Guest Post: "Equities: "Ding, Ding"...Last Lap", by Paul Mylchreest

For anyone wondering how long the central banks may be able to prop up the global equity markets, our friend Paul Mylchreest has your answer. Please be sure to read this extraordinarily interesting and thorough piece of analysis.

Many thanks go out to Paul for sharing this with us. Additionally, reports such as these don't simply write themselves so we are all in Paul's debt for the effort and diligence it took to write such an extensive piece of research.

If you or anyone you know are still actively invested in the equity markets, you should be sure to read this report and give it your full consideration. Can the central banks keep their game going indefinitely? Maybe. But maybe not. And to that end, Paul's analysis here is extremely valuable.



"Ding, Ding"...Last Lap -- Natural Law, China and The Dollar by Paul Mylchreest by Turd Ferguson on Scribd


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Everybody must have started their weekend! GLTA!

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Morning rant, the enemies kingdom:

One is awakened to the degeneration of mankind when:

>   .   Bitcoin floats to $3000 and cannot be held in our hand, nor be backed by anything other than a hope, while a gold coin is seen as ancient money, outdated and worth less than hope money.

>        When a bankster steals a billion dollars and still lives like a king while a man caught stealing a loaf of bread is serving his time in prison.

>         When a Hollywood, half naked entertainer, deep into the occult, makes millions of fiat while anyone with a message of hope and goodness and strong family life is seen as evil.

>       When the prisons are filled with those who have sold marijuana and now, some states make huge revenue from the sales of these drugs.  The state, for the gain of money, has aided in the corruption of their own citizens.

>      When the steeple houses and divided systems of men, look to the blinded sheep for their own prosperity, departing from that which is written, while the masses are hungry and naked.

>  When former politicians who wanted to bring gambling into our state,were thrown into prison, and now there are billions being made, by the state, as casinos are everywhere.

>   When the elected positions are based on who is the least corrupt while the man who is walking the walk and talking the talk is seen as unfit for service.

Now we know why we have been taken hostage.            jmo       Jim

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The charts Paul uses for INDU do not look cyclical. A few wiggles is not cyclical. Perhaps a different word could be used to better describe a rising line with a few wiggles.

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NW VIEW we live in the empire of criminals

Once power becomes embedded in any land, the best thieves move to the top rung. Anyone who competes with them is fined, imprisoned, killed  or D, All of the above

Stock charts  Cynical or cyclical?

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Yes, true, AGXIIK!

"Stock charts  Cynical or cyclical?"

  Graphable for the past, designed to tell forth the future, based upon past knowledge, setting a trap for the future, lacking an ounce of true revelation, blinded to the future manipulation and control of the greed of men.     Otherwise, all herein, who purchased from stock charts in the past would be retired and living on the beach.      Jim

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The Danger ~ Opportunity Moment

Is approaching in the Great American Experiment. Can people govern themselves? Will the people look up from the trenches they toil in to see the direction their task masters have and are steering them in and say, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" 



If people  cannot govern themselves successfully, we, all of us, do not deserve the Republic our forefathers and foremothers gave to us, and we SHOULD go quietly back into the Night of Servitude our ancestors struggled for generations to get out of.  Last one here, turn out the lights...

What's it gonna be?

"We wonders, Precious, yes, we wonders."

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