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Mines Management

Anyone owns MGN?

It seems that the permits are getting closer due to a new bill passed in Montana and USFS finalizing the draft.

Any comments would be appreciated. 

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Jasper Puddlemaker
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Yes, I own it...

MGN is one of my "lottery tickets."   I love companies that are not on anyone's radar.  They have the metal.  I can't comment on the permitting though, other than to say  it would be so incredibly stupid not to permit this underground mine.  So I keep my shares tucked away until that  (hopefully) happens.   

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another one I own but the

another one I own but the pain of waiting ....

Here are some links ot keep you busy while we wait for the Judge ....


Notice it rates #1 on the silver list ...( as of today anyways )

Gwyde ( from Kitco MB ) keeps this list  and explains the details here


all data based upon this ...


A couple of great mines up in the air on Montana laws ...


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