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So Trump woulld never set foot in the White House

But now that he is in he is done. You tell a great story Mr. Fix. 

Fantasy is certainly an interesting alternative to reality.

The cold hard reality though, is that to be credible, a success rate of more than random odds needs to be attained.

So you have worked with "Adams' to develop a working prototype of a motor powered by water?

Well congratulations, how does it feel to be a billionaire.

No doubt you have patented it and are now able to show us Dot's punters how it works.

May I suggest, your assertion that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and as such is potential rocket fuel is 100% correct.

Your claim regarding the Adam's motor though is pure fantasy.

Please feel free to prove me wrong with an explanatory demonstration of the prototype.


In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb

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Mr. Fix wrote: Or do your

Mr. Fix wrote:

Or do your charts predetermine everything?

I forgot one.  

Not my chart.   

Free will is a very small reality under a bigger umbrella.  Market turmoil all over the world, and political turmoil happening in sycronicity.  

What do all the financial headlines say?  They make one the cause of the other.   

Heck even what happens here in this forum is the result of the same influences. 

We don't understand the nature of reality.  We really don't.  

The Trump right is now pissed.   Everybody is picking up their swords.  

the changes that are happening are preparation for us moving into the new age that I mentioned.   We will arrive there despite everybodies best efforts.   

We are just ants in the cosmic sea being thrown around by invisible waves.  

Mr. Fix
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Top of the morning to all of you...

Green Lantern,

In researching the alternative history of mankind, going back to Atlantis or further, and studying all of the information that has been suppressed, it would appear that honesty has not been a characteristic of our ruling class for many thousands of years.

It's gotten to the point where the truth is so unbelievable to the masses, that it is literally beyond their comprehension.

This could be turned around in a generation or so, but between mandated schooling that perpetuates the lies, combined with religious ideologies that are designed to prop up the system of lies, the idiocy just keeps growing.

So you say humanity is not ready for the truth.

It would appear there's been a concerted effort to ensure that can't happen  now, and with each new generation, the ruling class just doubles down on their lies. Even school now dumbs down the curriculum to the lowest common denominator, ensuring that the stupidest moron in the classroom doesn't get left behind. 

We are way past the point that for a child to learn anything useful, it must be done outside of the system.

The new age that you speak of requires honesty. Where does it begin?

Ancient texts that are blown off as mythology have more truth  in them than any modern textbook on any subject.

You can't tell the truth these days without being ostracized by the masses.

Even here, there's no shortage of people who can't even begin to comprehend what we are talking about.


I don't give a flying fuck what you think of me or anything else.

I don't have to prove anything to you.

Your response reveals a remarkable lack of ability to read and comprehend, combined with an ironclad set of beliefs that wouldn't allow you to see the truth with a live demonstration.

My narratives aren't for you,

Until you learn to connect your own dots, you're stuck on stupid. 

Nevertheless, here's a good working example of what I'm talking about, there are literally dozens of others on YouTube.

Uploaded on Oct 21, 2010

I made this inspired by alternative energy stuff from bedini and adams. It's a 6 coil very simple magnetic pulse motor. I have made everything on autocad before working it out on CNC. Looks and sounds greate + charges batteries by EMF. Uses about 800ma @ 12v :)

Mine looks a heck of a lot more like this one:

Published on Feb 15, 2014

The T2 Resonant Regenerative & Dual Toroid Generator is a remarkable new technological advancement in experimental motor-generators which produces electromagnetic resonance and regenerative power looping for efficient high tech battery charging. When batteries are connected to the generator, they become an integral or self charging extension of the machine itself.

"In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system's resonant frequencies, or resonance frequencies. At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy.

Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes (such as kinetic energy and potential energy).

Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron spin resonance (ESR) and resonance of quantum wave functions". Wikipedia

This one also look a lot, and works a lot like mine does...

Remember, I use mechanical switching instead of electronic switching, but the principles are identical:

Published on Jul 22, 2016

Q beta prototype - with integrated power source. Silicon Crystal Graphite Powercells run this entire machine without external input.

I think he has the best explanation.

Have a nice day. cheeky


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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" Please provide valid Patent Number

Ok, you very aptly put a question mark after "Disclosure?". Thank YOU. Jim Willie is right. He recently said; "Assume that 100% of the News you see is mis-info, and you will be right 90% of the time." YUP, its gotten to be just that intense. Sorry, but that's why my comments here have fallen-off so drastically. I am trying to buffer my grasp on reality, and besides I am trying to do some internal work, as posted earlier.

Now, as to the ''disclosure'' post. Yah, I saw that days ago? It reeked of BS. I filed it away. You posted it, and called-out my lazy ass, so here's some brief research.

1) Although those links in your post take you to some very real ''looking'' , patent pages, some things stand-out immediately; --- IF you go to the USPTO Official website - NO such Patent Number exists. You just get "Please enter Valid Patent number", in response to your inquiry. WTF, huh?

2) IF you go to "Patent Buddy", another free on-line resource, enter the numbers, you get ;

" Please provide valid Patent Number "

3) Although the GOOGLE Patent page format looks very real, something is horribly amiss. All that elegant Math at the very start? Look, I'm no Patent expert, but I've never seen anyone disclose the mathematical proofs and derivations in their "Claims". Now, I've spent several thousand hours in patent research, and that's just in my own areas of interest, but I've never seen a mathematical dissertation given in a Patent. Red Flags all over the place for me. OK? You see, the purported purpose of a Patent is to lay claim to a technology. NOT to tell someone else precisely how to do it~!!!!!

4) AND here's the ringer for me; On a mid-day afternoon in August '58, my wife's entire family (minus dad who was at work) , and a bunch of their neighbors, watched a TR3B type craft at very low altitude (200-300ft?), hover over the neighborhood for ten minutes. This goes along with the UFO literature of the time. The TR3B sightings started being reported in the mid '50's and have continued ever since. Especially intense in the Hudson River valley in upstate NY, in the late 50's - sixties. And all the other info is false too. Like; "three were flying in 1994"? Horsefknshit. Three were flying by 1954, at a minimum.

5) NONE of the Blk Ops technology is EVER Patented. Take me as the source of that info. Faithful readers know that I worked for a company that produced some (at the time, eg haarp) blk ops tech. And it was never Patented. Period. And NO research papers are ever published. And, most of what you read about it is mis-info.

OK, much to do today, maybe I can git back to the Corey-Kerry-Bill BS when I'm on break. Here's a clue. Kerry and Bill have always just not "set-right" with my gut-0-meter. At a minimum - overbearing ego issues.


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Agreed. Black ops patents are never listed, stolen patents from inventors that are classified as"national security" secrets, are never listed, and patents rarely if ever give you enough information to replicate a technically advanced design.

Your assessment of "10% truth" might be a tad optimistic, I think it's less than half of that.

After listening to fade to black last night, and getting a thorough explanation of both sides of the story,

I'm still with Cory on this one, even if some of his specific details might not be remembered correctly.

His thorough explanation of the principles, which are provably true, have a lot of insight.

Bill may be an honest seeker, but eliminating all "whistleblowers" from his research base leaves him with nothing but speculation. You can't prove speculation, and the real tell, is that he says he has evidence that he won't release.

Cory makes no such claim.

Thank you very much for your input.

Sometimes it's just wonderful to have somebody knowledgeable to bounce these things off of.

It's 90° here today, and I'm having a run of broken air conditioners to fix. 

Stay cool, and

Have a nice day. angel


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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Reply to Ata and any anonymous ignoramus who hat tipped him...

You've got a long, long way to go, and you probably don't even know where to start.

I would suggest that you take the 20 minutes required, and listen to David Icke's offering for today.

It's as good a place to start as any.


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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What is your take on Paul C. Roberts' thoughts re: Trump takedown?  His opinion looks correct to me.  The fact that Pence will then be POTUS should please the MIC.

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The news inaccurate?   Let's

The news inaccurate?   Let's pick a story. 

'We Got a Car Running People Over -- Notify Everyone': 1 Dead, 22 Hurt After Car Slams Into Crowd in Times Square |

  • A car slammed into a crowd of pedestrians in the heart of Times Square shortly before noon Thursday

  • Authorities say a preliminary investigation suggests the crash was accidental; they suspect drugs were involved

  • One woman died and 22 other people were injured after being hit by the vehicle; the driver was taken into custody

Just a garden variety accident say all the news outlets?  This was a planned attack. 

Have any of you ever consumed a bottle Jack Daniels, smoked illicit drugs and still not known the difference between a busy street, and a crowded sidwalk filled with pedistrians at the cross roads of the world????   You could give give me ayuasca, lsd, and dentist nitrogen and I'd know the difference.  I'd be screwed, but I'd know the difference. 

I read a bunch of news outlets reports of what happened.  

Here is what I saw.  

I guy drove on the a sidewalk just south of the Hard Rock Cafe, barrelling through people.  Nobody mentions that a black guy jumped onto the hood of the car. NOT ONE account.  This saved his life.  

I'm approximating 35 to 39 miles per hour based on a comparison of the speed of traffic moving in the opposite direction.  

The black guy knew he had to get off and was trying to figure it out and just ditched.  I didn't see him land but I'm guessing neck or back injury.  I think he'd survive at that speed and he wasn't listed as one that was dead.  

The guy drives PERFECTLY----Straight up the sidewalk.  He didn't hit the scaffolding or barriers, not the edge of the buildings.  I didn't see anty swerving until he reached 45th street and he had a choice.  Go into the scaffolding or do something really really stupid.  He chose the light pole. 

Mind, you this happens in one of the most videotaped corners of the world.    I saw the first police man crawl out of the barricks in the middle of time square.  Taking his time too.    

The guy starts to flee and the crowd holds him down with bodies all over the sidewalk.    Then a few police men grab hold of him and pull him over to the side where I am standing on the corner, and first push his head against the wall.  Police brutality.  You don't mind if I don't complain in this instance seeing all that blood.    Why are there reports he had no shirt.  He had a blue or brown  shirt, and a t-shirt, that was showing his belly.  

Yes, I want to do this guys military record, and I want to know his psychiatric history.   

I am the last to get all conspiracy.  But just accident with perfect driving, fleeing the scene, and he did look a little disgruntled.  Like something wrong.  

I'm going to specualte.    CIA programming, or totally lost it.  Gone with possibility of entity attachment. 

Regular human beings DO NOT loose their sovereignty and barrell through innocent people like that because of booze ALONE.  

I also want to know why Hostage negotiating, tactical unitls, Swat, and FBI were dispensed if within minutes they declared it not a terrorist thread.  

I estimated he was hispanic? Puerto Rican, but would not have been surprised if he came back as Arab.  

I even heard lies minutes after the innocent people exaggerating the death count, and how it happened.  And one guy, who didn't see 

Pardon my irreligious commentary, but the Astrological transits are off the map and it ain't even August with a major eclipse crossing the United States..   Lock your doors.  

And now, you guys want to talk about intuition and inner guidance.  Somebody screamed at me, inwardly, to stay alert while crossing the street.  The guy drove exactly where I was going to relieve the main valve but decided to walk toward a park and use those facilities instead.   

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ancientmoney wrote: What is

ancientmoney wrote:

What is your take on Paul C. Roberts' thoughts re: Trump takedown?  His opinion looks correct to me.  The fact that Pence will then be POTUS should please the MIC.

I didn't see any mention of Pence, but he is establishment.  He'll obey.  He doesn't have an ounce of Trump's bravado, endurance and know how. 

The Russian transcript?  Something doesn't sit right with me about that.  Who is going to accept a transcript from the Russians in the dems.  Putin knows that.   The audio recordings would be nice.  So why not?  Putin has been doing the same thing that Trump was doing with the alternative crowd.  Threatening to release real 9-11 stuff but they didn't.  Release Hillary's emails.  Was that Russia doing that or disinformation coming from our alternate media some run by CIA?  I don't know.  I didn't look into those reports.   Putin seems to know the persuasion game too.   If you offer something that you know is not going to be accepted.  Than it's a message. 

Trump's persuasion is going to backfire.  he didn't bribe Comey.  he was persuading him.  

I didn't like Trump's stated policies.  I saw his hypnosis but this is bullshit.   Not because I feel sorry for Trump.  If he didn't know what he was getting into before, he certainly did after he was briefed.  But it's bullshit because it undermines anything left of a constitution by underming the peaceful transfer of power after an election.  Trump is a kensyian but doesn't deserve this based on what we know.  But his chart says otherwise. 

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Cernovich is right this time.

Cernovich is right this time.   Fucktard.  U do know whatching people barrelled over by a fucktard gives people PTSD.  I dealt with it immediately.  Still a fucktard.

Bald cop bashed that boy's head against the wall.  

Mike Cernovich‏Verified account @Cernovich

Does not look like a drunk driver to me..

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This one gutted me for some reason! RIP Chris 

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Atarangi,  R U sure you live


R U sure you live in New Zealand???

I saw a guy in Union Square that really resembles you.  

Before you take offense.  He is a highly respected performer.  We both know that you aren't the tie and jacket type guy. 

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Glad You Paid Attention

Green Lantern:

I'm glad you were paying attention and reacted to the non verbal warning. I appreciate your account of the attack. Times are certainly strange and getting weird.

Would you care to elaborate on this sentence. "Pardon my irreligious commentary, but the Astrological transits are off the map and it ain't even August with a major eclipse crossing the United States..   Lock your doors." I ask because even this addled old man can tell shit's getting stranger by the day and I appreciate your point of view. Thanks for any insight you care to share.


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Nice one G.L.

Great to see your sense of humour is alive and well.

Mr. Fix, I know you don't give a flying fuck about my opinion. That is fine by me - I still think you are a great guy.

What I am asking for is a diagramatic explanation of how you can power a motor with water without using more input power than is being extracted from the water itself.

The problem with claims of free power is that it has never been demonstrated or put into a diagramatic format that can be replicated.

It is a curious thing that conventional forms of motor power are easy to understand because how they work is not kept secret.

The problem with free energy water powered motors is that nobody can provide an explanation or a blueprint to substantiate their claim.

Looking forward though to seeing the design of your free energy concept.

All the best mate.


In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb

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actually G.L.

The moment I saw that last post of yours, I knew I had been busted.

Sometimes in life you just have to 'cut your losses' and move on.

I have tried so hard to be the man my father wanted me to be.

But with just one post have exposed my entire M.O. (modus operandi)

Still, - being busted by 'Green Lantern' is a great honour.


In high tide fish eat the ants, in low tide ants eat the fish. - Thai proverb

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GL is Ata

ata wrote:
The moment I saw that last post of yours, I knew I had been busted.

I don't buy any of this. Particularly because Green Lantern said it and I have found photos proving he appears to be involved in this.

From what I see it's perfectly clear that Matthew Silver is Ata 4/5ths of the time

But 1/5th of the time it's totally clear that Ata/Matthew turns green and becomes extremely Green-Lantern-ish.

Check it out for yourself:

Therefore Green Lantern has now been identified. He is actually a person from NZ called Ata.

I haven't yet figured out how he performs in NYC and gets home for tea.


argentus maximus
Rhythm and Price
This analysis - global markets

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Ata, do your research...

I just entered "Engine that runs on water" into the YouTube search bar, and got "About 1,250,000 results"


If the mechanism in question is an internal combustion type, most people around here call it an Engine,

Motors typically run on electromagnetism, . We might have a language issue.

Here's the first page of results just to get you started.

Have fun. 

  1. About 1,250,000 results

    1. 2:57

      GEET - engine running on water.mp4


      • 4 years ago

      engine running on almost nothing but water and seems to be non polutive. nice......

    2. 6:29

      motorcycle engine running using water as fuel

      paulson lazarus

      • 4 years ago

      this is a TMH Tank ,which help to run a petrol engine with water as fuel,carburetor is not needed for such setup and this is only ...

    3. 1:58

      Engine running on water

      Latheman's crazy machines

      • 3 years ago

      I imported this little engine from a manufacturer in Malaysia. It´s running on a cup of hot water.

    4. 10:38

      Inventor mysteriously died! Why don't we have water powered cars yet? FREE ENERGY TESLA

      Eric Hastey

      • 4 years ago

      Nikola Tesla Stanley Meyer Why did they died?

    5. 2:59

      Water Car Inventor Killed... Full Story


      • 8 years ago
      • 67,121 views - Water Fueled Engines | Run Your Car With WaterCar Runs On Water Run Your Car On Water 10 ...

    6. 4:45

      Water Powered Car!! - Suzuki Samurai Runs on 100% Water []


      • 5 years ago
      • 482,983 views ...A brief prototype water-powered vehicle demonstration. This technology has been fully developed and many ...

    7. 9:49

      Does Hydro Water Power Work On Diesels and Turbo Diesel Engines Too?


      • 7 years ago
      • 22,469 views "Yes! It works great on every kind of car, ...

    8. 3:00

      DIY HHO Generator How To Build Your Own & Run your engine on water.

      Guides Reviews Tips Tricks and Help

      • 3 years ago

      WANT A CAR THAT RUNS ON WATER!! This video explains the basic construction of a HHO fuel cell. SECOND UPDATED ...

    9. 1:55

      Water Powered Car Inventor was Killed!


      • 8 years ago
      • 1,523,863 views This is an old clip shown about 20 years ago of a local inventor holding many patents on his dune ...

    10. 3:31

      Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion For ANY Vehicle - I'm Saving 56% At The Gas Pump!


      • 6 years ago

      This is a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport converted into a hydrogen hybrid by Alex Rivera and Horsepower and ...

    11. 3:43

      Warning: Do not watch this. You wont believe it anyway!

      joshua lineberry

      • 2 years ago

      1992 dodge truck running on gas fumes. This is my first try with this simple system and it worked. I do not recommend driving like ...

    12. 1:25

      Brazil: This motorbike runs on WATER!

      Ruptly TV

      • 1 year ago

      A motorcycle able to travel up to 500 kilometres (310 miles) on a litre of water was trumpeted by creator Ricardo Azevedo in Sao ...

      • CC
    13. 2:20

      How to Convert Your Car to Run on Water (Easy, Cheap, Quick!)

      M Massie

      • 3 years ago

      the basic technology behind this—technology that's been known about for years, but that the auto companies and Big Oil have ...

    14. 1:52

      Fuel your vehicle on water | The Pakistani water-kit

      Zoomin.TV Science

      • 1 year ago

      Pakistani inventor Agha Waqar Ahmed created a water-kit, making it possible to drive almost completely on water. This accessible ...

    15. 2:41

      Instructions How to Make Your Car Run On Water. No More Gas.


      • 9 years ago
      • 14,383 views CLICK HERE. run your car on water 295 run ...

    16. 2:50

      Filipino inventor successfully created Water fueled motors WATCH 2016

      Pinoy Epic Viral Video

      • 11 months ago

      PLS. SHARE!!! Motorcycle running with water fuel invented by a FILIPINO named Noli Dazo. Panibagong imbensyon na naman ...

    17. 3:15

      car running on hydrogen - DIY


      • 10 months ago

      car running on hydrogen - DIY.

    18. 2:07

      Engine Runs on Hydrogen produced by drinking water

      Andrew Mossop

      • 4 years ago

      Rpm changes in the engine while adding hydrogen to the carburetor from producing hydrogen from drinking water.

    19. 0:47

      Run Your Car On Water - ok Hydrogen, Proved By mythbuster guys!


      • 7 years ago
      • 377,930 views Run your car on water is right! Just like you are seeing - it is possible! Run your car on ...

    20. 9:12

      HHO Generator - Water to Fuel Converter

      Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" 

      • 4 years ago

      For this project let's build a sexy looking generator that uses electricity to convert water into an extremely powerful fuel! Here's how ...

      • CC


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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GC Transits are the planetary


Transits are the planetary combinations/positions. An bad analogy might be TA. You've studied 100's of charts and have seen the same patterns in the past, and thus a particular pattern indicates how the market will behave.

Each planet has a character or archetypical qualites. A personality. The combination of planets the same which has been ascertained by centuries of observations. Every time the planets are in a certain combination in the past, you can see a range of influences on humanity, individuals, countries etc...

There are transits that are resonate---good things. And there are transits that represent, friction or tension, disharmony etc... Certain planetary combinations are harbingers of big change. Nothing more prominent than eclipses and actually comets. That's when the kings of old would call in their trusted advisors to let them know what was going on in their kingdom. They understood the significance.

So look at the stars is like looking at a tv guide. It's not going to tell you exactly what's going to happen but it will tell you within a range the types of narratives that are going on.


We are seeing a chain of really intense transits one after another. We are seeing major shifts in the world. We just had a mega intense full moon in scorpio. A full moon is the climax of the moon cycle and Scorpio is a water sign. Water usually indicates what's underneath/unconscious etc.. Scorpio is a section of the sky that is ruled by Mars (power, war) . This is all very general. And the moon just wen through a huge shift of it's nodes which is a big deal for all the Gann traders. I'll be very general and just say it means a big shift.

And in the United States. The Sun is in the 7th house along with a very tense planetary combination which mean's open enemies. I can't take the time to explain what a house is, what a sign means, and what each planetary combination means. Suffice to say, a chain of transits bringing big change.

It's like looking at a tv guide that let's you know what the show is about. But you have to watch the show for details.

Trumps chart is filled with very tense/friction/inharmonious transits. That means he is going to get the shit kicked out of him. And a bunch of other things that are more advanced concepts, like Yods. You can look these words up. Too much for me to explain. So when I say he doesn't deserve it. That's from our human perspective. Everybody yelling it's unfair, it's unfair but is it? If it is unfair why did the universe set all of this up? It's because we are unable to see events from a higher perspective of where they are bringing us. Trump, the voters can't fool the universe. It ensures all the people are in the right place for the things that need to happen. That's the destiny part. Free will is making choices within that narrow box. But it really takes a very very tall person to "trump" the cycle.

So we have all these transits leading up to the August Solar Eclipse over the United States and there is no bigger harbinger of change than a eclipse. Although Comets are actually a big deal. In days gone by, the kings would bring their most trusted advisors into the court, to help decode the meaning of these events. Of course, the establishment, and religion has relagted astrology into something that is considered bogus.

To know what the event in New York was influenced by, I'd have to look at the planetary influence over New York. The planets influence everything including markets. Of course, I havne't looked but maybe it was one of those violent inflection points which has a planetary corollary.

Suffice to say, the planets are telling us hold on for the ride. What was underneath, has been brought to the surface and things don't get resolved in a pretty fashion. But it's necessary.

I've mentioned this cycle of four that you find referenced in Hindu philosophy associated with long time periods known as Yuga's, or cycles of activity. Within these loooooong cycles are smaller cycles of these four cycles happening and smaller ones, Iron, bronze, silver and gold. Within certain schools of spiritual thought, next year begins a golden cycle.

It doesn't make sense to your brain with all the shit going on in the world, that we would be entering a golden age. But the "literature" says that prior to golden ages the earth will erupt, and tremble and ladies with large bosom's will bring gifts. Not really the second part. it's a clash between material values that we will hold sacred in society and the spiritual forces. Just like a low front and a high fron that produces a tornado. We are seeing colllision of forces. And maybe Trump was brought in by the universe to produce or catalyze the drama.

So from this perspective, why the hell should I vote as if I can control or influence the forces that are bearing upon humanity??? It's almost like a divine joke. These higher forces are going to dance despite what we think or do to try to change things. The old needs to be cleared.

We see evidence of golden age everywhere including here. Just look at the topics that are thrown out. Really, whether Fix is right about free energy or not is besides the point. Or little aliens in Antartica, Or lucid dreaming or colloidal gold to make you walk on water. The archetypical expression of these topics is saying, we're tired of the old way of thinking, being..... This is about a spiritual awakening, not the old material values of America.

Now, I'm not going to blame Trump for playing a silly game. But I pretty much hate political campaign slogans. It's for kids. Make America Great Again is lie at all levels. It's superficial. Nobody is going to use an honest statement. So I don't blame him for playing the silly game.   Things like that hit my consciousness and I say,take a hike. Leave me alone. Because, it ain't never gonna happen. So even if Trump isn't guilty and I don't like lies, he really is participating in a lie. The stars NEVER lie.

There is no way I can do justice to your question because Astrology is a depth art and science. So there's my best shot in under 300 words.

Green Lantern
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Warning!!!Video is very


Video is very disturbing.  VERY!!

The initial reports that it was an accident is media BULLSHIT! Testing for booze? 

The crowd wanted to beat the shit out of the guy.  You'll see why. 

The guy was in the Navy.  Got court martialed.  Something happened to him while he was serving.  He was talking about "devils and demons" 

Anybody ever here of Project Monarch.  CIA tested it on military personel? 

I'm giving humanity a free pass.  Because if it wasn't for the innocent bystanders grapping the retard, he would have run down 45th street into a building.  

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I've finally been unmasked!

I've finally been unmasked!  To that all I have to say is donations are happily accepted.  

You do know that the guy that invented that fidget spinner thing or whoever is manufactured it is laughing all the way to the bank.   Can't remember the last gadget that went viral like that.  Ball bearings in a plastic casing with the words good for stress, anxiety and ADHD.  That's an amazing stroke of luck. 

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