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New from Paul Mylchreest

Our pal, Paul Mylchreest, released today another excellent, detailed research piece. If you own equities and are convinced that all they do is go UP, you might want to take some time to scroll through this report.

Not many of us here in Turdville own stocks. However, many of us know people who do. Perhaps your best strategy is to read through Paul's latest and then forward this link to anyone you know who is blindly "investing" each month in the U.S. stock market. Paul's analysis and warnings should definitely be heeded by investors and traders everywhere.


There She Goes Again


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again? I guess I should take advantage of the great waterfall to add to my stack. Done!!

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Thank you so much for posting this

Paul is the man!!


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What The Heck

I'll take 4th AGAIN Time to Stack

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