Lock In Your Gains and Hurt The Banks...All In One Move

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How many times have we stated that true physical demand is the only tool we have to defeat The Banks' stranglehold on gold and silver. This podcast is designed to give you an idea of how to participate and help.

As you likely know, Hard Assets Alliance is our longest-running affiliate and sponsor. We've recently kicked it up a notch in the hope of driving more recognition, trading and physical demand through their unique platform.

In this podcast, the CEO and Founder of HAA, Olivier Garret, joins me for a brief discussion of an idea. What if the gold community took just a fraction of their retirement assets and rolled them into physical precious metal? Maybe folks could start by simply cleaving off the Central Bank-generated stock market gains from just this year alone?

Olivier lays out for us the process:

  • How do you open a precious metal IRA?
  • How do you fund it?
  • Is it basically the same as your regular IRA?
  • Can you easily hold and trade precious metal within it?

In any traditional sense, the precious metals are just about the only "asset class" that remains undervalued here at the end of 2017. Most money managers recommend occasional rebalancing from outperformers to underperformers. How is establishing a precious metal IRA and funding it with equity market gains any different?

To get started, just click this link: https://www.hardassetsalliance.com/resources-and-tools/free-downloads/precious-metal-ira-guide?utm_campaign=HA-001&utm_medium=MN&utm_source=tfm

The link simply takes you to a page where you can get the HAA Precious Metals IRA Guide emailed to you. What you do from there is up to you. Thanks for your consideration.



Ruislip Ranger's picture

Has anyone else seen the weighting of their portfoilio....

......flip from say 90:10 PM:Crypto to 10:90 PM:Crypto in 2017 with minimal investment?

Now what in 2018?

AGXIIK's picture

There's a lot of talk about gold and silver on the boards

Some of it's precious metal;  physical; what we can hold in our hands

The other precious metal, the gold of the soul and the silver in the hair is also expressed so eloquently here on TFMR.

Bollocks, Billhilly and Katie Rose all experienced a live with those whose souls were golden and silver haired later in life.  

We only have one chance to do it right with our parents. You all did it right.  My best to you and your loved ones

Turd Ferguson's picture

I think....


It looks like you can watch BTC futures trade here: https://www.investing.com/currencies/bitcoin-futures?cid=1056127

Mickey's picture

Investing.com app on Ipad

and also PC-this could get real interesting , or not. They cannot let things get too wild first time out

Turd Ferguson's picture

BTC futures contract still


BTC futures contract still not open yet...but...BTC just gapped about $800 higher!

silver66's picture

BTC gapped 800 up

could you imagine if gold gapped up 800

I think we would all Sh*t our pants...lol


Turd Ferguson's picture

now $1300 higher in 7 minutes


And the CBOE can't get the contract open. Must be oder imbalances?

At this rate, BTC will hit a circuit breaker halt before they can even get it open. Fascinating.

Mickey's picture

silver 66

btc was green for a moment then turned red by 2.91%.

I'd love to see Gold and silver gap up by 3-4%

saw that the night of the election til it was reversed.

Mickey's picture

a friends son in law

table talk last night at dinner was what the hell is btc. No clues whatsoever but one of the friends  said his son in law said it was just like gold.

OOOBuck's picture

..."Just like gold"

Well, bite my tongue and call it fillet!

Mickey's picture

Betcha my friend and son in law have bitcoin

they both think its crazy to have gold

apparently the best investors over the past 8 years have no clue what they are doing except following the herd

Ruislip Ranger's picture

BTC Futures

What time GMT do they go live?

Mickey's picture

Central US

the son in law is a computer wiz. Tech savey.

dangerkitty's picture

Investing .com switched their live bug, now has crypto

Thanks for posting the BTC futures link Turd, we appreciate that. I noticed that Investing .com switched their "live" bug, now has replaced bonds with a crypto link. 

I'm toying with the idea of spending one BTC on gold, Pamp Swiss, low premium over spot, still mulling it over, JM Bullion takes BTC for metal, so that's a good thing.

I'm really considering Rhodium, that's so super rare, but Kitko doesn't take BTC for it, makes it another couple of steps to make the purchase. 

Keep thinking that governments and criminal banks will make it illegal to own gold and silver after the metals break free of the manipulations, just thinking out loud. 

Angry Chef's picture

U.S. Embassy in Beirut stormed

The comment below was posted at another site. I don't know yet if it is valid. The site is reliable in my opinion though not 100%. I'll look for more information. Likely negative for the PM's as it would take an ICBM to hit the White House for the fear trade to kick in...


"The gates are down, and thousands of protesters are attempting to get inside. AP cut the feed which means the protesters are probably being shot, killed, and removed. They won't want you to see that, and Youtube and Faceplant will sanitize any cell phone videos that get out.

Someone messaged me saying I was an idiot for saying Trump would not move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I never said that, I instead said he would, but it would not make a difference because where a U.S. embassy is won't make that place a capital. I always said Trump will fail to get Jerusalem to be the capital. And he will ".

Angry Chef's picture

Lebanese security forces clash with protesters near U.S. Embassy

Not that I trust anything the CIA owned Washington Compost prints but there is likely some validity to the article below. In times of War the truth always is the first casualty. I'm sure many inside of the security complex new this would happen. If I can figure it out I would think they can.


AGXIIK's picture

Gold gapped

I crapped

BIT split

I shit

AG in stitches

Soiled my britches

All's green

It's obscene

Nada's Real

Bankers steal

OOOBuck's picture

Things seem a little slow tonight

Just installed new Kaspersky and found no additions to any of TFMR threads when I logged back on so, this little stunt is just serving as a test to make sure everything is cool.

Turd Ferguson's picture

BTC futures now up 20%


Trading halted for 2nd time tonight.

OOOBuck's picture

Huh BTC!!! Who needs the Semper Augustus of all Cryptos

Not me or Jim Rogers, Warren Buffett, Jim Rickards, etc. etc..  I'm sure they're just as happy as I am, sitting here on our collective asses doing absolutely nothing.  Of course, this is now the futures market at work and should result in everybody getting their asses serious bruised as soon as 'they' have suckered enough longs into the game.  Welcome to the world of PG and PS!! 

With trading halted, I guess I'll just have to wait a little while to see the rest of the show.  Can't wait to find out how it ends.

Turd Ferguson's picture

It’s topical here this


It’s topical here this evening due to the advent of futures trading.

lakedweller2's picture

Naked Shorting

When does that start?

AGXIIK's picture

My last post for the night, I promise

If BTC has trading futures that assumes it has a future. Not a pun there.  

My logic?  

Most currency futures involve entire countries and their monetary systems,  each battling against the other for a few BPS competitive advantage

When Bit Coin becomes a new nation, forms a government, writes a constitution, elects a legislative body, builds an army, establishes a banking system,  creates a means to tax its citizens (assuming it has citizens to tax), wages economic wars against its neighbors, builds trade routes, railroads, highways, cities, Disneylands (Ha!),  jails, educational systems and then works to become a vacation destination, I think I might pile on.

Maybe I'll become a citizen.  Maybe not.  The tax angle would be a deal breaker.  But I might take a vacation there if there are sandy beaches and palm trees.

Bit Coin bounced up $3000 in 24 hours so who the heck needs Mr Toad's Wild Ride?

Where do I sign up?

Docdhj's picture

Operation Freedom Podcast: December 10, 2017


I hope you find the podcast of value.... a lot of ground covered today. For those of you interested... the sign up for the Premium Service will start later this week and I will post an announcement .



General Tom McInerney

Pilot, Commander, Strategic Planner, and Former Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force

Adrianna Reed

Precious Metals Specialist (www.caminocompany.com)

Eric Dubin

Director of News and Information, The Newsdoctors (www.thenewsdoctors.com)

Dave Janda

Host of Operation Freedom

John Titus

Lawyer, Founder of YouTube Channel Best Evidence

Keith Neumeyer

CEO, First Majestic Silver Corp

OOOBuck's picture

The Bitcoin phenomena is and will continue to

mark our time.  Whether it continues to soar and becomes the forerunner of a new international order in currency exchange or is as the phoenix, rising toward the sun in a pre-destined flight to destruction, it doesn't matter.... it's just fascinating to watch.  Really, I can hardly wait to see how this all unfolds.

s1lverbullet's picture


I sold mine at 14k on the way up and I am weary on buying it back into a correction towards 10k.  This run has been absolutely insane so far from $700 last December.  Personally, I am 90% in the Alts just because I think the futures market with naked shorting will drive money out of bitcoin and into other cryptos.  I think eventually the bankers will be able to halt its momentum and that's when it will tip over.  This is only the beginning and bitcoin is only the first. My guess is it will get blown up by something eventually and in 5-10 years down the road we will have better technology.  Hell, in 20 years bitcoin might be considered the dinosaur coin that started it all. 

This truly is a life changing event much like the internet, rail road, etc. so I am all in except for my stack of PMs. Go big or go home.

mavens's picture


Libero's picture

So given all the energy required to mine a bitcoin

then that means alternative forms of energy will be needed

then that means solar power would satisfy this need for more energy

then that means demand for silver will soar

then that means miners(silver) can supply the miners (btc)

then that means silver could rise exorbitantly as long as bitcoin continues to be mined.  Then I will benefit from bitcoin (through silver).

Can someone please explain why it takes so much energy (146 countries worth of energy consumption), to mine a bitcoin -a single bitcoin or the annual supply?   Anyone mine a coin here in turdville, -a computer running continuously, -how much was the electric bill, -how long to mine a coin, -did the computer or computers run hot to the touch?

This is what fascinates me about bitcoin.

canary's picture

Maybe it's a dogma?....a very old dogma?

That sound currency needs to be backed by something limited and solid (gold or commodity)....What if a sound currency can be created on its own (without a backup)?...A currency controlled, not manipulated and with a cap, impossible to print?

You can say....turn off the electric grid and it's over.......Sure,  for now, but the progress in technology accelerates...Maybe things can run on sun rays or something else?

Maybe stacking is not the best idea after all?....I don't know, but things look strange, very strange lately.

And btw, I wouldn't underestimate of the potential of the younger generation.

                                                   See the source image         I would say "don't be doggies-matic"wink

SteveW's picture

Energy for Bitcoin

I understand the energy problem is a design flaw (feature) of the system. The cryptographic solutions become exponentially more difficulty requiring exponentially more energy. Quantum computers will likely overcome the energy problem but they will also be able to hack the cryptography.

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