The Hard Way

We had this dirtbag cold, and we knew his racket. The boys brought him in and McCluskey and I gave him a chance to come clean. “Alright Tico, listen carefully. You know what we want. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.”  I should have saved my breath.

They always choose the hard way. 

The avoidance of pain in the short-term, otherwise known as kicking the can down the road, has been the default position of our politics and culture for several generations now, and has left us with a gargantuan can that is increasingly impossible to kick.  We took the easy path every single time, narrowing our options with each and every choice until there were no longer any good choices to make.  Now, all we are left with is the hard way.

Not only are the signs of this everywhere, public awareness of our untenable position is growing daily, despite the best efforts of the media/establishmentarians to suppress the disquieting reality of the situation.  I have noticed that core parts of Turd’s famous “TEOTGKE” hypothesis (that the great seventy-year Keynesian experiment subverting free markets and the law of supply and demand through easy money creation and central bank control of the economy is grinding to an ugly and inevitable end) are becoming more and more common in the mainstream.  Conspiracy theory turning to conspiracy fact.  What was once the sole province of the tinfoil-hatted, the goldbugs, and other supposed “fringe” elements is now becoming mainstream knowledge.  Indeed, many of the central ideas that have animated the PM community are now leaking out into the wider consciousness in ways that are increasingly visible.

AceofSpadesHQ is a highly trafficked Libertarian leaning blog with an anarchical comments section that calls itself ‘the moron horde’.  One of the regular contributors, named Monty, blogs once a week on economic news in a series he cheekily titles “DOOM!”.  A recent news round-up of his featured this side-note by Monty, which could very easily have been posted at TFMR:

Still no love for us goldbugs out there in econo-land. That's okay. I've become comfortable with being the crazy uncle at the family gathering. As long as it keeps the price of the barbaric yellow metal down to affordable levels, I'll indulge the foolish love of my peers for their fiat paper. (Every time I buy something with cash, I feel an atavistic little thrill of passing off what amounts to Monopoly money for real stuff. I feel like I'm getting away with something. But then I remember that my daily wage is also being paid in those federal IOUs, and my thrill fades.)  :

People are noticing the cracks, and you see glimpses of it in places you never did before.  Leftist Huffington Post writer David Russell just posted an article describing, contra the official Obama narrative, how actually crappy the economy has been for the majority of working people while benefitting the top 1%.

Unsurprisingly, he fails to come to terms with the inconvenient fact that 1. His party has been in charge of this economy for six-plus years and their policies have contributed mightily the situation he now laments, yet 2. He calls for more of the same as the solution.  What did surprise me was that while Russell titled his article “It’s the economy, stupid”, the very first comment to this post simply replied “It’s the government, dummy”.  Not a notion I would expect to see in the HuffPo comments section.

The fact that labor force participation rate has dropped to a 37-year low has now become common knowledge, receiving mentions even in mainstream outlets like Bloomberg and Barron’s .

Yet even this frightening metric vastly understates the true degree of precariousness of our present condition.  Ask yourself this question: is it realistic in today’s economy for a single person to support him or herself, AND to totally support three other people at the same time?  To produce so much surplus that they feed, clothe, house, pay for medical care and all the expenses of life for three other people in addition to themselves?  Well I guess it must be, because we are all doing it right now.

Total US population is around 325 million people.  Government assistance is at 107 million and is now larger than the working population, which is just 100 million. We have crossed the Rubicon.  Additionally, 25 million of those 100 million counted on the ‘working’ payrolls are employed by the government (and therefore, by definition, do not create wealth, profits, or surplus), so what we are left with is a system in which 75 million people are supposed to toil to create enough total wealth to support the remaining 250 million.

So out of every 4.3 people in the US, only one works to produce a surplus.  Or you could say that every working, surplus-producing person has to produce enough to entirely support 3.3 people in their every need, in addition to providing for themselves. These 75 million are all that remains of the once mighty middle class in this country, the shrinking foundation upon which everything else is constructed.  These people drag themselves out of bed every day, down their cup of coffee, then slog off to work to earn their keep… plus enough for 3.3 others as well.  A grateful nation rewards these 75 million brave souls by besieging them with new taxes, regulations, obligations, and laws, and treats them with scornful condescension though a media and intelligentsia that disdains their "retrograde" middle class culture, sports, hobbies, and religious beliefs.

People are noticing.  Professor and classical historian Victor Davis Hanson commented trenchantly on the increasing “under siege” mentality of ordinary Americans on whose backs the entire edifice rests:

For bewildered and increasingly quietist Americans, the center holds mostly in family, religion, a few friends, the avoidance of the cinema and nightly news, the rote of navigating to work and coming home, trying to stay off the dole and taking responsibility for one’s own disasters — as the world grows ever more chaotic in our midst.

Efforts to escape from the madness are now epidemic. Home-schooling. Gun ownership. A second home in the mountains. A trunk of freeze-dried food. Kids living in the basement. A generator. Some gold coins. A move to Wyoming. An avoidance of the old big cities. A careful and narrow selection of channels on cable TV. A safe room or escape plan. And on and on.

There is a strange new and dangerous sentiment brooding below the spoken surface that whatever is going on in the world and in America today cannot go on much longer…

We all know what follows from this — either the chaos grows and civilization wanes and tribalism follows, or we see the iron hand of the radical authoritarian Left or Right, or a few good people in democratic fashion convince the mob to let them stop the madness and rebuild civilization.

I hope for option three. I fear option one is more likely at home. And I assume that option two will be, as it always is, the choice abroad.


At some point in the last 40 years or so, we could have chosen short-term pain (a brief recession, fewer entitlements, balanced budgets, etc) and secured long-term stability.  Instead, we chose the easy way.... every single time.  Now the consequences are settling in with a finality that is becoming increasingly evident to all but the most clueless observers. A baffled, besieged middle is waking up to the fact that both parties will fight any reforms tooth and nail, that change through political processes is impossible when there is no opposition party.  They are slowly starting to hunker down, withdraw, husband their resources, and wait to see what happens.  Those who aren't doing these things can deny the obvious all they want, but something tells me they will learn soon enough.  The hard way.


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Ha ha so Varoufakis gets to shove a  "stinkefinger"  at the Germans but cost free - some dumb German TV presenter  did it for him  you couldn'tmake that up hee hee

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excellent read P4- thanks

as even the binary "economic" perspective itself is vaporizing.

those who are still "playing the game" and thinking that their tax dollars are going to pay for those that aren't,  ...are waking up as they realize the ebb and flow of fiats from behind the curtain are nothing more than that.   

There is no accounting, no direct relation between one advertised metric and another.  

I know many who "think" they work for a living and that "think" their tax fiats go to the "lazy" members of the FSA (Free $#!t Army),  all while they are "working" in a gubmint created system job themselves.  (but theirs just happens to require they physically show up)

All these awakenings to reality!!!  To the reality of the "markets",  the charts, the stories,  the myriad of manufactured Red-Team vs Blue-Team scenarios that keep us playing the game...  and to the peaceful reality that Only Silver and Gold are Money.  

h/t to you again for the well-wrote tour of these mega-fun times P4

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Thanks Pining!!

Your writing is from the heart and reading it slowly brings emotions that I am sure most of us connect with. We are in this seeming tiny circle of reality of believers in fairness and righteousness. At our core, we long for self sustaining ways which are not tampered with by big government. We long for a time lost where we actually assist one another instead of ripping our fellow man apart, taking what we can get all any cost. We long for a selfless society of honest exchange for honest work, and we long for others to have the Vail peeled away from their eys so they may see truth, yes TRUTH. Most are skewed in the way they view the position we are in today. Its hopeless they say, we are to far gone....,its wonder ful, they say, all you have to do is nothing and let our Government pay for our perpetual vacations. But I say, that is the height of selfishness!! do THEY, even for a moment stop to ponder what they are doing to themselves and their children and their children's children. Its all about self and TAKE what you can now, the hell with consequences.  We are not barbaric, but we are brainwashed. Its time to wake up the masses, but how? Turd's site is a first and welcomed step. For the most part, we are  dialed in with eyes wide open. we must keep positive, keep praying, keep speaking out, even against backlash, we must keep stacking and spreading TRUTH.

PASSION, is what's missing....consider this...

Life in of itself is extremely fascinating. I'm not just talking about Human or Animal life, but of all living creatures. Not just oxygen consumers, but also users of sunlight, water, minerals and nitrogen. We living entities may exist in different ways, and separate eco systems, but we do have a commonality. We are all part of the bigger cycle of life and procreation, in which we long for lasting legacies, until we exist no more. Crouched amongst cottonwood and rippling waters, I write these words and am surrounded by reminders of these beginnings and ends. For I am a grateful participant in this cycle. It is early spring. The stream waters are high and melting snow from upstream cause the currents to swiftly move. All around are shoots of brilliant green climbing upwards through soft soils along rivers edge. Once again the rays of the sun bring me to this respite, perfect timing for experiencing the rebirth of fragile grasses that reach skyward. Another beginning in the making. Yin and yang at work, newborn tender blades stretch tall to greet the sun, while all around them the earth slowly draws last seasons leaves and dried grasses into its bosom, although they are gone, there job is not yet complete. Like Salmon on their farewell swim upstream, they too will become nourishment to future generations. Even the mightiest of trees start out as tiny sprouts. In time they too cast off seeds in hopes for the future. Seeds, eggs, and spores alike, strive for a harmonious coexistence in which all contribute in some manner. Individual species in their time and space, working in a mysterious unison for community sake, giving in abundance, not just for survival, but selflessly giving, even until death. Last seasons decayed foliage providing sustenance to this new years fledgling sprouts. New and tender grasses relinquish their brief existence to satisfy the hunger pangs of a yearling fawn. Hungry possums feed on nutritious acorns, which partially digest only to be expelled in the shallows of a trickling creek, which in turn also provide precious energy to a passing crawfish. Playful Raccoons dine on crawfish tartar and with a digestive gesture, deposit life giving nutrients to a half buried acorn waiting its turn to provide shelter to a newborn fawn. The eaten acorn didn't grow into a mighty tree, but it did exist just long enough to transfer its life to others, a collaborator in this global connection which is vital in this life continuum. A cycle of balance in which only humans can selfishly upset. I for one am thankful and grateful to be a part of this unselfish cycle of giving and providing. From the smallest of the living things, to the largest, each contributing according to its makeup. As guardians, we Humans are born with a free will so we might realize and exercise an abundant array of opportunities in which to unceasingly give of ourselves. Individually, do we merely exist, or are we active in our coexistence? Are we contributing for a greater cause? Weather our existence is brief or long, we still have the awesome responsibility of being a part of this fragile cycle. It is imperative to live a meaningful life. What is your Passion? What drives you? When you seek out and honestly answer this question, only then you will be at your true contributing capacity. Each one of us must find that Passion in which makes us feel whole and complete. Few already know their Passion, many are still searching. Are you? Where is that relentless drive in which consumes you? What are the dreams in which you have forgotten? Where did you stow away that childlike imagination in which only you have the key to unlocking full participation? What makes you sleep soundly, and what makes you leap from your bed in the morning? When you find your Passion, you will know it, and when you do, you will become a positive ball of energy with awesome lasting results. Only then will you be satisfied. Only then will you be able to properly exercise your free will to truly becoming a full partner in this endless, rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful circle of life.

Thank you Craig for this site and for its many positive contributors....stack on


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MSNBS On Top of Things

One of the Actresses on MSNBS announced this morning that the US is "now" entering the currency wars.  I assume that the fact that the US has orchestrated them is not a factor.

Sen Grassley announced this morning that those evil bad people in other countries manipulate currencies and take advantage of people here in the US.  Our government needs to stand up to these bad people doing bad things and do it also.  Very impressive leadership.

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Check out this Troll attack by Tom Jenneman


He talks about aggressive rate hikes coming (LOL) and Silver down to $13 by 2019. So who the F#*&! can predict the price of anything in a dysfunctional market beyond next week, never mind 4 years from now. What's funny is, why even go there with such an outlandish prediction? Well as we know, the real reason for this article is to spread discouragement. Has nothing to do about investment what so ever. The article is meant to burn into your brain that precious metals are a fat waste of time. This from a major fiat bank with little if any Gold in their vaults and certainly no Silver. 

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look at it in terms of an

look at it in terms of an education, which, as we all know to well, is very costly.
you have something tangible with coins, and they may drop in value, but at least do not charge interest to have them. As compared to student loan debt with high interest, and no tangible assets afterwards.
And I suspect many here including myself have learned much from ever changing price of Au/Ag

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Goodwill Industries

There's a Goodwill store (like a Salvation Army Store) near me that I've always shopped at for years. It's easier than hitting all the garage sales for most items.

Since I've been shopping at Goodwill for years, I've noticed the trend. Here in Vermont, just by looking around, everything appears to be normal and robust. Store closings are very few. IBM has left town, but it was replaced by another chip manufacturer.

Anyway, back to Goodwill. A few years ago, hardly anyone was in the store. The small parking lot would have just a few cars. Plenty of space to park. Over the last couple of years it's tough to find a place to park, and the store is always filled with bargain hunters.

So, my conclusion is that stores aren't closing yet, but profit margins are probably being stretched. A great many people are needing to shop bargain stores because money is getting hard to come by.

There's no greeters at Walmart anymore, nor the person at the door to check sales slips. Plus the atmosphere in the store seems to be declining a lot. Maybe there's fewer worker to keep the store tidy and looking good.

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s i l v e r c h a r t - Friendly Reminder

the silver chart....

[Most Recent Quotes from]  <-----silver chart

The silver chart only shows the BUY price for your physical Silver.

You will be setting the SELL price for your physical Silver when it's time to Sell.

It is not time to Sell.

Failure to understand this can cause irrational hysteria and consternation.

If it helps, go ahead and price your Physical Silver at $500.00 per oz.   It's not time to SELL, but at least it will prevent any silly notions that you are "underwater" or even sillier notions that it might be wise to get rid of any physical Silver at this point in the process.

A good lesson to any would-be farmers out there.  Don't go out and cut down a crop before the fruit is ripe.

[Most Recent Quotes from] the chart price is the BUY price.  Now is the time for clear minded stacking,  ...and the closing of any 'Henny Penny' tuned little rabbit ears out there that are hyper-sensitive to whispers of the contrary.

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Goldcom, CaptK, and All:

Goldcom:  Thank you very much for sharing your story and personal experiences- you hit the nail on the head. I wrote about something similar here at TFMR sometime ago, and your story was depressingly familiar.  And the wonks wonder why GDP sucks on toast, quarter after quarter after quarter.

CaptK-  No, I think you are not missing anything.  The huge mismatch between obligations (spending) and actual value being created (and  hence the tax base) requires massive deficit spending.  I included that part of the post specifically to point out how unworkable the current arrangement is...  every working person cannot possibly produce enough surplus to support themselves and all the needs of 3.3 other people besides.  Yet this is what the status quo presumes... hence the looming "hard way"!

All:   Thank you s much for the kind words, glad that Cal, GL and I could somewhat fill the void of our dear leader for a few days.  But nothing replaces the Turd!  I HAVE PODCAST WITHDRAWL !!!

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WSJ Reporter Body Pulled From River

A little off topic but wanted to pass along anyway.....

Update on the David Bird conspiracy. If you recall he went missing about a year ago after going for a brief walk. He was a WSJ reporter who reported on the energy industry. His body was just recovered from the Passiac River.

Body pulled from Passaic River in Long Hill, NJ identified as missing WSJ reporter David Bird

This is an earlier article about his disapperaance

David Bird, Wall Street Journal Reporter, Goes Missing After Reporting for Three Months on Oil Glut in U.S.

While there is no evidence yet suggesting a connection between his work and his disappearance, NBC reported that “the family believes that his coverage of OPEC may be related to his disappearance.” 

So maybe now the family will get closure and maybe we will find out what really happened.

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I returned to a rural area . . .

where we have family and friends connections going back many decades. It's farm country. There aren't a lot of retail options in the surrounding area. 

Over the last year or year and a half, I've noticed that the parking lot of the nearest Walmart isn't as full as in the past. (30-50% empty parking spots). Even on weekends when people were doing a lot of their food shopping. Since it is an ag based economy, people are likely doing a lot better than in many regions, - but the slow down in retail is still very obvious. There are more small businesses closing than opening here. And chain store branches  like Sears, Radio Shack, etc are also closed.

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Putin to China in September

Kremlin chief of staff says President Vladimir Putin will travel to China in September, Interfax reports - @Reuters

Just in time to witness the stock market and economic collapse of the West? 

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Banksters Win Again

US judge dismisses lawsuit over $13 billion JPMorgan Chase settlement over mortgage practices - @Reuters

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@SS121 - excellent post above . . .

its all based on smoke & mirrors - a big Ponzi fraud.

Here's a video mentioning, IMO, one of the biggest frauds underpinning the whole current economic/political system today. Note that the Colonel was in the USAF. He was the liaison to the CIA and was at the highest levels in the Pentagon:

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Thank you for the kind words, my friend-  I was inspired by your outstanding post and reappearance from the Cal Bunker!!!   Wow, what a great question “Let me ask you this, and please weigh in when you can:    How have the past five years changed you and your outlook, personally?”  That is a heavy one, CL.  Let me do my best to take a stab at it.

I think that the biggest realization I have is just how unpredictable, from a timing standpoint, this whole process is.  I know you were in the same boat,  but for folks like you and I who were paying attention, reading ZH, watching PM prices skyrocket, who understood just what ZIRP, QE, TARP were and what they actually signified back then… it honestly felt like major upheaval was months, not years, away.  Things just seemed imminent, like you could feel  the structure swaying right under your feet.  Watching the S&P collapse to the 600’s, with people losing ½ the value of their lifetime of investment in less than a year, was really something to see.  It made quite an impression.

So five years on, my understanding of how long the timeframe for all of these processes has changed considerably.  This could happen anytime, it could drag out for a decade, and we just don’t know.  We have to be mentally prepared for either possibility.

That leads to the second thing-  a proper and maintainable mindset is truly everything in terms of being, and staying, prepared to weather this storm.  I have watched people here at this blog who, at one point at least, truly “got it” about the process we are going through and were working to stack, prepare, and generally do what they could to protect themselves.  I then watched these same people 1. Overcommit to an “end is near” mentality and invest imprudently, 2. Slowly burn themselves out mentally with the stress, then 3. Succumb to exhaustion and bitterness because the “payoff” (either in terms of preparedness or their stack) did not live up to their expectations.  I have watched folks who once knew what was up slowly turn bitter, almost nihilistic, because in their hearts they thought they were due for a big PM payoff every day.  When that day never came, and price continued to decline, they turned nasty and started blaming everyone but themselves… when the reality was, the failing was in their approach and mindset from the very beginning.  Some of them were ultimately jerks, but others were good people.  They are gone now, which is fine, but I know at least some of them have also sold their stacks since they have posted about it on other forums…   which is perhaps the poorest of poor moves one could possibly make.  I don’t wish anyone ill, so when this whole thing blows and they have nothing, I shudder to imagine what that will be like for them, having had the means of their financial salvation in hand then selling it in a pique of anger.  I hope they have the strength to go on after such a blow.

I also would say that I am 1. far more pessimistic that we can do anything to change our current trajectory (given our fellow citizens inability or refusal to understand what is happening), BUT 2. am far more optimistic that what we seek in terms of fairness and mutually beneficial trade and relations with our fellows, can be achieved at the local level beyond the reach of grasping people.  I think wonderful things could spring up in the wake of what is to come, but they will be small, informal, and face to face... which will be ultimately far more personally satisfying than impersonal economics today.

Does that somewhat answer your question?  I hope so!   All the best to you my friend, we will get together in SoCal next time I am in town.

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Mr. Warren: Farm income in the pits

I think most believe farm income has been strong or at least ok but its really in terrible shape.

Looks like the Farm Economy is getting hammered. Lots of acreage may not be used this year as prices are below cost of production....Sound familiar miners?

Look around and check out most if not almost ALL commodity markets. The paper pushers IMO have trashed them all. Virtually ALL commodity producers have been hammered out of profitability and increasingly out of business. Why IMO this has all been part of the plan where hard assets are driven into the ground (uh most not Wall Street darlings) Hauntingly this is the lesson of Atlas Shrugged where real wealth creators are bankrupted by the we are there!

"Many rent payments – which vary from a few thousand dollars for a tiny farm to millions for a major operation – are due on March 1, just weeks after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated net farm income, which peaked at $129 billion in 2013, could slide by almost a third this year to $74 billion."

Net Farm income dropping by $129 Billion to $74 Billion is -42.64% that's massive.....As mentioned with the $$$ so high got to imagine farm exports both food and equipment will continue to whither...

Other than that glad you are back with your people that's a good place to be IMO especially in a rural setting. Good Luck

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 Hat tip Mr. Pining. Great

yes Hat tip Mr. Pining. Great post. 

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Pining thanks for the article

Lots of good stuff there but wonder if I am missing some data. I am good with ~93-94 million working age not in labor force, another 8 million or so "Officially Unemployed", around 75-80 million to old or to young to work. Balance of working employed is 143 million not 100 million. Now not sure if your number was just full time or not. Perhaps you can provide a link

Best KC

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@kansascrude - you're right about farm commodity prices . . .

I didn't want to get into all the details (not relevant to many here).  In my particular area in the Pacific NW, we are served by relatively cheap hydroelectric power.  In my surrounding area most farms are irrigated by circle pivots run off that electric power. No problem with drout, of course. Farmland is extremely scarce to find - for purchase or lease. Nobody is selling. Land prices are way up. Farmers have been doing very well here the last few years. Most learned the lesson from the past to not get too deep in debt - for new equipment, etc. Commodity prices have softened, but all will benefit from lower fuel prices. Still, it won't be as good as in past years.

I was a farm kid from the time we started farming when I was a high school freshman. (Mainly hay and a cow/calf operation back then.) My father took over his uncle's farm after retiring from the Army. It's a nice environment in which to grow up as a kid.

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Peter Schiff - Deflation vs Inflation

Just finished listening to a CNBC segment with Peter Schiff and two other somebodies posing as financial/economic experts.

Peter was arguing that he would rather deflation over inflation any day.

When one of the "posers" retorted that we need inflation so the government debt can get "inflated away" Peter smartly responded that he would rather default on the debt rather than inflate it away.

Makes sense to me....default already...and then deflate so the good honest hardworking savers can get ahead by seeing their purchasing power increase. That seems to be the most decent and just thing to do in my humble opinion. Federal Reserve should stop trying to hit inflation targets.  Here is the link:

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Joseph Warren

Thanks for that video it was a pleasure to watch.

I would agree with you- their convincing of the masses that free, unlimited, naturally produced oil is instead a limited fossil fuel that is expensive and complicated to obtain ranks right up there with the replacing of Silver and Gold.

Why fool the masses about oil?   " create a world price for oil" as the gentleman quotes Kissinger of saying at 5:22

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How does nature produce oil?

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Cheap power and Water Check and Check

Sounds even better. I spent a few weeks over the years east of the Cascades in Apple Country when I used to work for Quaker Oats. Was a bit of a surprise to me that it was basically a desert and all under irrigation Used to buy lots of dried apple flakes from Tree Top for the Instant Oatmeals and granola's. Neat country would like to get up there again as I guess now more than a few wineries worth checking out.

Have seen the Californians talking about pipelining water from the Columbia for their water needs would guess your folks are smart enough to make sure that's the water available right before it gets to the ocean....That mess is beyond scary.

Joseph Warren's picture

@SS121 - you're welcome

it probably doesn't apply to most of the people here on Turd's site - but I recall a time I emailed that video link to a relative. (Of course you have to do much more additional research on your own to have an informed opinion.)  I had also tried to inform him about the federal reserve and fiat money. His reply was "Everything is b.s.!"  and he would refuse to discuss anything by email or in person except sports from then on. That's been the case for the last couple of years.

We can sometimes forget how devastating it is to be presented with all this after years of indoctrination. It's not easy for most; at least, it wasn't easy for me.

All the best -

P.S. - CPE - check out 'abiotic oil' and deep wells, also Russian oil production. It's produced in the earth by geologic processes far deeper than where any dinosaurs ever existed.

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Link was embedded in article, in the words "we've crossed the Rubicon", here is the original:

That said, my math may be wrong- let me know!  101 million workforce, 24% of which are gov employees, vs total population of 325 million.

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I was gob-smacked goofy

I'm just returning from a loop thru Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL and Tallahassee FL.

I'm from the rust belt NE corridor, and so I was gob-smacked goofy by the 180 degree difference in the economies of the South vs. the North. Those city skylines were filled with cranes, construction every wheres, lines waiting outside restaurants, and the streets had so many new cars it looked like a moving New Car Show to me. I'm used to people nursing rust-buckets 'till the wheels fall off - literally.

Everyone I talked to in Tallahassee was working over time and buying ATVs or or RVs and new trucks. Real estate projects are selling before completion, for prices that I would be embarrassed to quote. It's true - the music never stopped in some locations.

Joseph Warren's picture

@Kansascrude - lots of fruit orchards were taken out . . .

when the orchardists couldn't compete against apples from Brazil. That was devastating at the time.  But, then people started planting vineyards and it's a pretty good local industry now. And fruit orchards have come back by offering special varieties, not just red and golden delicious.  I don't know that much about orchards though. I just helped out at a few friends orchards when I was a kid and in college. We're a little east of the hardcore orchard country, and grow mainly hay, potatoes, beans, a little wheat, and corn (when prices went nuts), and similar crops.  There are a few orchards, but not as many as further west of us.

Joseph Warren's picture

delete double post - sorry about that


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Shut it Pining

I'm getting fed up of reading these excellent posts. And that was one of the best, which makes thing even worse.

Could we have some total BS please?


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@SS121 abiotic oil

do some napkin math and there is no way the biomass of  dead animals could produce the amount of oil we have consumed and have in reserve. Take a look at what happens to a animal on time lapse that dies in the wild . Maggots and bacteria consume most of it. Unless of course you did grade three only once, un like me who needed three years to master that grade. See I am not smart enough to buying the party line, I ask the question Why and Does that make sense? cause I am not to smartwink

Read the old books


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