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With silver prices falling and now near their lows for all of 2017, what a great time to check in once again with Keith Neumeyer, CEO and President of First Majestic Silver as well as Chairman of First Mining Finance.

As most know, Keith is a staunch advocate for our cause. Whenever he's given a chance, he "calls a spade, a spade" and deplores the level of manipulation and price management within the silver space. As the CEO of one of the largest primary silver miners on the planet, Keith's leadership on this subject is extraordinarily valuable and important.

To that end, this discussion begins with a review of current events, in particular the "silver flash crash" of July 6. From there, we discuss the global silver market and the impact of low prices upon the miners, especially in the context of all-in, sustaining costs. Next, we discuss conditions as First Majestic and we close with a detailed review of the portfolio of First Mining Finance and an update on some of their most promising assets.

I hope you enjoy this audio. You'll likely find it very helpful and informative and we thank Keith for once again sharing some of his valuable time with us last week.



simjojim's picture

The good thing

about what Fuck Head was quoted as saying is that it spells he is at odds against the Trump Admin,  that's got to be good for us, yes???

Fuck Head = Jamie Dickhole aka Dimon

silver10sguy's picture

Andy Maguire Confirmation

The other day I saw that Andy M.  texted Turd about something was going to happen soon.   I hope we will get more details and confirmation of large buying taking place in precious metals.  Go Andy!!!

Turd Ferguson's picture

watch the blue line of Friday's lows


Turd Ferguson's picture

And it's a light data week in the US


Also, with the July FOMC (which should be a non-event) pending for next week, there are ZERO Fed Goon speeches planned!

matt_'s picture

Jamie Dimon is a hypocrite

The thing that infuriates me about the comments the J.P. Morgan CEO made about the government is the fact that JP Morgan makes a fortune precisely BECAUSE they have a cozy relationship with the government.  These big banks get bail outs, preferential treatment, and regulators to look away when they commit fraud and other crimes.  The ONLY reason that these banks get away with the crap that they do is because they grease the right palms in the government.  Jamie Dimon is disgusting.  I pray that he will be forced to earn an honest living one day.

Turd Ferguson's picture

Does a 16-hour day breaking


Does a 16-hour day breaking rocks in the hot sun count as an "honest living"?

Unfortunately, Jamie fought the law and HE won.

OOOBuck's picture

Jamie Dimon breaking rocks

Not likely.  All that jerk had to do (while swearing in), was expose his President Cuff Links (the type that only the President himself hands out) and they gave him the soft walk.  Didn't even wet his pants a little (not that butter would melt in that bitch's mouth).

lakedweller2's picture

Jamie Dimon

Hypocrite is what they call him in the local church.  I call him a sociopath...among other things.

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simjojim ...

>> "So your experience in 2008 was that you tried to purchase physical silver from your LCS's there was none to be found at $9 as per the spot price but rather you did manage some slim pickings at $14.   I wonder what the Silver Eagles were going for?" <<

No way to know what ASEs were selling for.  There were none available.  Multiple LCS visited.  That's why I bought the crap at $14.  Happily, I was able to flush it later at a profit.  It was stuff I would ever own under "normal" circumstances.  They only other silver I've ever sold (in recent years) was a bunch of 40% JFKs I had purchased on the cheap years ago off of ebay.  When silver was in the $35-40 area, even 40%'ers were in demand.  Took up too much room.  Spent the $$ later on stuff that was a bit more compact and easier to "disappear".

wax off

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