and wealth. Oh the millions of dollars that will be collected today, through tithing, at the local steeple houses. However, the "feeding of the hungry and clothing of the naked" will still not be challenged. 

I have this extended family member, I will call him Ralph, who is an amazing individual. He worked for the same company all of his life and had now retired. The man is a walking miracle, a fixer of the most complicated machinery and somehow has the ability to see the problems, fix them, and he is the only person who can keep the factory functioning. Over the decades, the company paid him at a poverty wage and he never complained. He was a graduate of M.I.T.

The family was continually upset over Ralph's lack of concern over money. I have asked him, in the past, about his views concerning wealth. He said something like "Well Jim, the money has never been important to me. I just want to leave this world knowing that I have been a service to others. A thank you for a job well done is my pay."

There is a powerful witness in a man who has the goods in this area. These are the things that grab my attention and show forth the nature of God. The things that the fallen man seek are often detestable in the site of Christ. Jim

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NW View, what a blessing to have a son that loves the Lord and ponders His Word. And the cherry on top is that he shares his thoughts with his dad! smiley You are obviously a good father and your son sees Jesus in you. Job well done!

Proverbs 22:6 New King James Version 

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

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@ Maryann

Thanks for the kind words. There are so many views expressed upon all these forums. The many readers ponder the truths as to their truthfulness. However, the real witness of the Truth is "seen" in the family life and spiritual health of all the offspring within the family unit. The fruit of following the Lord will be seen by all, the saved and the unsaved alike. If the family has suffered shipwreck, our testimony will be seen as lacking and the Power of that witness will be overlooked.

One must plant "good seed" to produce good fruit. Jim

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I was not blessed with a singing ability, however, if I could sing, I would sing this to the Brethren for the coming days:

The Seekers Speak To the Sky - Video Results

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George Fox - The unshakable Shaker
By Leonard Ravenhill

"The most remarkable incident in modern history perhaps is not the Diet of Worms, still less the battle of Austerlitz or Peterloo, or any other battle.

"The most remarkable incident is passed over carelessly by most historians and treated with some degree of ridicule by others - namely, George Fox's making for himself a suit of leather.

"No grander thing was ever done than when George Fox, stitching himself into a suit of leather, went forth determined to find truth for himself - and to do battle for it against all superstition and intolerance."

This was Thomas Carlyle's considered opinion about the poor, uneducated English shoemaker, George Fox. So hard was his itinerate preaching life that he made for himself that famous pair of leather breeches, which have since become historical. Those breeches were known all over the country, says Macauley the historian. In the middle of the 17th century men feared the man dressed in that famous suit as much as the Jordan spectators, centuries before, feared the man who had the leathern girdle about his loins and who ate locusts and wild honey. And rightly so, for George Fox and John the Baptist were kindred spirits.

George Fox first saw the light of day in 1624 at Drayton-in-the-Clay, Leichestershire, England. His godly parents belonged to the Church of England and endeavored to bring up their children in the fear of the Lord. George's first step in his long quest for spirituality was at the age of eleven when he surrendered his heart to the Lord. Ever after, he sought to live an honest and upright life.

The Reformation fires of one hundred years before had burned themselves out. Among the clergy there abounded much education, loose-living, and ease. The Protestant church had a name to live but was dead.

George Fox did not enjoy any personal direct communion with God until he was nineteen. Then for some time his soul was full of strange longings and continual reachings out after God. The Christians he met did not possess what they professed. So deeply was he grieved and distressed over examples of their hypocrisy that he could not sleep all night but walked up and down in his room praying to God. He sought help from man but found none.

His relatives did not know what to make of George. One kind soul said that marriage was the remedy for his melancholic state of mind. Another preferred the view that he should enlist in the army. A third believed the use of tobacco and singing psalms would bring relief. No wonder the seeking soul thought that his advisers were all "miserable comforters." One man, supposedly experienced in the things of God, was "like an empty hollow cask" to George Fox. Seeking the advice of a clergyman, Fox accidentally stepped on the minister's flower bed, whereupon the angry cleric flew into a rage.

Finding no help from men, Fox gave up seeking from that source. With the Bible as his guide, he began looking to the Lord alone for help. Slowly the light began to dawn upon him. He was led to see that only those who had passed from death to life were real believers in Christ. Once and for all Fox settled it that "being bred at Oxford and Cambridge did not qualify or fit a man to be a minister of Christ."

When George Fox was about 23, he began preaching to others the truths revealed to him. He was mightily used of God. Thus he came in the nick of time "to save the church from deadness and formalism, and the world from infidelity." He was sent of God to call the church to real spiritual worship.

Fox began his preaching with a limited education, without any special training, and without special advantages of any kind. He so preached that men got the shakes. The name Quaker was attached to Fox and his followers because of the quaking of the men who came to scoff but stayed to pray. Though he made others shake, no man could make him shake.

Walking bare-footed through the crowded market at Litchfield, England, this man in the leather suit upraised his hands and voice, shouting, "Woe unto Litchfield, thou bloody city! Woe unto Litchfield!" He feared neither man nor the consequences of his tirade. At first the crowd was amused, then serious, then terrified.

Here was a man with unquenchable zeal. He had "heard a voice." Beat him they might, cast him into prison they would, mock him as a madman they laughingly did. But still he proclaimed the message of Christ. Shut out of churches, George Fox made a stone his pulpit and preached to the crowds in the streets. Taken from the street meeting to the jail, he made the jail a cathedral to declare the wonderful works of God. Often he was found praising the Lord in a stinking prison cell.

From judge to criminal, from Lord Protector to kitchen maid, Fox bore a burning witness. "He iterated the British Isles," says one of his biographers, "preaching and protesting as no man before him had ever done. In his preaching he wore out clothes, horses, critics, persecutors, and eventually himself."

Many times Fox prophesied of future events that were revealed to him. Visions often came to him. Once in Lancashire, England, as he was climbing Pendle Hill, he had a vision of a coming revival in that very area. He "saw the countryside alive with men, all moving to one place." I have worshipped in the old mullion-windowed meeting house erected after the great visitation of God in that area.

In personal appearance Fox was a large man with remarkable piercing eyes. His words were like a flash of lightning. His judgment was clear, and his logic convincing. His great spiritual gift was a remarkable discernment. He seemed to be able to read the characters of men by looking at them. He likened the temperaments of people to a wolf, a serpent, a lion, or a wasp. He could meet a person and say, "I see the spirit of a cunning fox in you." "You have the nature of a serpent." Or "Thou art as vicious as a tiger." Fox was far in advance of any other person in his day.

The great secret of Fox's power was his faith in God. He started with scarcely any advantages, but soon he influenced the whole world for God. His one desire was the extension of Christ's kingdom on earth. Through his influence England, Ireland, and Scotland were soon ablaze. In 1661 several of his followers were moved to go beyond the seas to publish truth in foreign countries. In 1664 he married Margaret Fell. In 1670-73 he sailed for the West Indies and North America. Though he was persecuted even there, the work spread.

No religious or political reformer was ever imprisoned as many times as George Fox, and oh, what prisons! But his times in prison were missionary labors. Not in solitary confinement, he always had a congregation. But he made converts. His fame spread and people came in crowds to hear him.

A distinguished American governor, Livingston, was justified in giving the following elevated opinion of "the unshakable shaker": George Fox alone has, without human learning, done more than any other reformer in Protestant Christendom towards the restoration of real, primitive, unadulterated Christianity and the destruction of priest craft, superstition, and ridiculous, unavailing rites and ceremonies.

He left us an example of fearless, devoted service that alas, but few have ever tried to follow. "He saw hell and heaven, God and judgment with such a clear vision that he was forced to go out in season and out of season to snatch poor sinners from their awful doom. Constantly he appeared just where nobody expected him, blocking the road to hell and pointing the road to heaven - and all because he was completely delivered from all regard for public opinion and utterly impatient of useless routine."

How cities throughout the world today could be made to quake by workers as full of God and faith, as reckless as to their life and interest and comfort, as determined to wreck the devil's kingdom as George Fox was!

Once Fox grasped the truth that he sought for, there was a steady calm in his spiritual life. There were no ups and downs; his life was pure and childlike and truly hid with Christ in God.

His preaching was plain but powerful. It may have lacked eloquence or clearness, it may have been given in involved sentences and been almost unintelligible, but the Holy Ghost was never lacking in all of Fox's discourses. He excelled in prayer.

The work by which Fox is principally known is Fox's Journal. This book, which was printed three years after his death, is one of the world's most famous books, "rich in spiritual insight, in noble simplicity and in moral fibre." It was Fox's presence and spoken words which made the deep impression vividly portrayed in his journal.

George Fox died in London, January 13, 1691. If you are ever in London, go to his grave right opposite John Wesley's church in City Road in the weary-looking Bunhill Field. Despite its moss and age, you will read on the leaning tombstone, "Here lies George Fox!" He is in good company, for beside him, waiting for the great day, sleep Wesley's mother, Sussannah, Isaac Watts, Daniel Defoe, and other famed folk. George Fox, who honored the Son will one day be honored by Him. Sleep on, faithful, fighting Fox!

"Above all, George Fox excelled in prayer. The inwardness and weight of his spirit, the reverence and solemnity of his address and behaviour, and the fewness and fulness of his words have often struck even strangers with admiration as they used to reach others with consolation. The most awful, living, reverend frame I ever felt or beheld, I must say, was the prayer of George Fox. And truly it was a testimony. He knew and lived nearer to the Lord than other men, for they that know Him most will see most reason to approach Him with reverence and fear."
By William Penn

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God is Good!

If we, in the Spirit, were to gather around the Table today, I would bring a small basket of Fruit. If you were to ask me where my basket was filled, my reply would be..."In a field called Alzheimer's. I was gleaning there, unhappily, until the Owner of the field appeared, and bid me .."Labor on." 

So, I did as I was told out of respect to the Owner of the field; for I know He IS Love.

And, although my heart was full of good intention, as I continued to glean I continued to find nothing but old, rotted fruit; fruit that was bird-pecked or unripe; fruit that was not worth the effort to pick up, and certainly not the type that could nourish the body or excite the taste buds. Weariness and discouragement were my only food until, once again, the Owner (who IS Good) reappeared and bid me .."Be of good cheer!"

I attempted to follow that instruction as I returned, with my empty basket, to that gloomy field called Alzheimer's ..where Good Fruit can be hard to find. 

But my efforts were futile. Oh, sure, meals, meds, errands, perfunctory visits, miscellaneous chores ...a certain sense of self-approval may flow from performing these duties; yet there lingers the notion that this will be of little anyone.. in this 'battle we are fighting'. And fruit for the basket continues to go unfound: Nothing for the Dying...Nothing for the Forgetful...Nothing for the Laborer...and, Nothing for the Table. 

A man could get to the point where he cries out, "Am I laboring in my own strength, on my own behalf? Why is there no joy in this, my 'labor of love? Why no Fruit?"

And I did just that as I tried to be of good cheer while I continued to glean in a field where, heretofore, it's only rewards had been barrenness, dryness and grief. But, "Praise be to the Owner of the field", whose next visit to me came unexpectedly ..and in the twinkling of an eye! He told me that He does not pour new wine into old wineskins ...and then He touched me ...and then He smiled.

His eyes led mine in a downward glance where I beheld my once forlorn and empty basket filled with Three splendid, spectacular examples of Fruits the Owner had plucked from the Tree of Life which (little did I know) grew well in that field called Alzheimer's. The Owner reminded me before He left that although I may see Three glorious pieces of fruit in the basket, they are truly..truly..One Basket of Fruit.

I asked Him, before parting, if He thought this amount of fruit was enough for the 6 or 7 who might be gathered @ Table. He said there was enough there to feed 10,000 should He so desire. And we agreed in winsome agreement.

Before I let go of the hem of His garment, I told Him how glad I was He had sent me to glean where He had; how glad I was He kept watch over me there; how glad I am that He changes not, and that His Faithfulness endures forever; and, how glad I am that my Dad, my family and myself are subjects of His kindness, His wisdom and His care.

As Rutherford would say, "I bid you to help me to praise!"


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I copied the following from the SQ site this morning. I would like to edit a bit and add much, however, it is what it is:


This country is hijacked by the greedy, the corrupt, and the political agenda of the whore media .The ignorant are their minions, and the cowards are letting it happen.

-The zombies vote in the demons and the church is more accepting of the devil than of God. Since when did America the great become America the destroyer? You people, you ignorant pukes, you who do not stand up for your Lord and your "land of the free" are to blame. You who willfully watch the world destroy itself and pass by the dead and damned, to only take a selfie, are to blame. You who allow this, will stumble on the stone. You who see the evil and call it good, will fall to your knees. You who accept this blasphemous way of life, will be the reason why your life will be lost. Laugh now. Enjoy the fluoride in your water and toxic vaccines. Admire the dumbing down of your children in school and keep spending your money that means nothing. This is your warning America, you are on your knees now and the executioner cometh..His name is Sharia and his sword is his law. You did this America. God is not with you now. He is stepping back and allowing this, Oh Great Babylon, you fools. You who read this and dont pray for God's mercy, will greet His wrath. You are to blame America. Enjoy!

Bobby told us that he would not post this for fear of ridicule by his family and others. And that's when I got mad and the spirit told me, let him have it So I went on a quick rant about how no matter what you think at this point, what you do and say, will matter. More especially God will see what you will and will not do. I told him, Bobby by posting this you could be saving a life. And the I saw him start to really think about it. Bobby is a good man, but as we learned last night, also was a member of the Church of Christ. The church we went to visit yesterday was also a Church of Christ and is a very passive and soft spoken 'group of ghosts' that have no fire in their spirit anymore. I was so disgusted by the so called sermon that I had to go to God and just pray and told God, Lord I'm sitting in a grave yard with the dead. The sermon consisted of the same old thing, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is peaceful, Jesus loves you and Jesus was a great guy and should try to be a great guy like him too!
During my praying I told the Lord, there is no fire here for you Lord, please release your spirit upon these weak Christians and save them for they are being lead astray. And that's what they are, they are weak in Christ. This is funny, a young pastor walked over to come and meet us after the organized singing was finally done with and before he could introduce himself my wife laid into him. She asked him, why are all not preparing the church for what's happening and soon to happen? She said you need to be getting this flock ready for judgement. Look at whats going on with Russia and America! This is the time, you must prepare! She said God has shown her and thousands of others visions of our destruction! The young pastor was caught off guard. He than began to go into this weird physcologist monolog and said "well when did you start having these dreams" and that, this is why we're here now praising God. I laughed in his face and told him you just don't get it. FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT WHO DEFINITELY GETS IT, ALONG WITH HIS BOLD WIFE!

Nov 2, 2015


Does he really get it? Without repentance there is not any preparation at all. Why go and sit in another divided steeple house on Sunday mornings and look for an answer? Do we really think that things will be set right through the voting booth? Oh Lord Jesus, raise up the hidden Church, a Church with the five fold ministries in action, a Church who will not stone the prophets that you will currently send, a Church that understands that we are citizens of another Kingdom not of this world, a Church that has the Light of Life within being Christ Himself within, a Church that has Holiness within, a Church that is not concerned with its possessions but has died to self and alive to Christ. amen Jim

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Mon, Nov 2, 2015 - 11:08am
south west medicine
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Would you paint the picture clearly for me. What would the five fold ministries church look like if we attended it this afternoon. What would the differences be? 


Mon, Nov 2, 2015 - 12:57pm (Reply to #620)
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@ SWM, the Church and the invasion of Babylon!

Carol: We need a million like George Fox:

George Fox alone has, without human learning, done more than any other reformer in Protestant Christendom towards the restoration of real, primitive, unadulterated Christianity and the destruction of priest craft, superstition, and ridiculous, unavailing rites and ceremonies.


One of the key words above is "restoration" and not reformation. The world needs to return to the understanding of the early Church. Yes, we have been speaking on this subject for decades and only a remnant has escaped from the web of Babylon. 

There is a "roadway", a Way unto Life and few ever find it. Most have long ago taken a detour, a detour into quicksand. Their modern leaders have become experts at draining their funds into their detoured systems. Stuck in the mud, without Life or calling, waiting on the coming of the Lord, along with the other five foolish ones.

We do not go to the house of prostitution to find the Answer nor do we enter into sin to find Faith. We do not give away our new birth rights, as Esau did (Gen. 25: 29-34) or our callings in Ephesians 4: 11-12 will be canceled, counteracted, counterbalanced, invalidated, negated, and neutralized, just as was Esau's.

Yes I know, if I want to go to the next Seahawks home game, I will never get to play on the field. I could buy a Seahawks costume, buy an expensive ticket (tithes), sit in the arena (s.h.), yell, scream and sing, and even leave Seattle thinking that being the 12th man that I am on the team. The reality is the advertising and hype has invaded my calling to play the game. The only ones making money and in the true action are on the field. However, the Lord has called us to be on His Field. The Field is white unto harvest but the laborers are few. There comes a time when one must throw off the hype, head into the local field, and get on His Team. Some are called to different positions and all are required to fulfill their callings. What good is a quarterback if the line is siting on the bench, singings songs, clapping and reading their bibles without understanding?

When Jesus came the first time along with John, they preached "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand". This is still the message for the end of days. The steeple houses today are putting away their costumes from their Halloween parties as they continue to extract funds from the blind sheep for their new building programs. 

What would the five fold ministries look like if we attended it this afternoon? Well, it would look exactly like it did in the early Church as it is written. There were no buildings, no pastors with turned around collars, no holy places, no bible or Sunday schools. They did not even have any of the New Testament to study in the beginning. What they did have was Life and they loved not their life even unto death. The early Church was filled with the Spirit. They had the filling which STARTED at Pentecost. They were laying hands on the sick and casting out devils. They were taking up offerings to feed the hungry and clothing the naked. They were a true witness to a lost world. Yes today, the unsaved see our folly. They see it on the tube, on the street corner where there are five different steeple houses on the same block. They see all the false prophets and their millions of false books. They see the pastors new home and BMW (or new jet). They see the ones who have fallen into sin and still are on the tube, preaching as usual. Is this the witness that the Lord was looking for from the Church? NEVER!

I hope and pray that the Lord will raise up a true prophet in these last days who will confront the end days fallen church. 

Who will listen? "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand". Jim

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